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Something lost, something found

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2014 @ 12:25pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Abandoned part of DS12

A young woman opened one eye and then gradually the other followed. She had a feeling that it was almost time to get up but what she really wanted to do was stay were she was for a while and relish... relish what?

She eased herself up which was more painful than she imagined and looked around. Where am I? she thought.

Her eyes took in the scene around her she was in some kind of large area that had stairs leading up to another room with a raised platform. The glass in the doorway was partially gone and behind it she could just make out the rubble that had once been furniture.

There was a walkway that connected one side of the room to the other with rooms leading off. Some of these were in ruins blocked entirely by debris and wreckage.

This place was old and she thought it had been abandoned long ago. There were black scorch marks everywhere, classic signs of a battle with phasers... phasers? Where had that word come from? Had she read about it somewhere, in a story perhaps?

Already dim lights began unexpectedly to flicker overhead. She only hoped they wouldn't go out completely and leave her in the dark. They cast sinister shadows in murky corners making it look as though something or someone was there, watching. But of course it was just a trick of the light, she told herself.

Her head throbbed and when she gingerly touched her forehead, it came away wet and sticky. This wasn't good and her mind told her she needed to find a first aid kit. But where would she find it among all what was left here.

She wasn't sure if it was her head wound or the smell of this place that was making her feel sick. There was a foul stench of death here. Suddenly she lost control and began to retch over and over again. When she finally stopped she told herself that she just needed to rest for a bit and then she would feel better. Against her better judgement she leaned up against some rubble, closed her eyes and welcomed the darkness.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a darkness that was so deep and intense. What if I'm blind? How am I supposed to get out of here if I'm blind? All she could do was lie there and fight down a panic that was threatening to overwhelm her.

She made an effort to move, her head ached only mildly now but she was sore and painful all over. Each move brought on a fresh wave of pain from various cuts and scrapes but as far as she could tell nothing felt broken.

Surely someone must be missing her by now and she thought they would have tried to find out where she was. She knew that it had to have been some kind of accident for her to have ended up here. But where was here? If only the lights would come on again. There was not much she could do until then.

A sudden noise made her turn her head to the right.
"Is someone there?" she called out and made an attempt to stand. "Can you hear me?"

TAG: Anyone who wants to be a dying assistant chief ops

The lights flickered a few times before they remained on. There was just enough of a feeble glow for her to see by, but at least they stayed on and she was thankful for that.

Another movement by the wall and a weak faint moan came from something there. In the dim light she could just make out a shape that made her breath catch in her mouth the shape was most definitely human.

She knelt down beside the near still form of the woman lying there. There was still a slight rise and fall in her chest, a small indication that she was still alive but even to her untrained eye she looked in a bad way.

The injured woman seemed to have the same clothes on as herself, military looking too, was she some kind of soldier? Had they been working together? Had there been a fight? Had they had an accident? Would this woman be able to tell her who she was? So many questions.

"Can you hear me?" she asked gently

With an effort the woman managed to open her eyes. Her body felt like it was on fire. She saw a face above hers and snarled, her Romulan blood boiling. In fact, it felt like that was exactly what it was doing: it burned in her veins. She lashed out but could not control the action. Her nails raked perilously close to that smug face but her arm kept on swinging and her body went with it. She collapsed onto her back with a thud; a leg twisted painfully underneath her.

She panted, trying to draw breath. She wanted to smash that face; scratch it to shreds. She wanted to...she didn’t know what she wanted. All that she could think of was pain, excruciating pain, and someone else had to feel what that pain was like.

She lashed out again.

Lissan recoiled backwards from the injured woman but not soon enough. A bloodied hand with cracked and broken nails held onto her right wrist with a vice like grip. She tried to pry the fingers away whilst at the same time avoiding the other flailing arm that reached out threateningly towards her.

After what felt like minutes but was in fact seconds the injured released her death hold and fell backwards, exhausted and semi conscious. But she had left behind punctures in her rescuer's skin made by the splinters of her damaged nails.

Lissan pulled the fragments of nail from her skin and looked back. Even from where she was sitting she could see that her companion had taken her final breath and lay deadly still. There was nothing she could do.

She staggered to her feet and found some loose rags lying around. She covered the dead woman's face and walked away. There had to be someway to get out of here. By now she had realised that they had been in some kind of accident. Had they fallen through something?


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