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Posted on Tue Apr 15th, 2014 @ 1:44pm by Pardek

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Captain's office and SS YanLang

Harrison picked up the status report that had just been delivered to him. It could have been sent electronically but he liked to receive such things physically. Call me old fashioned, he thought, but I get to see people and put names to faces. Anyway, having to actually enter the Captain’s office and hand the report over lends a layer of responsibility to the duty which merely firing it off electronically could never achieve.

The convoy was finally ready to depart. Setting aside all the technical details and minutiae which such reports tended to be full of, that was the bald summation of its contents.

=^=Harrison to Pardek. Good luck and Godspeed. It’s a long voyage to Deep Space 14 and likely to be a boring one. I trust you have packed plenty of things to keep yourself entertained.=^=

Pardek reflected on how he had become the de facto leader of the refugees. It came down to luck. If he hadn't been off Romulus negotiating a new trade partner, then he would be dead along with the rest of his family. Now here he was leading refugees to a new home. Harrison's transmission brought him back to the present. =^=Thank you, Captain. I, too, am hoping for a boring voyage.=^=


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