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Pet Projects

Posted on Thu Nov 21st, 2013 @ 3:54pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Crystal Line


Since the plaque had arrived at the station, Cash had avoided personal contact as much as possible. The side effect of this was that Cash had a lot of time to focus on his pet projects around the station, stuff that he couldn't work on when he was on duty per say, but, off duty, he could attend to them. One item that was of particular interest was the monorail that circled the station. He had at last completed repairs on the monorail. Now it was time for the test ride.

Cash stepped into the car. He stepped back out and looked around. There was never a redshirt around when you needed something potentially dangerous done. Sometimes you just had to do it yourself. He stepped back into the car. [One circuit should do] He thought to himself. He touched the panel to take him around the station. Nothing happened. He performed a quick diagnostic. Everything seemed to be in order. Then he realized that the car probably did not move because his destination was the same as his starting point. It would have to be a half circuit. He set his destination for the other side of the station. There was a hum and a slight feeling of acceleration. A moment later the door opened. He stepped out into a dusty corridor. There were several doors along the wall. Cash decided to try one of them. He walked forward and the door opened. He found himself in a storeroom.

"Excuse me," someone said. "Are you supposed to be here? Have you taken a wrong turn?"

Cash raised an eyebrow. "That is a good question." He puffed his chest out. "I am a Starfleet Engineer. I am assigned to this starbase. It would seem that I am authorized to be anywhere I need to be." He let out a deep breath. "By the way, where am I?"

A crewwoman looked up from her work and noticed the one and a half pips on each of the intruder's collars.

“Sorry,” she said, “Have you taken a wrong turn, sir?”

Cash smiled at the correction. "I was taking the monorail for a spin and this is where it stopped. What are you doing here?"

“We’re working on the power relays to the shops on the Promenade,” she explained. “Ensign Stills assigned us to the task. Seems power is fluctuating and the owners are complaining. Something about lobster tails thawing if I recall correctly and not being able to style hair in the dark.”

The crewman working next to her snorted.

“Well, it’s important to them, I suppose,” she commented.

Cash nodded. So he was in the Promenade near a seafood restaurant and a hair stylist. He would make a note to create a map of the stops on the monorail and which shops they were near. "And how is your ever so important work coming?"

“It would come a lot quicker if we didn’t get interrupted,” she answered pointedly. “Sir.”

Cash sighed. "Very well, I will leave you to your work. Let me know if you run across any unexpected problems." He turned and walked out the room.


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