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Puzzle Pieces

Posted on Fri Mar 21st, 2014 @ 7:02am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Location: Sickbay

Soraya and Wolfric walked into the Medlab where Nick and Doctor Morrissey were working at two terminals.

"Gentlemen, do we have any data from the plague victim's neural scans?" Soraya asked.

"Computer, graph known data now," Morrissey said. The information began to appear on the screen.

"Recent virology and neurology for Chief Jrez," Soraya added. The doctors looked at the results, then at each other.

"I'll talk to him."

"Thanks Rob, we will need him on this as well," Soraya said softly. He nodded and left the room.

"Well there's the data, it does appear that the serotonin levels are involved in blocking the plague virus from replicating in brain tissue," the doctor said quietly.

Jrez appeared at the doorway with Morrissey. “I’ve been thinking about the plague,” he said to Soraya. “This is going to sound crazy but I think strong emotions have something to do with it. I was distressed by the news from Thalal but really pleased for her as well. Then I went out on a long run and that always puts me on a high. Commander Bannister is in love. Yes, I’ve seen the way you make eyes at each other when you think no-one’s watching. The Tzenkethi just escaped from slavery and nearly got killed in the attempt so I imagine their endorphin levels are escalated. I have nothing to go on; it’s just intuition. It doesn't explain Lieutenant O'Riely, for example. Still, I’d like to pursue it.”

"Well, I can't and will not argue with the emotion factor. It's apparently acted as a blockade in some circumstances to stop the virus from entering the brain, from what I understand as a combat trained EMT. It seems to common to even come close to dismissing. There are obvious immunity factors like myself and Mr. O'Riely. There has to be a way to mix the combination of factors of biochemicals and biological defenses in common between everyone who survived somehow I'd think," Wolf said from the back of the group. "We've got some pieces to the puzzle it seems to cure this viral issue. It's a matter of putting the pieces together and hoping it's enough....Right?"

"How do you make someone feel love?" Soraya asked softly. "We do have medications that can induce serotonin production."

“Again, I’m speculating here,” Jrez said, “but I don’t think the emotion itself is the key. Rather, it’s the reaction that emotion triggers. In a way I still love Thalal but it wasn’t love I was feeling at that moment. And while I love running, again, it wasn’t love I was feeling. Anyway,” he added with a dry chuckle, “I doubt anything could make our Captain feel love.”

Wolf fought back a chortle, resulting in an unprofessional snort. He recovered by saying, "Endorphins. Working out, falling in love. There are some similar chemical results between the two as I recall. Between the related chemical release and a strong immune system...Relationship?"

The Marshall looked at Soraya questioningly. There were other things he wanted to say but were not appropriate and he kept them in check.

"They used to call it the 'love drug' because of the association with feelings of love and protectiveness, and there are many activities which result in increased serotonin production as well," the doctor said. She looked at Wolf as a slow smile spread across her face, and gave him a wink. "Cardio exercises in particular." She shook her head to dispel the thought. "I would like to try dosing our worst cases with a synthetic serotonin to see if we get a positive immune response."

"You're the doc....I'm just a ground pounder with a badge with a bit of EMT and pilot training who tossed out a crazy idea," Bannister said with a slight but warm smile followed by a subtle wink directed at the Doctor. "Happily, my crazy ideas usually turn out better than not mind you."

"I don't see how there could be negative side effects, the only reason we rarely use serotonin is that it can become addictive. I would like to try it on the human victims in post-op, that's where we've kept the comatose." Soraya began to type at a terminal. "We'll start with two cc's and monitor response with viral load counts every ten minutes. Let's see if we can kick this thing once and for all."

Wolf nodded, "Well, there are ways to cure addiction. Hopefully it won't be necessary though." He shrugged and said, "If we do not have any better ideas so far, I reckon we should run with it until we find out if it works, doesn't work or we come up with something better."


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