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Posted on Sat May 10th, 2014 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa & Jillian Forst & Petty Officer 1st Class Vartog

Location: Promenade
Timeline: Late morning, station time

Wolf continued patrolling the promenade, which seemed excessive since things were winding down and he wasn't quite 100% but it had become part of his routine. Plus, it gave him a chance to stretch his legs and see some scenes other than his paperwork.

Being a Marshal, he was tied in with Securities frequency and heard Jillian's call. He muttered, "Aw shit."

Beep.... Beep.... Vartog heard the noise but it took a while for it to register in his bloodwine clouded brain.

He reached for his jacket and fumbled with the cloth to locate the commbadge. “Vartog,” he said.

=^=Security alert. Security Chief’s quarters.=^=

“On my way.”

Bannister wasn't far from Forst's location and b-lined it for the crime scene. For the moment it was a local matter outside of his jurisdiction but he could at least help Jill lock down the location until security and medical were on scene.

When Wolf got there, Jillian had moved outside the door keeping the site secured. "What the hell happened, Jill?"

Jill's head was still spinning, thinking of the possibilities of what had happened when Wolf snapped her back to reality. "I'm not sure yet. I've seen work like this before on some cases with hit-men that wanted to send a message, but at the same time who knows, could be the plague, could be any number of things. Got to request to go and find out if he was sleeping in, then walked into that blood bath." She stopped for a moment to rub her eyes; she hadn't even had coffee yet this morning. "A ton of people on the station were upset about the way he handled the lockdown, though I would have thought that they would have gone after Harrison first. I had to talk the merchants down from a riot once before."

"Damn. Yeah, not quite the end most of us would hope for. And I'm not sure that the lock down was an inconvenience worth a sentient's life...Obviously, someone thought differently," the Marshal said with a slight shake of the head.

Standing upright was an effort but Vartog managed it. His knees buckled but he righted himself. “Computer, lights.” He blinked furiously at the sudden illumination. “Raktajino. Double strong.” He downed the steaming cup in one go. It burnt as it went down his throat but he felt fortified and his head felt clearer. He pulled on his uniform then took his top off because he’d put it on back to front.

Soraya arrived a few minutes later with two medics in tow. She caught her breath when they walked into the Security Chief's quarters.

"Wait outside for a moment please," she said to her medics, who seemed only too happy to leave the room. "Marshall, Deputy," she said, nodding to them in turn. "Is there anything I need to know before we get started?"

Wolf shook his head before raising an eyebrow and giving the scene another once over, "Security should be here any moment. Until and if we get something that points otherwise, it's a local matter." He looked at Jillian, "Anything stand out, aside from the obvious, when you got here?"

"No forced entry, just a mess and our friend laying in the corner deceased." Jill gave the doctor a once over. "Nothing too out of the ordinary, just your run of the mill dead humanoid."

"Okay," Soraya said as the attractive blonde's eyes appraised her. She had a momentary feeling that she didn't measure up but shook it off just as quickly. "If you two will excuse us, we'll get started. Sanders, Maylor," she called. The medics appeared in the doorway. "We will transport the victim to Sickbay for physical evidence search and autopsy. We'll need to record and collect evidence here as well. Will Security be assisting us?"

Wolf's voice dropped into a bit of a growl and said, "If they're not here shortly, feel free to request the Captain light a fire under em.....they'd likely appreciate it more from him than me."

"I'm surprised they're not here already," the doctor said. "I don't want to transport the victim before Security gets a look around."

"Well, I guess the bright side is that he isn't going anywhere." Jill looked at the two in front of her. She was starting to get hungry. "Sooner I can get out of here the better really."

It seemed to take ages for Vartog to walk to the turbolift. Once inside, it felt unusually confined. Vartog drew deep breaths to calm himself and get his body working properly.

He tried his best to compose himself as he walked down the corridor to the Chief’s quarters. More deep breaths helped. He paused a moment at the doorway then walked in.

The stench hit him immediately. He felt like gagging but held it down. Now is your chance to impress, he reminded himself. It became a mantra as he forced himself to walk over to the body lying on the floor. It was all too much. He threw up. Standing there, leaning over the body, he threw up. Vomit sprayed all over the body and the floor around it.

He collapsed to his knees, his head in his hands, his back hunched.

"What's that matter? Never seen a dead body before?" Jill watched as Vartok laid out all of his inner fears on the crime scene. "Well Doc, looks like you got your work cut out for you." Jill turned back to look at Delrisa.

Soraya's mouth dropped open in shock, and the medics froze, their eyes on the doctor.

"That... didn't just happen...." she sputtered, her eyes blazing at the tall Klingon.

Vartog looked at the wreckage around him. His career was over; he knew that now. There was nothing left for him. He was a disgrace, a failure. There was now only one option left to him.

"Unbelieveable..." Soraya said, glaring at him. "Get...out, NOW!"

"Tell em I am just off a crime scene and will be with them shortly," he said. He turned to see Jill not far away. "Anywhere near with a private vid link?"

"We can go back to my office, it is a bit of a hike from here but it is secure at least. It would give people here some time to clean up this mess." Jill looked back at Vartog who was starting to reconstitute himself.

Wolf looked at Vartog and recognized part of what ailed the Klingon being an experienced drinker (part time lush was more like it he realized). As Vartog stood, he did something that he did not get to do these days.

He said in Klingon, " 'Iw HIq laH jup wa' ghomchoH jotlh veqlargh veb, 'ej laH 'oH qar'a'? wej 'oH ghaH let. 'op strongest 'ej bravest SuvwI' vIleghpu' wo'Daq tlhIngan Qugh, 'ach jaj qaSpu'DI' roplom'e' 'oH pong Human."

Everyone in the room who were not a native speaker of Klingon heard his words in their native language as, "Blood wine can be a good friend one moment and a vicious demon the next, can it not? Do not take it hard. I have seen some of the strongest and bravest warriors in the Klingon Empire worse the day after as we humans call it."

The words took a while to sink in but eventually Vartog grasped what was being said to him. He drew a deep breath and pulled himself up to a kneeling position. “I have disgraced myself. I am not worthy of my heritage. I thank you for your words but it is true; I have disgraced myself.”

The medics began to photo-document the scene as the doctor pulled out her tricorder and took measurements of the body. "Maylor, transport with him to Medlab please, I'll message Morrissey to scrub in. Sanders, we'll need to do physical on the scene," Soraya said to her staff. She typed a text message on her padd as she spoke, and a moment later the medic and victim were gone.

"Hopefully Rob has a stronger stomach than our friend here," the doctor said to Jill, watching the remaining medic take samples from the room. She hung her head for a moment, regretting her earlier response to the Klingon. She walked over to him.

"Officer, how are you feeling?" she asked Vartog. She was close enough that she was looking almost straight up at him.

Vartog looked up. He was not a pretty sight. His face had fallen in on itself, his eyes were unfocused. He pulled himself up to his feet then made for the door. He did not turn round or or say anything more.

Soraya watched him for a moment and shook her head, then pulled on her gloves. She walked back over to Wolf and Jill.

"So much for Security support," she said. "We'll take it from here, when we have preliminary data I'll message you and Captain Harrison."

Wolf nodded, "Keep us posted. You know how to reach us if there is anything we're needed for." He paused and said, "Computer....scan room for chemical traces that are unusual. Also report all entries, noted changes and related incidences in this room over the past 24 hours. Compile information and forward to my office."

He gave Soraya a hooded but warm look before turning to his deputy, "Well, I guess we aughtn't keep the big wigs waiting. Shall we?"

"Yeah, I guess so, let's get going." Jill looked around the room once before heading towards her office.

Wolf gave Soraya another meaningful glance before heading out to Jill's office to take care of Marshal's service business.

*To be continued*


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