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Siren Calling In The Night

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2009 @ 6:42pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Runabout Barrett
Timeline: One Hour After Departing The Klingon Vessel

Beverly listened as the second distress call came through, every tone of her voice exentuated with fear. The sounds of panic and battle could be heard behind her, and seemed like a brutal battle indeed.
"This is Captain Beverly DeVuor of the Federation Runabout Checkov. We are on a rountine investigation. How may we be of assistance?".

The small bridge of the Husky was filling fast with smoke as the old Vulcan vessel continued to fire on them "Ensign Hayes, bring us about to heading 443 mark 315. Rotate our shields to compensate. Ensign Braddick, target their weapons systems." This was supposed to be a nice afternoon flight, not a life or death situation. Just as she was about to issue more orders, she faintly heard the voice of a woman over the comm channel. She tapped a few buttons and listened to the message closer. "Captain DeVour, this is Major General Livia Harrison of the USS Husky. We are under attack by what looks like a Vulcan vessel, but you can understand that we haven't had much time to do detailed scans. There looks to be Borg technology on parts of it, but its hard to tell for sure. All I know is that our shields are failing and if we don't get some help soon we might not survive."

Turning to Henk at the conn position, "Henk, set an intercept course, maximum warp", and then she turned on her heel to face Jorvin. "Captain, contact Commander Vos and inform him of the situation".
Finally she returned to the communication panel in front of her. "Were on our way General, were only a small runabout, but we might be able to assist".

=/=Runabout Checkov to Commander Vos. I am informing you that The USS Husky is under attack and we are on an intercept course to aid them. Jorvin out. =/=

"I hope you get here soon Captain, we're loosing shields fast." Livia said, now sitting at the helm controls.

"Uhm Captain" Henk said after the conversation ended. " Did I hear that right. Did they said that they where attacked by the Borg? If so, We are in alot of trouble. This Runabout is not build for combat."

"All we know Ensign is that its a Vulcan Vessel that may have been enhanced with Borg technology". With those words she spun around to face T'Arjia.
"Any thoughts Ensign?"
She was looking intently at the Vulcan Officer infront of her, hopeing that she had some answersas to what was happening.

T'Arjia mad been busilly looking through the runabout's historical database, hoping to find a match, when Captain DeVour had questioned her. She looked up and raised an eybrow. "I may have something, Captain. There is a similar report dating back to the 22nd century of a shuttle being captured ans enhanced by, according to one pysician, cybernetic hybrids with a group conciousness. I believe they were Borg, and so are these"
She breifly turned back to her consol and scrolled through some information. "However, if this follows the same pattern, then the Vulcn ship will still be largly of the basic design, with most of it's flawsstill exploitable." She looked back at Beverly. "Well. In theory anyway, Captain"

Thomas sat quietly in the back of the shuttle, doing his best not to stare at the pilots console up in the front. He hated being in the back, and as sure as he was that Ensign O'Brien was competent pilot, he especially hated not being at the helm. The runabout could work in their advantage, he thought. It was small; manoeuvrable. If it came down to it, they still had enough bodies to assist in boarding parties. Not to mention a back-up pilot. Damn it, he wanted to be up front.

Leanne listened to the sounds of what was coming over the comm system and started to turn a slight shade of green, it was bad enough she was back on the runabout, but now they where going into battle with something that sounded like was taking on a full fledged destroyer. What chance did they stand? The compartment seemed to be closing in around her and her chest felt like there was a 2 tonne weight sitting on it. She opened up her medkit and loaded a dose of anti anxiety medicine into the hypospray and injected herself.

"Captain I believe that I can reconfigure the weapons and shields a little bit and get us more power to both but not much." Jorvin said.

At this point, she would take anything she was given. "Get to it Mister Jorvin, just don't leave us shoirt of power for the other systems".
As she was talking, she noticed the Doctor sat near the back of the cockpit looking more than just a little anxious. With light steps she moved to stand beside her. "You OK Doc?"

Jorvin began working magic on the phasers order to gain more power. He managed to get a 5% increase in power.

Leanne looked up at Beverly, the medicine had already started to take effect. "I'll be fine I think, this will be the first combat I will be involved in so I'm a little nervous to say the least. I took some medicine so I should be ok." The doctor hastily put the hypospray back into the medkit. "I'll be one hundred percent should there be any medical emergencies. I'm just a bit scared that is all, if we where on Genesis, I'd feel better about things." She didn't want to look like a fool in front of everyone.

Beverly was trying to hide the fear behind her eyes, but felt that at this moment it was appropriate to allow some of that fear to show. "You and me both Doc. I haven't flown into combat as the Commanding Officre yet".
She gently squeezed her Doctors shoulder, lending some support, any support in the unsettling time.


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