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The Beginning of it all

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2009 @ 6:41am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Timeline: The Incident that put Beverly In Command Of Genesis

"Yes sir", Beverly's answer was stiff, controlled and filled with emotion. Worry about her crew, now divided into three, worry about her friends on the station. Worry about her friends on Linta, and now worry about the new friends she had made that were going to be riding into a fire fight. Could things get any better.
"Jenkins, Davian", she called her officers attentions, "Were heading back to the runabout. Davian, I need you to remodulate all the handheld and rifles that we will be carrying. Jenkins, we need you to get us to the station and beam us over to the engineering deck, or as close as you can get us".
For some reason the feelings she could feel were taking her back to one of the sadest times of her life, and not to distant time wise either.

************* 6 Months Previous ****************

The ship was a small glimmer in the foreground as the shuttles slowly limped back to Genesis. Slowly, steadily still hiding in the dark lip of the moon they were traversing.
"Can you see them yet Lieutenant?" Beverly asked as she was the commanding officer sat in this shuttle. Command had never really appealed to her, but the offer of Chief Science officer on a ship as well equiped as Genesis was something she couldn't pass on. Now with both shuttles sliding silently back to Genesis after completeing delicate negatiations, trying to remain unoticed, she felt exsilirated. What did concern her was the fact the Captain Jennings and Commander Harrison were now flying solo with no real protection in a dangerous area of space.

"I got them on sensors, we'll have a good visual in about 10 seconds." Mike reported. Although not a member of the senior staff, he was assistant chief operations officer, hand picked by his chief, Lt. Auld.

"Krissy, contact the other shuttle. Let them know that its safe to move out".
Without realising it Beverly was holding her breath. Bated ready for what ever might happen.

"Yes sir," Kristina moved a fraction in the seat to reach the commications board and relayed the message throught. "The way is clear Sir feel free to move out."

"Confirmed Mason, breaking orbit and setting course for Genesis" Captain Jennings worked the shuttle operations console while Harrison was manning the pilot console. "I don't know about you Kira but I'll be glad to be back home, that has got to be the hardest mission I've ever done."

Commander Harrison gave her Captain a tired smile. "Trying, to say the least." She set the manual course for the Nebula-Class starship, and looked up instinctively to the viewscreen. "Course laid in."

Beverly watched the Captains shuttle move out and fall into line with her shuttle. Something at the pit of her stomach told her she shouldn't be doing this. But orders were orders, and she had to follow through with them.
"Ok, Krissy, Lake. Were going to head out first, I'm going to need your hands on the controls Lake. We may need some fancy flying. Just incase charge the weapons Krissy".

Beyond DeVour's feild of vision Mason nodded priming the weapons.

Beverly had been holding her breath and not realising she had been. Forceing herself to take a breath as her small shuttle sped away ahead of the other. This had to go well, and by all accounts it would. No other ship was ion sensors, not even a Gorn Vessel, and they were encrouching on Gorn territory. "Anything Lake?"

"Nothing... still. We got the Genesis there though." Mike swung around "It might be worth asking the Genesis if anything is on sensors, the ones we have here are from the dark ages. Ma'am." he added.

Beverly weighed up the options, wanting to contact Genesis might give them a heads up on approaching vessels, but it might also give them the location of the shuttles.
"I think were better off keeping silent running. We don't want to announce our precense to the sector".

She patted the younger officer on the shoulder, not wanting him to feel like she was disregarding his suggestion out of hand. If anything his conduct and performance on this mission would be earning this fine young officer a promotion before long.

"Understandable." He turned around "Thankyou for accepting Lieutenant Auld's recommendation, Ma'am."

"He thought you were the best officer for the job", she smiled down at him, taking just a moment to raise the spirits of a worried young man.

Back on the superior officers' shuttle, Kira did a quick check of the sensors before letting her eyes drift back up to the viewscreen. They were still inching their way around the moon. Given the impact they'd had during the negotiations, it was quiet out here. Almost too quiet. Her thoughts were broken by a few robotic-sounding alarms. Her eyes quickly darted to the consoles in front of them - sections were lighting up - fast. Her eyes filled with worry, but as calmly as she could she turned her head to the Captain, sweeping over the Operations console. "What is it?"

"Two sensor ghosts on the edge of sensor range" Jennings tapped away at the sensor panel trying to identify the two signals. "Sensors are having a hard time getting a decent scan on them, I don't like this, Yellow Alert get the shields up" as the small cockpit lights dimmed and the amber alert lights began an constant blinking the sensor console gave a series of urgent beeps "Energy spike... WEAPON FIRE brace for impact!"

Kira gripped the console for support and closed her eyes. The shuttle leaned slightly forward from the impact, and for one fraction of time everything seemed like it was in slow motion - everything was frozen, and for that brief moment this wasn't happening. She was ripped back into reality as several consoles overloaded in the back of the shuttle and the room exploded into a display of sparks and chaos. The ship shook violently, and the officer was nearly thrown from her seat. The room went dark, and the red alert klaxons instantly came to life, giving the small space a terrifying atmosphere. Shifting herself back into the center of her seat, she slammed her hand down onto the console and screamed into it. "Commander Harrison to Genesis, we're under attack. Requesting immediate assistance!" Cutting the comm she focussed back on the screen and her hands flew across the console; she couldn't tell whether she was more terrified or angry. "Coming about!" She hollered over the alarms.

Beverly's eyes went wide with the sudden flurry of activity. "Bring us about, red alert. Krissy charge phasers, Mister Lake, get us in range to give some cover to the captain", in the next motion she had hit the comm panel to contact Genesis. "Commander DeVuor to Genesis, were under attack requesting immediate assistance".

Mason didn't need telling twice. Instanlty she had the weapons burning as her eye raked the area as soon as they were in range she would loose what ever they had. Her heart was pounding knowing full well if they didn't move fast enough it would be too late.

A crimson glow now cast its huge over the occupants of the small shuttle. It was a standard personnel shuttle, so very little in the way of weapons or manuverability. But they had little option. The Captain and Commanders Shuttle was taking a beating, and it wouldn't last long under that type of barrage.
"DeVuor to Jennings, can you read me?"

Static was all that could be heard for several seconds the tension in the cockpit seemed to build as each seconds ticked away "I hear you Bev', situation looks grimm two unknown hostiles attacking... damage to the shuttles impulse engines and phasers are having no effect. Lieutenant Commander set couse back Genesis, that's an order, you can't help us like this we'll try and make a crash landing on the near by moon, get back to Genesis and come get us understood?"

"But sir...."
She tried to object but then remembered who she was trying to persuade. "Understood sir. We'll come and get you". The deck beneith her feet bucked under another volly of fire from the attackers and she had to grip the back of Lakes chair to keep herself from stumbeling. "Set course for Genesis, Lake. Maximum speed".

"Full impulse, aye." Mike looked up towards the empty abyss that hung in the window for a moment, pressing a few buttons to get the shuttle moving, then concentrating back down into the controls and gracefully pushing it's keys as if it were a piano, every touch making a different sound. The tiny speck of silver something got evermore larger as Mike started pulling power from the non-essential systems, causing the Shuttle's replicator bio-neural gel pack to leak onto the floor "I hope that doesn't make it into the report, Commander."

Beverly ignored the Ensign and his inappropriate remark. Her focus was soley on the other shuttle that was still engaged in a death match with the attacker. It looked hopeless, and she had to fight the urge to return and fight along side them. One thing the Captain had said thought, it was hopeless for two shuttles to try and pick off the attacker. They didn't even have enough power combined with the shuttle to even ding the hull.
"DeVuor to Genesis, as soon as where onboard set an intercept course for the Captains shuttle, best possible speed."

"I think that's the first time she hasn't argued with me, ok lets try and land this thing with out killing ourselves. Think you can make it back to the moon?" The look on Jennings face said it was a long shot.

The look her Captain and long-time friend said it all. It was definitely a long shot, but it was there only chance. "If it's possible, I'll do it."

"Kira, what ever happens now it's been an honour" extending is hand to Kira as his last sign of the respect she had earned over the years as his XO. "Now try and land on something soft huh."

Taking the man's hand in hers she smiled, despite the grim situation. "The honour's mine; I wouldn't want to be sitting next to anyone else."

Setting a course for the moon, Kira glanced down at the small tactical screen on her own console. Things didn't look good. The attacking vessels were setting a pursuit course, whoever they were - they weren't fans. The officer did her best to give the engines everything they had, but warp drive had been knocked out from the last blast, and some had to be kept in reserve for the rear shields; it was looking more and more like they were going to need them. The two officers remained silent, focussing on their consoles. They were going to make it. They had to.

As the shuttle soared into the moon's gravitational pull, the viewscreen flashed as the energy from the attackers' weapons lit the screen. Consoles erupted yet again; alerts and warnings screaming out from the computer. The shuttle shook violently and the consoles in front of them exploded in sparks as shields dropped and the hull began to fracture. They were so close. Kira could see the terrain of the moon's surface ahead of them. Transporters were down; they were going in fast.

For a second her mind was optimistic. There was a chance they'd survive the crash and that help was already on its way. After all, their assailants weren't about to follow them down to the surface. The optimism ended quickly, as the tactical panel showed weapons fire one last time. There was nothing more piloting could do. Kira reached out with one arm and grabbed the Captain's hand with hers, a tear running down her cheek. A torpedo. Just before impact, the Genesis could be seen racing around the side of the moon - but it was too late.

The hull tore like paper as the rear end of the shuttle exploded and flames ripped through the cockpit. The miniature warp core instantly breached and the resulting plasma explosion lit up space; a quickly expanding ball of fire now replacing the shuttle. The sound was deafening, and the force of the explosion slammed into the each hull of the ships in the immediate area. The crew of the Genesis stood in horror as the explosion was reflected in each of the ship's windows, and the eyes of each of the on-looking crew.

Stood in the centre of the bridge, a hushed silence falling, descending like a vail over the onlookers. It didn't seem real, a haze like a dream. A pin could be heard dropping as everyone had been engrossed with the saddening events that had been unfolding like some grotesque holonovel.

"Krissy...... Report", she didn't need the report. What they had watched had been final, definitive and undeniable. The shuttle had exploded outward in a shower of fury. Like the final flight of the Phoenix, but what would rise from the ashes? The tears began to fall. Slowly at first and one at a time as the chasm opened and started to swallow all other feelings leaving nothing but the deep, resounding pain and sorrow as the farther she never had and the sister she had so wanted became nothing but star stuff. Cast adrift until the end of eternity.


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