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Attending to new arrivals

Posted on Mon Nov 4th, 2013 @ 11:38am by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath
Edited on on Thu Dec 5th, 2013 @ 5:56pm

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Ops and Docking Bay 12

With so many of his senior staff tied up with this increasingly ominous sickness, Harrison decided he should attend to the new arrivals himself. Thankfully, one of his staff was free at the moment so he would have company.

“Lieutenant zh’Zanath,” he said as he crossed Ops to the turbolift, “you are accompanying me to meet our new Tzenkthi friends.”

"Aye Sir," she replied, stopping what she was doing straight away to accompany him. The regular re-calibration of the lateral sensor array could wait a few more hours.

“Docking Bay 12,” Harrison instructed the computer. The turbolift dropped alarmingly, a sensation he was still to get used to. He made a mental note to have Lieutenant TriMar attend to it.

Docking Bay 12

With an air of caution Talame stepped from the damaged vessel and into the docking bay. He knew someone would be there to meet him and would no doubt have a string of questions already queued. He certainly would if their situations were reversed.

He eyed the gathered Federation personnel warily as a figure head stepped forward.

“Welcome to Deep Space 12,” Harrison said politely but formally. “What brings Tzenkethi to be aboard a Cardassian ship and, if I am not much mistaken, a badly beaten up one at that?”

With eyes flickering between the speaker and his escorting officers Talame licked his dry lips, attempting to ignore the persistent voice in his mind that regretted coming here. "We were their slaves," he answered vaguely. "Until we revolted and they gave chase."

“So that explains the presence of the other Cardassian ship,” he mused. “I suggest you be taken to the Infirmary. It is a little crowded there right now but I am sure Lieutenant Commander Delrisa, our Chief Medical Officer, can fit you in. After you have recovered from your ordeal, I have some further questions for you.”

The Tzenkethi nodded at the offer. Several members had been injured in the escape, one he felt certain was now beyond any medical treatment. "Thank you," Talame responded automatically having already expected the interrogation. Already his motley crew were making motions to leave the smoking ship, they moved awkwardly under the weight of their wounded companions.

"Sickbay isn't far," Lissan told them. "If you'll come this way."

With another nod to the others as they filed from the ship, Talame followed. Escorting guards stepped forward and took over the burden of the injured Tzenkethi.


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