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Answers from the grave

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2009 @ 6:42pm by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Vor'cha class starship

T'Arjia had been desperatly trying to get a response out of the Klingon library computer for the best part of ten minutes, but it seemed like, no mater what she tried to do, the systems were being stubborn. Stubborn as a Klingon. Stepping back from the console, she turned to the other ensign standing a safe distance away. "Mr Jenkins. I could use your expertise"

Thomas had been watching the Vulcan officer work. She seemed to know what she was doing, but at the same time didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Mind you, she made getting nowhere look good. He took a few steps closer to the console and looked over T'Arjia's shoulder. He did understand most of the symbols, but couldn't understand what she was doing wrong. "Let me take a look."

He pressed a few buttons himself, and for a moment it looked like the sequence was getting somewhere. But the console was dim, and would flicker slightly - seemingly resetting the buttons. He stood back for a second and observed the console. It flickered again. He continued to stand there, silent, achieving an odd look from his Vulcan companion. Thinking wasn't his strong suit. He debated pulling the panel out and going through the components, but he was no Engineer; no Klingon engineer, anyway. His mind wandered: did Klingons even have engineers?
Suddenly it hit him. Startling the woman next to him he grasped his two hands into a ball, hurled his arms up into the air, and slammed the fists as hard as he could into the console. The console went dark for a split second, then lit up brighter than it was a moment before. Thomas started in disbelief - he honestly didn't think it would work. He smiled innocently at T'Arjia. "I'm going to go ahead and say that's NOT what you meant by expertise."

T'Arjia raised an eyebrow at Thomas' rather heavy-handed handling of the console. "Quite. However, it does seem to have achieved the desired reaction" She immediatly got back to examining the console's data, quickly loosing all focus but what it had up on the screen.

Beverly had made her way to the bridge after her examination in the house of horrors, and was now content to sit and watch her officers move about their business. She didn't do this nearly enough. The graceful movement of her Vulcan Science officer. The child like innocence of her assistant chief pilot. The poise and beauty of her Chief Medical Officer. Each one had their own little idiosyncrasies.

She also had to fight the urge to assist her Science Officer. She was a fully trained Science Officer, she would be able to figure out a Klingon console before long.
A genlte beep made her turn towards the Doctor who seemed to be sitting at the communications console. "Report Doctor".

Leanne looked over the console for a moment and grabbed the ear piece then placed it in her ear. After a moment of studying the panel she pushed the flashing button. She frowned as she listened to the message. "Captain, general distress call from Starbase 611... they are being attacked by... a Vulcan ship, it sounds like it is an older Sh'Ran class, but the station is reporting heavy damage. They are requesting immediate assistance." She looked over at them. "Should I respond?"

"Tell them help is on the way Doctor".
Beverly's gaze shot to T'Arjia, hopeing that she had an answer.

T'Arjia looked back at Beverly. "It is concievable that it is our mystery ship, captain. However, a closer inspection may be neccissary to confirm it. All I can tell you for certain is that this vessel was indeed attacked by particle weapons, and that they were fired from an older class of Vulcan ship. I can't tell you what ship wthout linking to a Federation database"

"Ensign Jenkins, is this boat space worthy?"
If so, they would have a nice support mechanisum when they arrived at the station. If not all they would have would be a runabout.

Thomas looked back at the console with a wide-eyed look. He knew having the Vor'Cha operational would be an enormous asset, but it was nowhere near what he was comfortable with. He sighed and turned to face his Captain. "Honestly Captain, she's in rough shape. Even if your Engineer could get the warp drive up and running, the structural integrity's not going to hold up at warp speed. It wouldn't be impossible to push the deflector and possibly hold her together, but on reserve power.." He paused. "We'd need more time." The weapons worked, he thought, but decided to leave that tidbit out.

Setting her mind, Beverly tapped her com-badge. "DeVuor to away team. Return to the runabout immediatly".
She nodded at her crew and turned on her heel, the younger officers following on her heel. This was getting more and more complex.


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