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A way out

Posted on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Lissan zh'Zarath

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Disused part of DS12

Lights flickered on and off in the section where the injured woman was. She had no idea where she was only that she was trapped here and the only one who had known anything about it was dead.

She got up and walked around her head ached intolerably again and she knew she needed medical help. At least it had stopped bleeding but she was so thirsty where could she find a drink here among all this rubble.

The woman walked up the stairs and into one of the rooms. Dim lights illuminated overturned chairs and a desk covered in layers of dust. She opened cupboards and drawers and found nothing until the final bottom drawer.

There was a bottle containing some clear liquid, she unscrewed the top and sniffed the contents. It smelled strong and alcoholic, brandy she thought. Fine for cleaning her head wound, wouldn't do any harm to have a drink of it. She had a couple of swallows before she put the top back on the bottle, she might have to make it last.

It sated her thirst and soothed her parched throat but she would have to find water soon. After searching the few rooms that were there she made her way back down the steps. There was nothing to help her there. She looked up at the ceiling, there was a large hole. Could they have fallen through there?

She heard the skittering of tiny feet and a sort of squeaking noise. A Cardassian vole scurried across her path.

Her eyes followed the creature as it darted on a predetermined path. Then it stopped suddenly and reached up on its back legs. sniffing the air as if it knew that it was being watched. A moment later it was gone leaving her thinking that if it got in then there was a way out.

She got to her feet and swayed slightly, her vision blurred from either the effect of the alcohol or her head injury, perhaps both. The vole had headed for the rubble strewn area to the right but when she had checked it before it was blocked with debris and wreckage. She was just in time to see the vole disappear through a hole.

I can get out, she thought. I just have to get past the rubble and I can get out.

A small smile appeared at the corners of her mouth just as the lights flickered once and went out.

She swallowed hard, fighting down a rising panic. She felt hot and feverish as if someone had raised the temperature around her. I have to get out of here, she said out loud. Can't stay trapped here forever.

She ran her fingers through her hair as if that would somehow clear her thoughts. All it did was make her head feel worse.

Stepping a few paces forward she came up against the wall of rubble that she had seen earlier. Feeling her way along the bottom right hand side of the debris, she managed to find the hole that the creature had gone through. It was nothing more than a mere hands width across.

Lights flickered on and off like lightning as she reached in the hole to feel how deep it was. She didn't think that the vole might still be in there until her arm was almost halfway through. Her father had always said that she rushed into things first without thinking of the consequences. Luckily enough she didn't come across it and after another inch or so her hand finally touched an open space.

An arm's length of rubble, that's all she would have to remove but she would have to be careful; she didn't want the whole lot falling upon her.

She gradually started peeling away at the debris. Her fingers became sore as some of the edges were sharp and cut into her skin. She just needed enough space for her body to squeeze through.

She wiped away at the sweat that covered her face. Moments ago she was cold and now she was hot, her head began to ache again but all she could do was ignore it. She didn't know who she was or where she was but she was urgent to be free of this place. It smelled of death and destruction the sooner she was out of here the better. Someone past this rubble would know who she was. She took another drink out of the bottle.

As the hole got bigger, she began to hear noises from the other side. They were eerie, moaning noises.

She told herself it was just the whirring of engines of some kind, maybe atmospheric scrubbers or waste processors. They were echoing and reverberating which leant the strange edge to them.

She pushed thoughts of the supernatural to the back of an already fevered mind and went back to work.

She felt so tired and dehydrated. It would be so easy just to give up now and sleep. Her whole body ached but how could she stop now when she was almost there. There were people on the other side, she could hear them. Only just a bit further, she called out....


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