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Regaining the Starbase

Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2009 @ 1:29pm by Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Ensign Jason Morris

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

Jorvin and his team materialized in the promenade of the Station. There were Borg drones all over doing various thing. Several Starfleet personnel were in various stages of assimilation, beyond hope. "Don't shoot" Jorvin ordered. "They will ignore us until the perceive us as a threat."

Leanne looked in horror at the drones. This was the first time she had actually seen the borg and they where ghastly beyond description. "What exactly are we going to do? I don't suppose they have an off switch?" She whispered to the rest of the group?

Henk losses his grip on his sword.
"No, the only way to shut them down is to kill them." Henk said. "But you know what happends then. We are overrrun with Borg."
He picked up his tricorder and took some scannes.
"There a few pockets of normal lifesings left. The rest are all borg. They seem to be in different places of this station, like they locked them self up."

"Stay calm. We will work our way to the Ops center carefully and quietly." Jorvin said.

Leanne took out her tricorder and began to scan the area. She tried to focus as much as she could on the task at hand but she couldn't help but look at her surroundings. One of the newly assimilated crew members that was milling about looked to be about her age. The cybernetic implants that now poked out of the girls skin looked grisly. She wanted to go over and try to help but knew it would be suicide. Without realizing it, Leanne moved slightly closer to Henk.

Henk walked slowly towards the an turbolift. He stopped at an corner and looked around.
"I see one turbolift, we only have one problem." he whispered to his group.
He mentioned to the borg that are working in the corridor.
"We don;t have mutch space."

T'Arjia had started scanning on her tricorder as soon as she had materialised, seeminly unfazed by all the Borg. Some were Vulcan, probably the crew of the old vessel, most most were Human. It seemed quite astonishing to her how quickly they assimilate. As soon as the 'problem' was announced, she put her tricorder away and stepped forward.

"It should be possable to move slowly past them without touching, but I can forsee another problem. What happens if they react to the opening turbolift? Logically, it would be far saferto find a less cramped turbolift corridor"

"There is another lift on the opposite end of the promenade." Jorvin said. "We will go that way. If it's to crowded we will have to take our chances."

henk slowly walked back with the rest of the group. He was looking at the tricorder as he scanned the path before him.
"I wish janeway was here right now." henk said

Jasmine watched the team intently from behind the protection of a air vent. She wanted to jump out there and get rescued, but at the same time, the air vent has been her safety for what felt like an eternity.
She slowly drew her phaser and set it to low stun, and cautiously opened the hatch, very slowly. She got behind a crate immediately after.

Henk looked at his tricorder and stood still. He looked at Jorvin and pointed at the crates behind them.
"One life sign." He whispered
Henk slowly drew his sword and looked around for any sing of an ambush.

Jasmine closed her eyes for a second to control herself; it was now do or die. She sprang up from behind the crate "Don't fire!" she shouted.

Jorvin twirled around and grabbed the woman, putting his hand over her mouth. "Quiet" he whispered into her ear. "We can't afforded to alarm the Borg." As soon as the woman quieted down he released her. "It's ok." he said. "I'm Captain Jorvin, thats all you need to know for now, follow me, you'll be introduced to the others and filled in on details as we go along." Jorvin proceeded along his path to the other turbo lift.

She rolled her eyes, knowing that these Borg and Borg in general were never alerted by shouting, more like shooting; she stayed quiet to appease the Marine, and his men. She holstered her weapon and continued on with them.

T'Arjia nodded once at the woman, acknowledging her presence before spinning round to keep an eye on the Borg they passed. She quietly admired their simplicity of operations. No talk, just what work needed to be done. She also wondered about just what the Borg would want with a starbase...

Henk put the sword back into it holster. He looked at the woman and then followed the rest of the group. He kept an eye on all the borg they passed. hHis mind worked overtime to figure out what they wanted with this starbase.
When they walked past an window Henk saw the stunts that the Runabout pulled off.
"Way to go Thomas." Henk whispered.

As they where walking towards their goal, Leanne leaned over to Jasmine. "Are you injured at all?" She didn't currently look like a Borg so that was reassuring. "Once we get to ops I can give you a quick scan."

Jasmine looked at the woman beside her, she seemed so farmilliar to her, but couldn't put the name to the face; or the person to the memory. 'Maybe a classmate at the academy?' she thought to herself. Jasmine smiled in any case, "Don't worry, I'm fine... just a little shaken up. But thanks." She said quietly

They turned the lat corner and saw the turbolift. There where only a handfull of borg in the corridor.
"This is way better" Henk whispered.
He slowly made his way to the turbolift.

The Vulcan quickly followed, tricorder out but ready to open fire with her phaser if the drones started to advance.

Jason came in and saw a borg ready to take ops center he got out his phaser and fired at the borg

Jorvin followed the others in. They made it into the turbolift safely and the lift took them to the OPs center to find one loan Ensign taking on a hoard of Borg. "Alright everyone fan out. Defend the Ensign and take OPs." Jorvin yelled. "O'brien and D'Ras you take the left side, Ulonova and Butler you take the Right."

Leanne grabbed Jasmine's arm and ran over the the right of the ops room and ducked behind one of the control panels. The entire place was crawling with borg. She offered her phaser over to Butler, "I'm a horrible aim and more likely to hit one of the others, take this."

"You know I already have one?" she pulled it out of her holster "You know you'll probably have to use that to save your own life."

Just as she said that a drone focused on the two of them. Leanne pointed the phaser and hit the drone in the chest. "Yeah I suppose you are right.."

Jorvin did a duck run shoot combo over a nearby console and made his way to the Ensign. Jorvin fired at a Borg about ready to shoot the Ensign, that Borg died but two more came. The first one died but the next had adapted. Jorvin slipped his assault rifle back into its holster and drew his mehk'leth. He swung it into the drones skull, killing it.

A single phasor shot, taking out an approaching drone was T'Arjia's response to the barked order. There seemed to be more and more of them moving out from alcoves and from behind equipment panels. A second shot took down another drone. Not as precise as the first, but then, she was a science officer, not security or a marine. Advanced combat training wasn't something she had done. But she did know something about anatomy. Another drone advaced on her and T'Arjia fired again, this time her shot going wide

henk fired two shot at two drones. Both drones went down in a rain of sparks. Henk saw a few Drones walking towards him. Henk fired another shot, but his shot was absorbed by the borg shields.
"Oh I hate you guys." Henk Said.
He drew his sword and prepared to fend of the Drones. He slowly made his way back to Jorvin.

as Jason was defending the ops center he realized that he was overrun by borg as he continued to fire at the borg he saw an officer with Marine captain pips coming towards him "thanks for the help sir"Jason said to Captain Jorvin

Jorvin threw a photon grenade at a lower power setting into a group of drones. The explosion killed them but didn't do much damage to the station. Jorvin destroyed yet another drone with his mehk'leth. That was the last of them. "Not a problem" He said to Jason to the others "Good job everyone. Now lets get the OPs center secured and under out command. We need to prepare for landing parties from the Checkov and possibly the Husky as well."

Aye captain "Jason said he got to his station and secured he called out "The intel station is secured" he said
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henk jumped towards the flight control station. His fingers ran over the display.
"Station is secure captain."Henk said. "We only have short range sensors."

Leanne looked around the now secured ops station. "Has anyone been injured?"

Moving over to one of the deactivated drones, T'Arjia pulled out her tricorder and performed a scan. Like a fair portion of the others, this one used to be a Vulcan. Seemingly happy with her scan, she looked up. "Doctor Ulonova. Could you assist me when you have a spare moment?"

Leanne looked around and then headed over to the Vulcan.

Jorvin took a seat in the the command chair and the activated the veiwscreen with a channel open to the Chekov.

=/=This is SB 611 to the Chekov please respond=/=

"This is the Checkov. Report Captain", Beverly voice filtered through the beaten communications station. Her voice broken by static.

=/= "We have the OPs center under control and are ready for you to beam in."=/= Jorvin replied.

"Acknowledged. Were going to try and take engineering, we'll beam in on the lower decks and we will contact you then. DeVuor out"

Jorvin sat back in the command chair and waited for further orders from the Captain.


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