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Horror House Analysis

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2009 @ 10:48pm by

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

Leanne walked with Beverly into the Klingon sick bay. Looking around the medical facilities where "spartan" to say the least. She moved over to one of the biobeds which resembled a torture bed. She looked over at Beverly and smiled. "I suppose we could just end it right now." she held up a medical instrument that looked like some kind of serrated knife with rotating blades. "I'm not sure what they use this for but, in any case hop up here on the table here and let me see what is going on.

Beverly did as instructed while looking around the chamber of horrors. Several beds had Klingon corpses layed out on them, atleast one of them had sever burns to almost his whole body.
"What the hell happened on this ship?"
She hoped up onto the bed, still her eyes roving the room.

"I'm not sure but hopefully we are out of here before whatever hit them comes back to get us." Leanne helped her lay down on the biobed and started to scan Beverly. The equipment on the Klingon ship was barely operable, either from lack of use or the backwards state of Klingon medical technology. When the screen came to life what Leanne saw on the screen disturbed her. The protein coat was still intact but the virus was adapting. It had given up on her DNA and started attacking the Mitochondria. "If the virus wasn't changing you into a one of those things I'd love it. Essentially what it looks like is that the Virus has mutated."

"You certainly know how to make your patients feel better Doc", with some hint of dry humor in her voice. What the Doctor had said was unnerving at best, but if she couldn't keep a hold of her sense o humor then she would no longer be Human.
"So what can we do to stop it?".

Leanne sorted through the data logs on the Klingon equipment. Most of the specs and abilities of the ship where antiquated. She remembered hearing something about being wounded in battle was a dishonor or something. Cycling through the radiation settings she found what she was looking for. "The reality is, according to my calculations if the virus continues on with what it is doing, you will pass the threshold of being treatable within 12 - 18 hours. What the Virus is doing is it is targeting your mitochondria and ordering the cell to die then spreading itself to new cells. What I think I can do, is selectively focus M Band radiation and target cells that are currently infected with the virus. That should substantially slow the infection down, give us two weeks, three at most to find a cure." Leanne had been avoiding Beverly's eyes up until now, she turned and looked at her. "The downside to this is it is effectively going to kill a substantial portion of your immune system, and a few other vital internal mechanisms, but it should buy us enough time to get you back to Mars Research."

Beverly took a moment to digest the information. Could she have her team back on Genesis in eighteen hours. Somehow she doubted it.
"Lets try it Doctor".
Pulling herself further onto the bed and lying down she prepared herself for what was to come.

"Alright, hold as still as possible, this equipment isn't nearly as sensitive as what we have back on Genesis." Leanne looked around and found some eye protection under the bed. She grabbed a pair of goggles then handed another pair to Beverly. "I'm going to be honest, this is a long shot especially considering the facilities here." The doctor went over to one of the control panels in the bay and began typing in some information. When the computer gave an error message she sighed heavily. She punched some information into her tricorder then sat it down on top of the panel and the machine flickered to life. The hum of machinery started up and the tricorder beeped that it was ready. Leanne walked back over and held Beverly's hand for a moment and looked at her. She wasn't sure if this was going to work but it was the best that she had available.

Leanne walked over and started up the sequence, she had programmed it to run for 30 seconds targeting the individual cells in the Captains body. Inside of Beverly's body, the radiation began to kill off the infected cells of the body. Killing some good cells along with the infected viral cells. After 30 seconds of treatment, the machine shut down and Leanne walked back over to the bedside with tricorder. She helped Beverly sit back up on the bed and rubbed her back. "How are you feeling?"

"A little sick", a she was turning a slight green color. "And a bit of a head ache". Gently she pulled her hand through the blond red locks on top of her head. As she pulled her hand away, a small handful of hair came with it. Beverlys face said it all. "Would that be another side effect of the treatment?"

"I was hoping that it wouldn't affect you but yes" She helped Beverly off the table and helped to hold her up. "vomiting, hair loss, and some headaches. You are going to be a bit weak for a little bit as well.. but I imagine this is preferable to claws, spitting, and fangs."

Trying to lighten the mood, Beverly put on her cheekyest smile. "I don't know. They might help at staff meetings".
The laugh that escaped her lips was broken by a small coughing fit. "Is there anything more to do?".

Leanne reached and opened her medkit. Digging through she found the vial that she was looking for. She loaded it into the Hypospray and stood up. "I find that for staff meetings a phaser works best." She smiled back at Beverley then pressed the hypospray. "This should help with some of the side effects. We should proabaly get moving."

With that, Beverly softly removed her arm from the Doctors gentle hand, and started off under her own power. The last thing she needed was to show her condition was worsening infront of her crew.


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