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A deal is struck

Posted on Tue Mar 11th, 2014 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jeffrey Tambleton

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: An isolated planet somewhere between the Ferengi Alliance and the Tzenkethi

Things were looking up. Credit had been approved by Moonfleet; more than Tambleton had requested. He took that as a sign of approval of his actions so far. He walked into the meeting room feeling rather chuffed with himself. It would not do to be too cocky, not with Mohune’s wife breathing down his back, but things were definitely on the up despite her whining and constant criticism.

He turned from closing the door to see just the one Ferengi sitting at the table. That gave him pause for thought.

“I was told there would be two of you,” he said.

“Dram was delayed,” the Ferengi replied. “Some small matter of accounting irregularities which the Ferengi Commerce Authority decided to investigate. Apparently someone supplied details relating to impropriety in a rather substantial transaction.”

From the tone in which that information was related, Tambleton was left in little doubt as to who that ‘someone’ might be. Even so, impropriety and Ferengi seemed to him to be an oxymoron. “So you would be Fren,” he said.

The Ferengi nodded acknowledgement of that fact.

“I, as you have probably guessed, am Jeffrey Tambleton. My associate is....”

He did not get the chance to finish the sentence. Fren was on his feet and stepping back from the table. “You would be Kara Mohune. Pleased to meet you again, my dear. We should get together after our business is concluded for a spot of oo-mox.

"Well, well Fren, it has been a long time since I last saw you," Kara replied. "You've not changed one bit except for the right ear lobe, of course. I can hardly see the join now"

Fren smirked. "You always were a bad shot, Kara."

"I wasn't aiming for your ears last time we met. You moved, if I remember rightly."

Tambleton felt a wave of emotion sweep through him; in equal parts jealousy and anger. Jealousy at the thought that there might have been something between this Ferengi and Kara and anger that she knew him and hadn’t said anything. What other little secrets did she have stashed away that could effect these negotiations?

“You should have kept the tenth Rule of Acquisition in mind,” Fren said.

"You mean the one about ‘A dead customer can’t buy as much as a live one’. I was saving that one for later." She smirked.

“And here I thought the fourth Rule was applicable.”

Kara smiled and walked up to the Ferengi. She reached out to him and he flinched slightly. She smiled but instead of an attack she gently massaged his ear lobes.

" ‘Sex and profit are the two things that never last long enough’, Kara," Fren replied taking her hands reluctantly away from him and holding them tenderly in his. He had loved her once up on a time but now....

Kara looked at him and felt that old familiar tingle return. She was surprised to find she still had feelings for him even after all this time. He was devilishly handsome for a Ferengi.

"Fine," she told him, throwing her hands in the air. "You can't say I didn't try. I suppose you know what you're missing? So let's get down to business, shall we?"

It had better be a sizable profit, Fren thought, to compensate for what else I’m foregoing. Still, once this is done, maybe there’ll be time for that later. No, Fren, he reminded himself, she’s a devious one. You want this to be an ongoing business relationship. Stick to that and forget about the other. He cast his eyes slyly towards Tambleton. Or perhaps not entirely business, he amended. He’s soft on her. He wants her for himself and if I know Kara she’ll merrily string him along. We could have some fun here.

He turned to Tambleton. “Weapons are the order of the day,” he said. “What exactly do you want?”

“My clients aren’t fussy. If it blows up Federation bases then they’ll be happy. If it kills Starfleet personnel, they'll be happy. However, their budget is not large so they don’t want to buy some grand weapon that will give one big bang then leave their arsenal empty. No, they want something more utilitarian like phaser rifles and mines.”

“Then I have just the thing for you.” He waved a hand and a man appeared as if out of nowhere. He had been sitting unobtrusively in a corner. He left the room and came back with a heavy looking case. He repeated this procedure 7-8 times. Soon there was a large stack of different sized cases placed before Tambleton and Kara.

The man came into plainer view and seemed rather big for a humanoid...The heavy set man showed obvious features of being at least part Klingon. The lost edge to his cranial ridge and slightly pointed ears suggested part Vulcan or Romulan. He wore a pair of loose slacks and some very Klingon like armor on his arms and torso. He looked like he'd be the perfect muscle component of the group save the wicked intelligence that seemed to dance behind his dark brown eyes.

"Some of the goods are one shot deals. Specifically the mines but the ones we offer are going to do just about anything you need," the hybrid said with a voice that is almost pure bass. He looked critically at the other sentients and added, "I assume you want to see the goods."

A hologram jumped into existence at his command to illustrate a number of weapons. Mines, disruptor combines, phase pistols, plasmic-blades and other weapons danced through the holographic displays.

"We have many ways to kill, of course. The degrees depend on your latinum of course," the bass based voice said with a soothing accent.

“Latinum is not an object,” Tambleton advised the hybrid. “Our clients are interested in two types of weapons: mines they like because they can lay them and go away; the other type is hand-held. Nothing bulky; they have to be light and easily concealed. Something they can sneak onto a star base or into a planet based facility would be good. Assume the security on the base is of Federation standard and not easily fooled.

“That having been said, it’s no use to them if all it can do is fire a single shot. We’re not talking assassins’ weapons here. They want to do maximum damage in the least possible time.”

The Klingon hybrid grinned to show ragged but sharp teeth, "The mines will kill anything within 20 feet in Terran terms. The fire arms will kill. Assuming whoever you give it to can shoot, of course."

“I don’t particularly care how well they can shoot,” Tambleton said, without particularly addressing the hybrid. “That’s out of my hands. All that I care is that the weapons fire and, should they be so lucky as to hit, they’ll create a lot of destruction. Given that second consideration seems to be be filled then they’ll do. I trust even these Cardassian malcontents can position mines correctly and arm them. Starfleet was able to so they should be. So the mines will do too.” He focused on the Ferengi. “ we talk price.”

The Ferengi's partner whispered into his partners ear. The term "Wide beam" was audible enough for Tableton to hear. If he intended for the other to hear, if it he thought the weapons were qualified for this buyer or if he just wanted to make a bigger sale was not quite clear in his actions or tone considering he was calm, otherwise quiet and seemingly well collected.

Fren stood there with his arms folded and getting bored with the conversation. There was only so much conversation he could take.

"So now you can tell me how much the deal is worth and I'll tell you if you've got it right." he smirked

The hybrid grinned as playfully as a tiger might give a deer as he said in a bass voice and sing-song accent, "The proper question here is how much is dealing death upon the Federation worth to you I think my colleague and I would like to know. We have the products that will do what you need in many ways. You specify the price you wish to pay and the tools we offer that you desire and we shall go from there."

“Oh, we have no wish to harm the Federation,” Tambleton said blithely. “That is our client’s desire. We are just business people. However, our client has indicated how much they can afford. Bear with me while I confer with my colleague on how best to allocate their funds. If you will excuse us.....”

He waited until Fren and the hybrid had vacated the room. Then he turned to Kara. “Well, my dear?”

"Don't call me 'my dear' Tam. I am not if anything your dear." she replied sweetly touching his cheek with a long fingernail that if filed any sharper could quite possibly have drawn blood.

"Lets get what we can and get out of here. Then we can figure out what to do next once were away."


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