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A chat

Posted on Sat Feb 22nd, 2014 @ 6:40am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Location: Infirmary

Jrez woke feeling wretched. Both muscles and joints ached, more so than they should have from running. He tried to sit up but couldn’t. At first he thought it was muscle fatigue but then he felt bands around his wrists and ankles and across his chest. He was restrained.

He called out but no-one answered. He yell this time; louder, more insistent. It brought the same lack of response. He struggled at the restaints but it was no use; they held him fast.

He sank back down on the biobed, angry and frustrated.

After a moment, Marshal Wolf Bannister appeared in the doorway. His face worked very briefly before he said, "Howdy Chief. Let me guess....You got a dose of the bug going around?"

“Go away,” Jrez said, snarling. “Leave me alone.”

He would have rolled over and turned his back to Bannister had he not been restrained. He turned his head away instead. It was not a satisfactory compromise.

"Come on Chief....I know you're frustrated. I got tossed around like a rag doll in that bar. You think that makes me happy?"

“I just got a letter from a former lover with a photo of her new baby,” Jrez countered. “To rub salt into the wound, she’s wearing her Imperial Guard uniform. That really puts me on top of the world.” His voice had shifted from anger to maudlin self-pity in the space of a few heartbeats.

“When do they get around to running blood tests around here?”

Wolf decided to drop all pretense here and blurted out, "Of the two women I care for most in this crap galaxy, one is baby sitting me because of this fucking bug and the other has her skinny ass on the line risking life and limb because of the same. I am NOT about to whistle zippedy do dah out of my anus right now, as the old Earth saying goes. I really wish we were both in a better boat right now but, shit happens sailor. We both have the same damned orders right now. To kick the damned virus and get back to where we aught to be. Feeling sorry for ourselves is not going to do do the trick. Do I make myself clear?"

Jrez strained at the restraints, trying to get at this foul mouthed, self-important fool who dared to lecture him. He took no notice of rank, he just wanted to lash out.

No sooner had the fit taken him than it was gone. He settled back on the bed, hot and sweating. “Alright,” he said, “I’ll wait.”

With a nod, the Marshal said, "Computer...Request blood check for Chief Jrez effective immediately. Security code Zed Beta Foxtrot Two One Five."

The computer beeped a positive response, "Someone will be here shortly. I have a fair idea of how you feel so I added a bit of a fire under their tail, if that helps you feel better."


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