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Shady Deeds

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2013 @ 12:50pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Location: Embassy

Haqtaj was attending to security business so the Consulate was deserted except for Vartog. Despite the role of Ambassador being wound down, there did not seem to be a commensurate decrease in paper work and administration.

A figure appeared at the door; human, old as far as Vartog could tell, and relatively non-descript. He wore a grey suit and stooped slightly when he walked.

"I am looking for... the Ambassador?" he asked hesitantly.

“You are...?” Vartog asked. He kept himself civil but wary. He did not recognise the face so he wondered why this person had appeared on a station in lockdown. Surely someone would have advised Security.

The man fumbled at the lapels of his jacket, "I am someone who would rather not give his name. I am here with a proposition for someone in the unique position of Madame Ambassador. Though, judging by your Starfleet emblem, you may be as well placed."

“Being Starfleet, I am not disposed towards dealing with someone who will not provide a name though, in the circumstances, it would undoubtedly have been a false one.”

"I am keen to avoid Federation Security, and Starfleet in particular, but I believe I may have something to offer to the station as well as to the Klingon people. Perhaps if you can not help me you will advise me of an occasion when I can contact Ambassador Matlh directly?"

“If you have something to offer the station you’d best speak to Commander Harrison. He is the captain. If it is something for the Klingon people then Lieutenant Haqtaj is the person. She is currently Chief of Security, therefore the rank, but she does still have a small role as Klingon Ambassador.” Vartog stretched out a hand and picked up a PADD . “As to a time, Lieutenant Haqtaj is very busy with security matters. The lockdown is not proving popular. Added to that is the random outbreaks of violence caused by the plague. Perhaps I could contact her and let you know of a suitable time.”

The man shook his head, "I have not made myself clear. If I were to present myself to one of the Federation I would be arrested and unable to do anything of value. You see, I have heard of the disease you are facing and I believe I can help. I am a biochemist of great, well, notoriety. I believe I can help you find a way of curing, or at the very least mitigating the worst excesses of the infection. I may also be able to find a way to refine the strain into something useful to the Klingon Military. Military grade chemicals is something of a speciality of mine."

"But I will need some blood cultures, preferably from a variety of patients. The more I can study the better."

“How can I contact you?”

"You can't. But if Madame Ambassador wishes, she can use this." The man held out a subspace locator beacon. "One use only. Use it once she has the cultures and I will arrange a courier."

Vartog held out a hand though he was still unsure how to proceed. He accepted the device.

The man made to go but hesitated. "She may need to be convinced of the veracity of my ability. Tell her my name is Morgan Pass. She will find me on the Federation Database."

With that he gave a slight bow and ducked out of the door.

Vartog watched him go. Doubts consumed him. He was Starfleet and should report this man’s presence to his superiors, yet he had been left in no doubt that to do so would mean the retraction of the offer of a cure for the plague.

He decided to put the matter into the hands of Lieutenant Haqtaj. She was far better placed than he to decide which hat she would wear. However, a little research would not go astray. The more informed she was, the better her judgement.

He accessed the Federation database on Morgan Pass using one of the ambassadorial codes. He was appalled to see that notoriety did not even begin to describe what he found there.


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