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To Storm The Gates Of Hell

Posted on Sat Jul 25th, 2009 @ 7:37am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

The kaleidescope of shimmering color subsided, and her form coalesced into physical form again. It took a few seconds for her to take in the sight around her. Broken consoles, shattered monitors, smoldering corpses. It was like standing to at the gates of hell, and glimpsing the fate that awaited.

A loud crash spun her attention around to the doors leading away from the bridge. It was buckling under the repeated force impact of a drones prosthetic arm, a harrowing and terrifying sight all in one.
"Take defensive positions around the bridge, find what ever cover you can".

"Nice timing Captain" Livia said as she returned to her feet "All of our weapons are useless, maybe yours will do something though...lets hope."

"All part of the service General". Beverly tossed the haggered looking superior officer a spare hand held phaser and then braced herself for the onslaught behind the Conn position in the forefront of the bridge. She couldn't see where Tace and Jenkins had taken cover, and she hoped that she would be able to commend them after this situation was over.

The door began to bend under the constant assault of the borg drones. It had been many years since Livia actually participated in a fire fight, but she believed she was ready "Take the best defensive positions you can, and by all means, DO NOT let them touch you. I have no issue with blasting anyone who has been assimilated." She knew that these officers were not Marines so she was trying not to come off too harsh.

Moments after positioning themselves, the door to the Bridge buckled under the Borg assault and collapsed. Four drones entered the Bridge and made their way for the remaining officers. Livia was able to land a well placed shot to the chest of a drone, sending it spiraling to the floor.

Beverly braced herself as the door came down, buffering the butt of her rifle just below her collar bone and adjusting her sight so she could see the cross hair.
She was rapid on letting her bolts of charged energy leave her rifle and blast into the husk of the nearest drone. In a cascade of energy, the drone went down. Its prosthetic arm letting loose its last few sputters or power.

This was the first time she had ever been up against the Borg, but truth be told, she wasn't afraid, not any more. Her mind was racing, her reactions almost as good as her security officer, or even the ranking officer, General Harrison who was and still is one of the most decorated Marine Officers in the fleet.

The Bridge smelled of singed circuits and smoke. The four drones lay dead on the floor, with the triumphant officers breathing a sigh of relief. Livia hit a few buttons on the console of her chair, her heart falling with what she saw "These Borg were the last of them, unfortunately the only life signs I'm reading are those of us on the Bridge. I thank you for your help Captain, I'm at your disposal until this issue has passed. My flagship, should be en route to our rendezvous point. If I can contact them, I can have them divert here as soon as possible incase we need the help." Livia knew that coming in and taking over someone's command was a bad way to do business. Besides, she could use a bit more target practice anyways

Beverly could feel the Generals discomfort, something to do with the left over effects of the alien queen? She couldn't be sure.
"General, I am perfectly willing to differ to you in this situation. You have more combat experience than I do, and you are the ranking officer."

Dusting down the soot and lint that had been cast into the air during the fire fight. She had defiantly had better days, but things were only going to get worse. They still had a station to get to.

Livia nodded "Very well then, we will leave the Husky adrift for now and return to your runabout. What is the status of Starbase 611?"

Beverly was somewhat thankful that a senior officer was around to hold the burden of command. "The rest of my team has transported to the station in the hopes of retaking Ops. I haven't heard anything from them since transport".
Her answer was clipped and concise, not wanting to let the General wait or have to ask further questions.

Livia nodded "We will need to join up with them and formulate a plan. Once Ops is retaken, we will need to secure the power plan section of the starbase and work our way from there. We will need to strike quickly, because the Borg will adapt fast. I'll need your security chief to modify your rifles for fire rotating frequencies, but we won't get many shots off before they adapt. If that happens, try to hit something they are standing next to, like an EPS conduit, something to take them down." Livia removed her coat to give her a bit more mobility. She returned her comm badge to its rightful place, along with her rank insignia "One more thing, you will encounter members of your crew who may have been assimilated. They are the enemy now, don't forget that."

"Yes sir", Beverly's answer was stiff, controlled and filled with emotion. Worry about her crew, now divided into three, worry about her friends on the station. Worry about her friends on Linta, and now worry about the new friends she had made that were going to be riding into a fire fight. Could things get any better.
"Jenkins, Davian", she called her officers attentions, "Were heading back to the runabout. Davian, I need you to remodulate all the handheld and rifles that we will be carrying. Jenkins, we need you to get us to the station and beam us over to the engineering deck, or as close as you can get us".


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