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Setting it Right

Posted on Sun Jul 19th, 2009 @ 11:04pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Linta

It was ironic Mason thought as she tightened the buttons on her thick clothing glancing briefly over her shoulder at the others following suit behind her. Beverly had made this sound so simple back on the warm comfort of Genesis, and now with a shiver rippling down her spine Mason couldn't help but fear how much damage the team were about to create for themselves to save the oncoming disaster made by one man.

One greedy, twisted man.

Extraction had now become possible assignation if they call was made. Definitely not the same briefing they were given hours ago. However dim the outlook appeared they had been fortunate enough to be able to track the source of the transmission and using what sparse information they had gathered from the charred remains of the outpost knew where they were heading.

Kat Stevens, the sole survivor of the observation post passed them each a padd and briefed them on the type of terrain and obstacles they would come across in the seven mile trek to the hospital before she had been beamed aboard the runabout both for her own health and to assist if the team needed a swift exit.

Finally having struggled with the last of her clothing Mason turned to the others: "Are you all sure what you must do?"

"As much as I'd rather not revert to my terrorist ways, yes." Vos grinned. "Myself and Lieutenant Daniels will locate and plant explosive devices on the gas canisters. The other team will retrieve or possibly destroy the body that they have in their possession. While removing the gas and the body is paramount, if anyone should see Tekorin while we're in there he should be arrested or otherwise neutralized depending on the situation. Have I left anything out?" he reiterated as he carefully put several charges into a backpack.

"Am I ready..." Mike muttered, looking at Diego with a small grin "If it comes to it, do you want the body disposed of cleanly? A phaser at setting 10 should get rid of it, the 'Lintians' won't be able to detect residue at that amount of molecular disintegration."

"If you can't retrieve the body, then yes. Vaporize it cleanly so there is no evidence left. If possible I'd like for you to retrieve it whole, however. I'm sure that officer's parents would like something to bury." Vos replied sadly. "You might want to bring a few pattern buffers to help with the beam-out."

"I have some mini site-to-site beacons. They were first trailed with Commander Data in 2379, shortly before his death on the Scimitar. It's what saved Picard. I picked up half a dozen on DS5 a few months ago." Lake opened a small case and moved over to Vos to show off the small gizmo.

Commander Lorran picked one of them up and turned it over in his palm. He hit the button and the top of the device slid apart briefly before returning to normal. He nodded in satisfaction. "One of these should work. It'll be better than carrying around three clunky pattern buffers, that's for sure. Good thinking, Mike." Vos patted the Ops officer on the back, then went and picked up one of the phaser rifles they'd brought over from the runabout. He flipped on the lamp briefly, then checked the charge on it before leaning it against the wall near his backpack.

Mike took the one Vos had handled just before and closed the case. He sat the small device on a small table and ran over it a few times with the tricorder and then inputted several numbers into it to provide co-ordinates to get it to beam the corpse to the Runabout.

Satisfied the team were briefed Mason met Commander Lorran's eye and slapped the door release allowing the bitter coldness of the weather sweep into the structure causing the team to flinch at the freezing temperatures. The chosen route was simply to continue southwesterly for seven miles until they came across the massive structure of the hospital. Aerial photographs had shown the hospital was about the size of three cathedrals side by side and the only building in that close proximity which worked in the favor of the away team.

Pulling the hood over her head Mason led the away into the crisp snow hearing the steady crunching sounds coming from the footfalls of those behind her.

"Watch you feet, there might be mines or booby traps left over from Tekorin" Daniels took a forward position close to Vos and Mason, scanning the ground just in front of the group searching for any signs of recent surface disruption or trip wires.

Vos was doing the same. On Bajor they were still cleaning out the minefields that the Cardassians had left during the Occupation. It was said that one in ten children was still likely to lose a leg running about their backyard. People made it a habit to watch their feet as well as their surroundings, making full use of their peripheral vision. He took a glance skyward as well, watching the overcast sky. "I doubt they'll be able to spot us with this cloud-cover, but if you hear any air vehicles drop and stay still until it passes." he said.

Mason looked up at the overcast skies that was packed with thick clouds filled no doubt with more snow that could hamper them. So far the ground was well packed and having wisely changed their foot ware for the journey the team were able to begin their trek with relative ease.

Walking in near silence each keeping their thoughts to themselves cautiously watching their surroundings the party made good time to the hospital. The building however was positively crawling with activity. Naturally the illegal broadcast was created quite a hype for the media to feast upon, and the local too appeared to be fighting against the armed guards that patrolled the doors.

Diego summed up the situation adequately. "Can someone tell me why we're not using our Runabout to locate and retrieve our comrade in relative warmth and safety instead of conducting 'Marx Brothers' style espionage?"

Mike rolled his eyes, he was quoting the rules again. "We'd be violating the prime directive if they saw a single thing to do with the technology that we possess that is hundreds of years beyond them; but hell, this is more fun. Who didn't join Starfleet to do this?" he sighed. "Stupid question."

"Be quiet you two," Mason hushed them above before their bickering began to drew attention. She turned to Lake and Vos who would be leading the parties. "Let's try the back entrance, but don't stun anyone if you have to. The less ruckus we can create the better. Once we'll inside see if you can disable the surveillance, Mr Lake, then take Echevarria with you and dispose of the body. Vos, Daniels and I will search for the gas and disable the threat. Questions?"

Commander Lorran just gave Krissy a friendly thumbs-up and a smile, as if the situation they were about to enter wasn't life-threatening and crucial to their mission. He adjusted his backpack for comfort and then flipped up the sights on his phaser rifle as he waited for her to lead the way. She seemed eager enough and he was having fun watching her command ability grow.

Mike raised his head quickly and lowered it again, it was more or less like a reverse nod. He tightened his gloves and adjusted his hood slightly.

"Alright," Mason sighed quickly checking her own weapon. "Let's go."


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