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Change of plans

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2014 @ 4:38pm by Pardek

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office

“Mister Pardek,” Harrison said as the Romulan trader entered his office. “Good of you to attend me so promptly. Please, have seat.”

He waited for the man to be settled. “I have an announcement to make but before I address the station formally, I thought it appropriate to inform you first.”

Pardek wondered how the announcement would affect him and the refugee community as he had become the leader of the refugees. He raised an eyebrow and waited for Harrison to continue.

“I have been promoted to Captain, effective immediately. This station is to be decommissioned as an active Starfleet base and operations will be transferred to a new station further along the Cardassian border towards Ferengi space. Beyond that I am not at liberty to give details at this stage. Suffice it to say that I have been placed in charge of the move. The consequence of that – and the reason I asked you here – is that I will no longer be able to accompany you and your compatriots to their new home.”

He wondered about the inefficiency of Starfleet that the could just decide to close one base and open a new one. It was things like this that was driving him crazy dealing with Starfleet and the Federation. They promoted and demoted without reason and moved people from one end of space to another without giving it a second thought. "Will we be on our own? Is Starfleet going to assign us a new Liason Officer? Haqtaj told me that we were to be assigned several Starfleet vessels to protect us until we get to our destination. Will this change with your new assignment?"

“I have not been informed by Starfleet of any other changes to arrangements. That is, however, not to say that such is being considered. I will contact Headquarters and find out what I can. Rest assured, Mister Pardek, I will keep you informed. I could have wished that my reinstatement to the rank of captain could have happened under better circumstances. Mind you,” he added, offering Pardek a wan smile, “it is said to be an ill wind that blows nobody any good. This is a momentous occasion for me; I must admit that at times I thought my captaincy had been revoked forever.”

Pardek nodded. "Congratulations on your promotion. Only time will tell whether it was for the better or worse. What will become of this station?"

“This station will be maintained as a civilian base and a trading station in this area. It will still be used as a staging post to ship relief supplies to Cardassian planets in the area. Beyond that. Who can say? It will be expected to be self-sufficient as no Starfleet presence will be maintained here other than the usual station defence force capability and a small engineering team to maintain Starfleet vessels passing through the sector.”

Pardek raised an eyebrow. "If it is being changed to a civilian station, then why are we being transferred? I would think it would have been in Starfleet's best interests to keep us here."

“The Federation has always only seen this as a temporary arrangement, as I am sure you are aware. It was always Starfleet’s intention to return your people to Romulan space as soon as possible. The ongoing political instability has meant you have actually stayed here longer that was originally intended. In other circumstances, you might have stayed longer but the outbreak of this plague has forced Starfleet’s hand.”

"What of my people that have actually established themselves here, started relationships, opened businesses and taken jobs. Will they also be evicted? Or is it only the element that has not adapted to the Federation way of life that is being evicted?"

“Some of your people have established themselves here and will be allowed to stay. I realise there has been some...fraternisation...between Romulans and station personnel. I have no intention of breaking up families. You yourself have a business on the Promenade and I will not force you to abandon it. If others can present a reasonable case for remaining, I am prepared to listen however, I will guarantee nothing. Your people have by and large kept themselves to themselves. It is now time for them to leave.”

Pardek pondered on Harrison's statement. He shook his head. "My fate will be that of the rest of my people. They look to me to lead, so I could not abandon them to take an easy road for myself. When will this plague and quarantine end so that we can stop living in limbo?"

Harrison nodded. He had not expected any other response.

“I cannot say when the quarantine will end,” he advised, “because we have no cure for the plague yet, despite the best efforts of both the Medical and Science Departments. Therefore, I propose to break quarantine to the extent of getting your people off the station as soon as possible. They will be beamed to transports. It is not the most efficient means of transferring them but the buffers can remove any virus that might have taken hold. That should keep them safe and ensure that the plague does not go with them.”

The interminable waiting had weighed hard on his nerves, at last it was a chance to move from waiting to doing. Pardek's heart leaped. "This is acceptable."


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