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The Time has come

Posted on Fri Mar 21st, 2014 @ 3:11pm by Pardek & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Location: DS12

Pardek stood up in the center of the cargo bay that had become the refugee meeting hall. "The time has come. Starfleet is moving us."

One of the elders stood up and asked. "Where will we go now?"

"We are going to the Xartos System. Starfleet is currently rehabilitating the Starbase Ch'Areinnye and from there, they have promised to help us restore Xartos IV."

"But that's a dead planet and specifically that is deadly to anyone of Xartosian heritage. Does the Federation intend to finish what the Star Empire started?"

"There is a Federation corporation that is supposed to be able to remove the toxins from the planet. It is called FastForm. This will not be an easy road, but it is a path to a renewed life."

Someone else stood up, "I've heard that Starfleet is abandoning this space station. How will we be moved? Won't Starfleet's assets be tied up moving Starfleet from here to wherever they're going?"

Starfleet has contracted some private freighters to transport us. There will be a combination of a Federation and Klingon force providing security for the convoy."

"Klingons providing security for us? How much worse can our situation become?"

"It will be Klingons associated with the House Matlh. The House Matlh has always had good relations with the Romulans."

"Yeah, but we're exiles, good relations with the Romulans does not necessarily mean good relations with us."

"And that is why there is the part of the security force that will be Starfleet."

"We are just supposed to trust Starfleet that they are going to take us where they say they are?"

Pardek sighed. "At the moment, they could send us anywhere they want and there is not a thing we could do about it. If they take us where they say they are going to and help us as they have promised, then we will be able to start becoming a power on our own. But, at least in the short term, we are at their mercy."

There were several grunts of assent from the crowd.

"If there are no other questions, we will adjourn." Pardek wasn't certain that he had become the de facto leader of the refugees, but life didn't always deal you the hand that you wanted. It was going to be a long road. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, they would be successful.


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