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Posted on Mon May 5th, 2014 @ 8:02am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Location: Infirmary

“Commander,” Jrez called.

Soraya looked up from her padd and smiled as the Chief came towards her. "Hello, Chief."

He hurried to the door to the Infirmary where Doctor Delrisa was now standing. “Commander, I have a suggestion. I’ve been having drinks of warm milk with chocolate in the morning and before retiring and I think it’s helping relieve the symptoms of the virus. I suspect it’s the tryptophan in both the milk and the chocolate that’s the active ingredient. I’ve been using good quality chocolate with over eighty percent cocoa mass. That way I get a good hit of tryptophan. I think it would be a good tonic for recovering patients and might even be beneficial for those showing early symptoms.”

"Chocolate consumption does make you feel better, women have known that for years," the doctor said with a thoughtful smile. "Did you start drinking it for the taste or for the tryptophan?"

“Actually, for the tryptophan. Trill has similar plants to Earth’s cocoa but they have nowhere near the level of tryptophan. When Thallal returned to Andoria, I found that warm milk with chocolate helped me get to sleep at night.” He dropped his eyes from Delrisa’s gaze. “I must admit that I’m up to a double shot of Belgian chocolate. I hope I’m not becoming addicted. Still, it’s better than being addicted to coffee, I suppose. I was up to a double shot of a.... What are they called? A demitasse, I believe.... A double shot of raktajino in a demitasse cup, at one stage.”

"There is some caffeine but probably not enough to get you addicted. We could offer it to our recovering patients," she said, and her mind instantly went to Nick O'Reilly. If anyone could use some chocolate therapy it was the Counselor.


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