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Another wretched day

Posted on Thu Dec 12th, 2013 @ 10:13pm by Pardek


The close confines and the quarantine were wearing on the refugees and on Pardek as well. He should have known that while the Federation was talking about moving the refugees immediately, that the Federation was indeed a large bureaucracy and was incapable of moving quickly. All this hubbub about getting the refugees off of DS12 was just that, hubbub. At least he had made arrangements to have his inventory moved privately and securely, though surely the price would be high, but he didn't really have any choice in the matter. About the only thing that he had seen about the Federation that had any efficiency was the change in officers on this station. He had lost count on the number of executive officers that had come and gone from this station. It was mind boggling to say the least. Maybe this new executive officer could speed things along. He didn't have high hopes, but he did have hopes. Only time would tell.


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