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One of yours

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2013 @ 11:45am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Promenade

,'. Security to Marshal Bannister ,'. Haqtaj's voice was hard to read.

=^=Bannister here. Go ahead.=^=

,'.You better get down here. I am at The Falcon's Roost and I may have found one of your infected. ,'.

=^= Grand. Enroute and will be there in a moment.=^=

He nodded to Jill, "This'll be fun."

"I'm sure." The detective rolled her eyes before following after Wolf. This gig had already proven to be more of a raw deal than what she had signed up for. She thought about some bean counter with the Marshal service opening the bill from her office for services rendered, slack jawed at the bill. The scene made her smile a little. She noticed she had fell behind Wolf and quickened her step a bit.

When Wolfric and Forst arrived, Haqtaj was waiting outside with a couple of medical personnel. The barman was being treated for lacerations to the face and there were a couple of starfleet officers nursing heavy bruises. As they approached they could hear the officers talking.

"...completely mad. He hit Decker with a table; laid him out in a single blow. I couldn't get close enough to drag him out."

Haqtaj nodded to the pair, noting the deputy badge Forst was spouting, "We have an assailant contained. He has subdued three of the Human security and chased of four of my own people. We tried tackling him, or using stun phasers, but he is fast and there are still civilians in there. I have no intention of going anywhere near him."

"No one else has gone after him since?" he asked. "Well, no rest for the wicked, I suppose."

"Isaiah 48:22," Haqtaj responded to the quote. "I am fairly certain he is one of your 'people of interest'. Certainly I would call his current behavior uncharacteristically violent."

She stood aside to let the pair enter.

Wolf gave Haqtaj a nod, hiding his surprise that a Klingon would be so pensive about a bug. The idea of such brave warriors being mysophobic surprised him. He gave Jill a wry smile, "Cover me?"

"I suppose, but if it gets hairy, I'm putting a slug in him understood? I'm not getting this bug, nor scratched by him." Jill looked over the Klingon before removing her sidearms from her holsters. "Let's just get this over with."

Inside the bar was a mess. People cowered behind over turned tables or lay bleeding under broken chairs. Shattered glass littered the floor. At the bar was a Starfleet officer who was pouring himself a large glass of something white. His red shirt was torn and he was bleeding but seemed unperturbed by the surroundings. Under the blood and grime it took them a moment to recognize Lt Serge Maschnost.

They paused inside the door. Wolf assessed the situation and passed the carbine to Jillian. He gestured toward the settings which showed heavy stun and gave her a meaningful look.

Jill gave Bannister a nod before switching her TCP to her right hand and dialing up the power setting on it and fanning out to the right, trying to keep an eye on everything.

He made a hand gesture indicating she should stay back before he approached the bar. "Evenin' Lieutenant. Mind if I join you for a drink?"

"Another one?" Serge growled. "First it is that Risan woman biting me. Then the hot head, the Klingons, Station security. Now you."

He held up the glass of white viscous liquid, "I came here to drink milk and kick butt."

He sculled the glass in three large swallows, then looked back at Wolf, "and I just finished my milk."

With that he threw the glass at Wolf's head. Wolf was fast enough to duck but Serge was across the bar after it and he only just had time to get his arms up before the first blow hit.

Martial arts was a standard part of Starfleet training, and Serge was still in his first six months out of the academy. That meant he was faster and younger than Wolf. However, the Marshall had fought with Klingons and learned a few tricks not in the standard book. He managed to give as good as he got.

Serge was a wimp by nature, one of the geeks who spent his life beat up on by the muscle groups. He had learned how to take a few knocks. Now with the toxins in his system this to him seemed the reckoning. This was where the nerd got to put the big, muscle bound, thick skulled bullies on their arses. Wolf soon found himself bodily lifted and thrown through the air and into a wall where he slumped winded and dazed.

Jill had been watching all of this unfold, waiting to see if Wolf would be able to take care of the situation on his own. After witnessing her partner being thrown like a rag doll across the room she'd had enough. The detective turned deputy, raised, leveled and fired two blasts in quick succession at the officers center of mass. Serge was already turning when the first shot passed, grazing him and loosing most of its energy to the air rather than his frame, but it slowed him enough for the second shot to hit home.

With the flick of her thumb she flipped the switch on the side to kill, "Next one is vaporize, understand?"

She held the phaser unflinchingly steady at the aggressor.

Serge staggered as the energy of the stun worked on his fevered mind and body. For just a moment his vision cleared and he realised where he was and what had been happening around him. He tried to say something but his knees buckled and he fell to the deck hard.

"You two still okay in there?" Haqtaj's voice came from the comparative safety of outside.

"We're fine." Jill waited a second before making any kind of move. She remembered that her teammate was crumbled into a ball on the floor.

Wolf remained sitting where he fell looking dazed. He shook his head trying to clear it to no effect. Something in the back of his mind registered he likely had a concussion though the haze caused by the head wound kept it from fully registering. He did register the fact that Serge was down.

He grunted softly, "Medic..." as he fought hard but uselessly to gather his wits. He struggled to stand but slumped back down after trying to stand. The stunned Marshal then muttered, "Damn it....."

Jill tapped her badge while moving closer to her comrade, all the while keeping the phaser pointed at the crumbled mass of human on the floor."Forst to sickbay I've got two down here in Falcon's roost. One has two heavy phaser blasts probably infected, other one got thrown against the wall, require immediate assistance." Jill made it over to Wolf. "You alive?"

With a gentle snort, Wolf replied, "Either you're my partner or else I've died and gone to what was called heaven. I don't think my head would hurt or be be spinning so much if the latter was true." He let out a heavy sigh, "I think I have a concussion. Last time I felt this bad, I pissed off 3 Klingons in a bar." He looked up and smiled at Jill, his eyes unfocused and a little glazed, "I took two out before the 3rd surprised me by the way. That was a good fight...."

The Marshal paused and regained enough sense to ask, "Is the Lieutenant out for sure?"

"If he's moves again I'm going to vaporize him, so for his sake I hope he is." Jill knelt down next to the Marshal. "Once we get you checked out, I've got some booze to help ease some of the pain.

Haqtaj appeared through the opening, then barked and order behind her. Several security officers moved in quickly to extract the few remaining civilians and secure Serge. She pretended not to notice Wolf's condition, which he understood was a courtesy by Klingon standards. Weakness was frowned upon, and any recognition she were to give that he may need help would be insulting.

Jill looked up at the Klingon and station security. "Great, I'm glad the cavalry finally showed up, take all the glory and make themselves look all pretty. Let's get out of here partner." Jill stood up and extended her hand to Wolf offering to help him up.

Wolf took Jill's hand and stood. He remained upright, though swaying a little, mustering his strength and will to do so. As they walked toward the door, he stopped next to the security chief and looked her in the eyes. Through the glaze of the head injury he just received, there burned an anger and determination.

"Noone with a warriors spirit should face this condition. My human hope for negotiation failed me here. As representative of the Federation Marshal Service, I believe I can say with certainty your staff is now authorized to shoot to stun at long range. Patrols in pairs may be in order. 2 stuns at once is likely to be more efficient than 1 shooter firing twice," Wolf paused briefly then added, "I will add that your Klingon followers are authorized to do the same. If they don't have weapons with a stun setting....Give it to them. This virus is an enemy that must fall. Live patients will help us and help Soraya win this damned battle. From the second I get back on my feet, I still do this for our community. More so, I do this for our Annabella. That little girl is worth 100 times her weight in latinum and I think both of us want her back with a will. Kick arse, Lieutenant."

Without farther statement, Wolfric ambled forward with his Deputies help. He may have been down for now, but he damned well was not out of it.

Haqtaj watch the two humans limp out. Cha'a' arrived at her shoulder and asked quietly, "Did he just authorize us to fire upon Federation citizens? From range?"

"I believe so," Haqtaj acknowledged. "I suspect his emotional connection is impairing his professional judgement."

Cha'a' nodded, "So the woman is taking him away to kill him?"

Haqtaj shook her head, "That is not how they do things. Their system is far more complex and inefficient. Now, secure the patient and get a clean up detail in here."


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