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Hell Hath No Fury, Part One

Posted on Wed Jul 15th, 2009 @ 10:38pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

The runabout was shaking wildly as the pilots worked both engines and console in perfect unison, coaksing ever last milliwatt of power out of the engines core, and then routing it to the nacelles that were now straining under the pressure. Beverly had taken a seat at the science station, having sent all but Tace, Henk and Thomas to the rear to suit up ready for boarding either the station or the Husky, which ever was more in need.

"Are the weapons ready Tace?", Beverly looked over to her friend sat at the tactical console and then allowed her gaze to rove the bridge. T'Arjia at ops, not showing the slightest bit of emotion. Henk, so focused on his piloting that nothing else seemed to be permeating his world. and finally Jenkins who was working on the power systems and propulsion systems, trying to keep the ship going if not ease another point one of a warp speed out of the engines.

Leanne grabbed a phaser from the weapons locker in the back of the craft. She figured that if she was going into combat she was going to need a phaser as well as her medkit.

Livia looked out towards the menacing vessel infront of her. The Husky was taking serious damage and most of her crew were dead or injured. She was now controlling both helm and tactical, but she hadn't touched either system in a very long time and was fighting a loosing battle. Not to the Borg...not like this

Beverly watched as the Husky, and the immensse Jupiter Class Starbase came into view on the screen. The station was listing badley to starboard, and looked as if it might go into a slowly moving spiral. Thankfully only a Nebula was nearby, no planet to yank at it with gravity.

"Runabout Checkov to the Husky were coming in weapons hot". Flicking her gaze around to Tace she nodded, aknowledging the unspoken order to open fire. Neither needed more than that as the unspoken order was plaine.

Beverly tapped her combadge, "DeVuor to Jorvin. Prepare for transport. Were almost in range of the starbase. Secure the ops center. we will transport you onto the promonade.", she closed the link and returned her stern gaze to the main view screen. "Ensign Jenkins take the conn. Henk and Leanne, I want you with the away team".

"Captain" T'Arjia breifly looked up from her ops console. "I've run a quick scan of the attacking vessel. There is an EPS junction near the surface on the starboard side. Taking it out should dramatically reduce the ship's capability to fight back. At least, for a short while anyway"

"Excellent work T'Arjia. Now join the away team in the rear compartment, they may need you".
Beverly tapped the young Vulcan on the shoulder, relieveing her of duty in the cockpit. "I'll take over here Ensign".

T'Arjia nodded as she stood up, smoothing her uniform down before walking over to the weapons locker and taking out a phasor. Checking the power readout, she pressed a button, upping the damage output to kill. No need to take chances with Borg. Placing in her tactical belt, she lightly padded the other side, feeling the familiar form of her tricorder. Phasors may be the prefered tool for dipatching drones, but the tricorder would let her know when some are hidden nearby. Taking a deep breath, she prepared her mind for what was to come before moving through into the rear to join the away team

******************* Back of the Runabout **********************

Jorvin checked the power setting on his assault rifle, set it to kill and set the beam frequency to modulate. "Alright everyone I want your weapons set to kill and the beam set to modulate. This will allow us the highest number of kills against the Borg. Do not, I repeat NOT, fire upon a Borg unless you can dispatch of it in one hit. We cannot risk missing a kill zone. If a Borg survives they will adapt easier. We are beaming into the promenade, our primary goal is to regain control of the OPs center. We are to rescue anyone we can along the way." Jorvin looked around "Any questions?"

Ensign T'Arjia raised her hand after setting her phasor to a modulating frequency. "Is there a set route we are going to follow to reach OPs, or should we just head for the nearest turbolift?"

"The ideal route would be to head to the turbolift on the starboard side of the promenade but we have no idea what the station will look like on the inside until we get there. Our route will likely have to be made on the go."

"Sorry I'm late" Henk said as he walked in. he grabbed his sword and strapped it on his back.
"Ready to go."

********************* Cockpit *************************

"Standby Husky", Beverly voice was a lot stronger than she had thought it to be. "Prepare to drop us out of warp Jenkins, and Davian, drop the shields just long enough to transport the away team, then take us in. Battle stations".


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