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Staff Meeting

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:57am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Lieutenant Zhjaeve stood near the head of the table, watching the senior staff trickle into the room and take their respective seats. It would be the first of what promised to be many of such meetings of the Genesis crew.

"Before we begin the meeting proper, I would like to address all of you," began Zhjaeve.

"As you know, I am Lieutenant Zhjaeve, Executive Officer of this USS Genesis. This is my first posting as an executive officer, and I look forward to working with all of you on our journey on board. That being said, I know that some of you are less than enthusiastic about my placement here, in light of the tragic demise of the Genesis's previous commanding and executive officers."

He allowed for a brief moment for that to settle in. "That being said, this is a Starfleet vessel, a subject of the United Federation of Planets. This is a military ship, and there are rules and regulations that must be followed. While I enjoy and relish the camaraderie and working relationships I have formed, and will continue to form, those fall secondary to carrying out the mission of Starfleet and the UFP. There is a certain level of respect I expect from you now, and I understand the rest will develop over time. Let it be known now that my expectations are high for each and every one of your, as well as those under your supervision. I, personally, will pass no preferential judgment for or against any member of this crew, despite their previous assignment."

"That said, my door is always open, to any of you or your subordinates. I am always willing to lend an ear to your concerns, and serve as the voice of the crew to the Commander herself. This all said, I return the meeting to the Commander. Thank you," he concluded, taking his seat.

She looked around at the faces look to her. The faces of her crew. She had to lead them, and that fact hadn't sunk in until this moment. Her mouth went suddenly dry.

"Well, lets start the meeting by greeting the new members of our family", she looked at each of the new arrivals in turn. "Doctor Wiseman, Lieutenant K'Tan and Ensign O'Leahey", she took a sip of the water in front of her while she waited for the chatter to die down.

Kristina looked at each one in turn as Beverly indicated to them. She gave them a stiff nod in return and the briefest of smiles.

K'Tan looked at Zhjaeve and nodded a little as he listened. For now he would not speak, only listening for now. The Klingon's rather gruff demeanor obvious, but he respected authority and would not speak unless he was needed to.

Mike looked at Podi and signaled a "P&M clap", that they had formulated so that they could clap without anyone knowing, this was usually done out of the visual area of the involved people. They made good speeches, quite worth the need to use status of their signals.

Podi clapped back as a sign that he had received Mike's signal. It clearly worked as no one looked and no one appeared to notice.

Mike winked to Podi as he looked back to Kristina then to Beverly and then Zhjaeve "... Any assignments from the bosses yet?"

"We do in fact have our first assignment", Beverly took a moment to look around the room. Still feeling grateful to Kristina for what she had done in the Ready Room shortly before this. "Starfleet Command have assigned us to investigate the disappearance of the colony ship West Ridge. It has been out of contact for almost three weeks now".

Thinking to herself Kristina was a touch relieved that mission sounded rather gentle and straight forward. Ideal for a Commander with doubts. Finding West Ridge should be relatively easy considering the specifications the Genesis boasted. Hopefully things will go that smoothly too, but past experience wouldn't allow her to have that complete luxury of certainty.

Mike leaned into the table looking at Beverly "That sounds exciting..." he said with the slightest touch of enthusiasm.

"Put also potentially dangerous," intervened Zhjaeve. "It is not typical for a colony ship to drop off of the map, so to speak. It would be prudent to assume there is an element of hostility."

Mike found something appealing about it all now, he subtly nodded to Zhjaeve and looked at the other people around the table.

"The colony ship was en route to a class M planetoid. All we know about the planet is that there was a smattering of ruins across the surface, indicating a dead civilization", Beverly was scanning the room, and she found her nerves were beginning to subside. It wasn't as bad as she had though taking the center seat. "Starfleet wants us ready for anything. Mason and Lake, I want you two too work together on preparing the ship for anything. Mister Wesdon, I want you too keep the ship running as it has been and make sure that the defensive systems are ready to go", she looked over at her Chief Medical Officer.
"Doctor, I don't have to tell you what we need off you. All I will say is that there were over five hundred colonists on the West Ridge, its going to push our facilities to the max, you have authorization to take over what ever space you need".
Finally she looked over to her XO and Conn officer. "I would like you two too keep an eye on the bridge, make sure we don't have any problems and coordinate the other sections".

Kristina nodded curtly at her orders silently groaning to herself that she would be working closely with Lake. A tiny section of his attitude had fallen away but the spine she thought she had witnessed earlier still had to develop.

Mike had pretty mixed emotions about it... would working with her be good or bad? He again subtly nodded, this time to Beverly. He popped his ego bubble in his imagination, the last thing he wanted was a confrontation between him and Mason, he had to work with her for god sake, and he didn't want to get stuck in many awkward moments.

As Mark sat in his chair listening to his crewmates, he started to feel a wave of excitement fill his soul. This was his first major posting, and he couldn’t wait to get underway. “Just let me at the conn,” he thought to himself. Mark looked around at all the faces in the room. All seemed like strong officers that he felt confident serving with.

Bree felt that this was the time to speak up "I just feel the need to point out that if we do indeed have wounded on the scale of a colony vessel, we will not be able to handle them all. I have not the staff nor the space to care for everyone."

K'Tan finally spoke with his deep voice, standing up slowly "While the disappearance of a Colony vessel may not be the cause of perhaps an incident with another ship as Mission Advisor and Chief Strategic Operations Officer I would suggest performing a deep scan of the system. I will gather probe data and divide the system itself into grids we can use as a tactical advantage. I will not allow a potential aggressor to catch this ship from behind. I will have the tactical analysts and we'll work on solutions on protecting the ship. Also a scan, a deep scan of the planetoid's surface is of crucial importance... that is what comes from the Strategic department", he smiled at the other officers and retook his seat, waiting for replies.

"All of that is standard procedure Mister K'Tan" Beverly said. "However, the planet has a high level of atmospheric interference that doesn't allow deep sensor scans. However, we will be sending a fully armed away team."
She looked at her first officer, "Lieutenant, that will be your responsibility. Take down a full team off your choice and report back in. If the situation is safe then we can send down more teams to assist in the search".
Then she turned back to the Doctor. "We'll have to cope as best we can, Starfleet can't afford to send any other ships at the moment".

Kristina apreicated the Klingon's thoughts on the safety of the ship but considered them a little unnecessary at the moment in time. As for the away team she knew that would have come in due time using as many spare hands as possible giving the limited numbers the Genesis was currently supporting. There was still a great number of jobs that needed completing before an away team could be drafted. If the ship was in potential danger as Mr K'Tan suggested Kristina would do her utmost to ensure the ship was to be as secure and ready for any eventuality.

"Well", Beverly looked at each in turn, it hadn't been as bad as she had thought handing out the orders. "You know what you have to do, lets get to it".


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