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Hell Hath No Fury, Part Two

Posted on Sat Jul 18th, 2009 @ 4:35pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

"General, we've lost our shields!" is all Livia heard before she saw a few green shimmers of light appear throughout the upper deck. "Don't let them touch you!" She screamed as she dropped the two Borg in the cockpit with very accurate phaser blasts. She hastily tapped the comm "Captain DeVour, whatever you've got planned, it had better happen soon or there may not be any of us left!"

Ensign Tace Davian nodded as he received his orders and prepared to drop the shields for the away team. He kept his left hand over the console, ready to carry out the command while wiping the sweat from his right palm on his trousers before switching hands again. This was his first ever combat engagement and it was right what his instructor said. No amount of training would ever truly prepare you for the real thing.

His first instinct was to reach into his pocket and pull out one of his cigarettes, but something told him the action would not be too well received in the cramped space of the Runabout cockpit. The fear was more overwhelming than he imagined it would be in the Academy. Though Tace could remember quite clearly the last time he was stricken with this much anxiety. It was over seven years ago in an Alpha Centauri night club, as an average, frustrated, chump with dreams of one day being a competent pickup artist. He remembered, embarrassingly, the first time he approached a group of beautiful women; he froze up multiple times as he tried to open a conversation with them. For some reason, that experience was so terrifying to him at the time, that he told himself 'I'd rather square off with a legion of Borg drones than do this!'........... In hindsight the Universe had a severely messed up sense of humor....

Henk steered the Runabout closer into range.
"We are nearly in position."Henk said. "The station is taking heavy damage. We have to do something."

Henk was right. The Husky was losing shields and the station was no doubt overrun; it was go time. Closing the casing over the guts of the warp drive in the back, Thomas quickly jumped to his feet and made for the front to take the helm as the Captain had instructed. Reaching out with his right hand he grabbed the handle of a weapons locker and interrupted his movement by pulling himself towards it, opening it in the same motion and nearly slamming into the wall in the quick movement. Hardly even taking a moment to look inside he grabbed a phaser with each hand, slammed the door with his elbow, and took off towards the cockpit again. The ensign did his best to set the phasers to a modulating kill setting while dodging through the crowd of people all preparing for their own respective tasks.

He slowed down as he reached the front of the cockpit, inching past the Captain as she took her seat at the science station behind the pilot's chair. Henk was still sitting at the helm, while meanwhile the away team was nearly ready to go. As a pilot he could understand; it would be difficult to leave your Captain alone in a runabout knowing you wouldn't be there to steer her clear of the dangers. He understood mostly because a reasonable part of him was glad he'd be doing the piloting - for the same reasons. Holstering one phaser, he put his arm on Henk's shoulder to take his attention away from the helm and passed him the second already programmed phaser. "I've got this, Sir. The away teams about to leave without you." He said in his most reassuring tone. The runabout was in good hands.

Beverly looked around and found that Henk was still deeply ensconced in piloting. "Ensign O'Brien, your needed on the away team. Jenkins, Davian and myself can handle this. Go, they need you".

Henk stood up and let Thomas take his seat.
"Keep them safe." HEnk said as he laid his hand on his shoulder.
He walked back and starded to get ready.

Thomas took the helm, looking over and nodding at Tace beside him. The ensign was a confident man, but he looked slightly off. Thomas on the other hand, in a sick sort of way, was loving the whole situation. His last assignment was a starbase out in the middle of nowhere, and within hours of taking his new assignment he was rummaging through destroyed Klingon ships and taking on the Borg. He was in his element in combat, and his handling of the helm in those situations was probably the only reason he'd kept his commission for last seven years. He had faith in his new friend, and chose to ignore any doubts. The two seemed to have a lot in common, and he knew Tace would come to love the action before long. "Those transporters are going to have to be quick work, Tace. I'm gunning straight for that EPS Junction while we still have the element of surprise. Can we do it on the move?" He asked, knowing full well the Ensign was more than capable, but perhaps saying it would help.

Tace could tell from the tone of Thomas' voice that he was giving off that bad rookie vibe at the wrong time. "I'm ready, man" he stated as a means of reassuring those around him as well as himself. Though his role at the moment was minor, it was still an essential cog in the plan's machine. He was partly grateful that the only thing required of him at the moment was to push a button.

"Standby to drop out of warp", the moment seemed to drag out to Beverly, inexorably stretching out until it felt like time had stopped. "Now!".
Beverly snapped the order, not wanting it to be missed in the confusion.

"Aye sir." Thomas swept his has over the console, leaving one finger hovering over a button. "Here we go!" Disengaging the warp drive, the shuttle pulled out of its warp field into the mess of ships. Thomas cursed under his breath. They were on the port side of what was left of the Vulcan ship - the EPS console they needed to hit was on the opposite side. He'd get them there.

"Well that dog won't hunt" Tace stated, coining the phrase from his father whenever plan A wasn't an immediate option. Tace took a deep breath and waited eagerly to drop the shields whenever Jenkins got the shuttle on the right side of the Vulcan vessel.

Thomas deactivated the runabout's automated piloting system and took manual control of the thrusters and impulse engines. He quickly overrode the computer's warnings before they had a chance to give him any trouble - he wasn't about to let the computer's interpretation of 'safe parameters' to stop the runabout from getting where it needed to be in a pinch. As the shields came down Thomas threw the runabout into a dive towards the Vulcan vessel, remaining at impulse speed. Focusing on each aspect of the runabout's movements, he was oblivious to the transport process. He didn't notice the away team beam away, nor the two borg that appeared in the center of the cockpit during the second the shields were down.

Her mind was now racing, following the stream of data that flew across the science station in a flash of activity. It had been almost three months since she had last been near a science station as a science officer, but it all came flooding back, like riding a bike.
A glimmer of green caught her eye, just off to her left and with a sideways glance she cast her eyes over. It took a second or two to realize that two large Borg Drones had transported in at exactly the same time as the away team had dematerialized.

With a shout of panic, she flung herself over to the wall mounted weapons holder fumbling at the lock to open it. Why hadn't she armed herself like the rest of the crew.
Finally her fingers clawed open the locker, and it felt like an eternity. One of the drones was starting to reach for Ensign Jenkins, while the other was making a beeline for her.
With a steady a hand as possible, she let go a burst of phaser fire. The first shot went wide, cascading off of the replicator on the wall. Her second shot however caught the drone square in the throat. In a tumble of arms and metal appendages he went down, trembling as the energy of the blast ripped apart his windpipe.

Hearing his Captain's shouts and the sound of phaser fire, Thomas threw his hands from the controls, grabbing his phaser and whipping around in his seat. The remaining borg was nearly on him; one hand on the back of his seat and the other moving towards his neck. Thomas fired only a split second after Tace, and the two officers' phaser blasts together completely disintegrated the threat. With no one on the manual controls, the runabout was now vibrating. With a quick glance to ensure the Captain was still in one piece, and an appreciative nod in Tace's direction, Thomas retook control of the ship and quickly stabilized the craft. The manual controls were risky, but he was about to need them.

The runabout whizzed past the starboard side of the Vulcan ship's belly, too close now for the borg to lock phasers. "Hold on!" Thomas hollered out to the recovering members of the crew. He cut the impulse engines rather than gradually decreasing their power and engaged the aft and dorsal thrusters in full, causing the hull to creak as the craft essentially hit the bottom of its dive and the nose turned upwards as the runabout continued on its path; slowing. As the runabout's rear end inched forward until the ship was upside-down and now facing the direction they came from, Thomas re-engaged the impulse engines and launched the runabout forward; back towards the enemy. Deactivating the thrusters that were active, he kicked in the port side thrusters, sending them into a barrel-roll. As they approached the hull he fired the starboard thrusters to balance out the runabout. As the spinning ended and the runabout was left upside-right, the angry warning lights on the console began to dim. As they skimmed along the Vulcan hull, Thomas called out to the Captain. "We're coming up on the EPS conduit now." Hopefully the crew wasn't prone to space-sickness. What a rush! He liked this assignment already - hopefully he lived long enough to continue on with it.

Beverly had pulled herself back into the science station, her hands still trembling from the encounter with the Drone. But her voice was still steady and filled with a confidence that inwardly she didn't feel.
"Hold fire until the last possible moment Tace. We want to make sure we have a direct hit, we may not get a second chance".

Her next move was to open a channel to the Husky. "General, were about to try and even the odds a little. Be prepared to open fire with what ever you have left".

Livia could barely hear the Captain over the Borg attempting to bash down the door to the cockpit. She was bleeding pretty bad from a wound on her arm, and was preparing herself for what was on the other side of the door. Livia had been training in different sword fighting techniques, and managed to grab her sword before retreating back to the cockpit. Phasers were useless, and there was no certainty that her weapon would do any good, but it was better then doing nothing. "Captain DeVour, I'll give you everything the Husky has left, but I've got about 5 Borg that are about to break into this cockpit, and I'm almost positive the rest of my crew is either dead or assimilated. Whatever you are going to do needs to happen now."

Two things now had to happen. Firstly they had to finish off the Borg ship, and secondly the small crew that was left had to get over to the Husky, and start helpping the General clear out the Borg over there.
"Fire Ensign Davian".

With nothing but pure adrenaline running through him, Tace almost fired before the command was given. He managed to focus himself however, and maintain discipline. The Borg duo that boarded earlier had him rattled, and he was shocked that the first time he shot at anything moving came so soon after his graduation from the Academy, though he had no time to dwell on it and replay it in his head. He was eternally grateful however, that his training had kicked in and not his fear. With two quick keystrokes he fired off a volley to the Vulcan ship and held his breath, praying internally that his first shots at Tactical would connect as well as his first shots against the Borg Drone.

Thomas glanced up at the viewscreen as the runabout made the standard, near-silent clicking noise during the firing of two of its four micro torpedos. The two glowing balls of hope were only visible on the screen for a few seconds, as the runabout was practically on top of its target before they fired. For a moment Thomas considered changing course to avoid the fallout, but even if he'd thought it was worth it there wouldn't have been time. Unlike phasers, the projectiles tore through the freakish vessel's shields; Tace's shots hit right on target. The first torpedo ripped through the hull beneath the shields, sending sparks and scrap metal flying through space. Before the first torpedo even had a chance to detonate, the second thankfully made it through their shields just as easily, connecting with the now exposed EPS conduit half-buried in the mess of smouldering metal. This time, the contact ignited the plasma running through the conduit, and the port-side of the vulcan ship erupted into an enormous explosion - lighting up space, and damn near blinding the runabout's pilot. Thomas held his breath as the crew's tiny vessel flew straight into the growing explosion, hiding the stars on the viewscreen for a moment. As their runabout barrelled through the other side of the mushroom cloud of flames almost completely unscathed, he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He has no doubt they'd make it through, but it just seemed appropriate.

Taking his eyes off the screen and focusing back on his console, Thomas made some room between them and the vulcan/borg hybrid vessel, switching the viewscreen to a rear view in the process. Although he no longer had his eyes on the screen, he knew what it would show; what happened when an EPS conduit was detonated. To anyone else on board, the sight was a definite boost in morale. A smouldering, gaping hole now occupied the area of space the EPS conduit once did, and before the unexpected explosion was contained, the exploding plasma fires had spread through a considerable portion of the ship's port-side through the plasma conduits. Entire decks could now be peered into, and space was now littered with debris and floating drones. The ship wasn't destroyed, but it had definitely taken a crippling blow. Crippling at least, for the moment. It wouldn't take the borg long to set their priorities and begin repairs. Thomas set a course in the direction of the Husky and prepared to bring the runabout around. He was all for another pass at the borg, but there were other things to consider - and it wasn't his call.

"Actions, Captain?" He asked, with a slight hint of pride in his voice; that had gone much better than he’d hoped.

Bring us within range of the Husky Ensign, and both arm yourselves", she then turned back to the communications panel and hit a few controls calling up a connection with the Husky. "General were coming aboard, we will transport directly to your bridge. Standby".

"You better hurry Captain, this door can't hold much longer!"


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