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A meeting after the meeting

Posted on Mon Mar 24th, 2014 @ 11:51am by Pardek

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

The meeting might be over but that didn’t mean all concerns were resolved.

“We’re not all Xatosans here,” a man pointed out. He was probably past middle aged and going to fat. The word Xatosan was enunciated with distinct distaste.

The statement brought mumbled agreement from those gathered around him. They were a group of maybe thirty which had stayed behind while the rest of those assembled left.

“What arrangements are being made for those of us who don’t choose to go to that gods benighted planet?” he asked rhetorically.

This time the responses were more voluble. Yes, tell us and Send us back to Romulan space greeted the man’s question.

“No use talking to Pardek though,” a woman said. “He only has ears for his fellow Xantosans.”

Scum, Rebels, Traitors greeted this sally.

“So what do we do, go talk to Harrison?” someone asked.

The man spat. “What use is that? He thinks the sun shines out of Pardek’s arse. He thinks Pardek is the only one around here who can get this rabble moving. No, we organise the real Romulans. When the time’s right we’ll take over the convoy and get it to go where it really should be going; to Romulus.”

That’s right, Let’s do it and similar sentiments were the response. The man smiled. These people were like sheep but he could use them. It was what he was trained to do; it was what the Tal Shiar was set up to do. In his opinion, Romulans generally were like sheep for all their aggressive nature. Get them together and point them in the right direction and it was amazing what you could get them to do.


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