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Rumours abound

Posted on Wed Aug 20th, 2014 @ 11:27am by Lieutenant Thomas Stills

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

After the briefing, Ensign Thomas Stills resumed his duties on the Promenade. A lot of the shops had closed down and people had moved out. Anymore leaving and the whole place would look like a ghost town.

“Afternoon, Ensign,” Harrison said as he passed close to Stills. “Not a pretty sight, is it?”

"Afternoon, Sir" Tom replied. "No it's not a good sight at all. I had such hopes for this place. It was really coming together and now look at it. Bleak and empty."

“I fear for the future here,” Harrison admitted. “Starfleet are keen to turn this base into a trading hub for the region. They want to increase trade with Cardassia. Despite ongoing problems with dissident groups, they believe the political situation to be stable enough for Deep Space 9 to handle matters by itself. I hope they’re right. An established business here could build an empire if all goes according to plan but it would not take much to upset the proverbial apple cart.”

Tom wished he could do more. He was disappointed now after all the time and energy he and his team had put into this place. He had a lot of ideas that could really work here but he was only an Ensign and sometimes it was hard to get his point across. Perhaps the Captain might want to listen to some of his ideas sometime.

“Would you care to join me for a cup of tea? I believe Café Parisienne serves a fine brew.”

Flick saw the the Fleeters walk in and sit down at one of the tables looking out across the view of the station. One of them was Tom Stills. She'd known Tom for a long time and at one point she had thought about joining Starfleet with him but then changed her mind.

She was a free spirit and liked to do things her way. Flick wasn't used to staying in one place for too long, preferring to move on after six months or a year. She put that down to the way she was brought up, her parents moved as the 'wind changed' so they told her and she had no choice but to go with them.

Eventually Flick tired of the life they led and went to stay with her Grandmother who taught her how to cook. She was on her way to somewhere else when the job of chef came up at Café Parisienne. Maybe it was time to stop for a while.

She decided to serve them rather than let someone else do it. Flick picked up her padd and walked over.

“Tea, please,” Harrison said in response to an enquiring look from the waitress. “Darjeeling, black, no sugar. Ensign....”

Tom recognised Flick straight away and smiled at her. She hadn't changed one bit. He would have started a conversation with her but thought twice about it considering who he was sitting next to.

"I'll have Samovar Chai with honey, please Flick," he ordered.

She tapped in the order.

"Now, can I tempt you to the specials on the board today? We have 'Grandmother Comfort's cheese pie', 'Blue Mermaid pie', 'Broken heart chocolate mousse' or 'Cry baby cherry pie'."

"Hello Flick" said Tom. "Wow, your Grandmother's cheese pie, I can highly recommend it, Captain; you won't regret it."

Harrison looked up at the waitress known as Flick. “They all sound tempting,” he said. He looked back at Stills. “How about I order something different and we go halves?”

Tom nodded. "Very well Sir."

Fleeters are a pain in the neck, thought Flick, halves indeed, I don't do halves.

"Wat'll it be then?" Haven't got all day you know.

“Do you have a recommendation?” Harrison asked. “A personal favourite perhaps?”

"I would recommend my Grandmother's 'Bee sweet apple pie'," she replied. "It's a thin sweet pastry base, with a layers of fresh custard cream, apples and honey."

“That sounds delicious,” Harrison said. “I will have a piece of that, thank you.”

"Back in a few" Flick said as she walked off

The sound of activity outside floated in to them. Harrison looked up and saw civilians he did not know walking past. “It looks like a new merchant ship has docked. That is a good sign, I hope. New faces might put a new sparkle into the Promenade.”

"I'll look into it Sir as soon as possible," Tom replied. "Maybe we can persuade them to have one of the empty shops. They would have their pick of the prime locations."

Flick returned soon with their Bee Sweet apple pie and placed the Captain's in front of him along with his drink. "For you, Captain."

Then she turned to Tom. "And nothing for you, Tom. I haven't got anything left for you," she said

Tom's heart sank for just a few seconds. He was looking forward to his pie and tea and then.

Flick smiled at him. "Only kidding, be right back with it."

Tom looked at Captain Harrison and felt a little embarrassed "She's always like that."

“It’s good to have a bit of humour around here,” Harrison commented. “We’ve been decidedly lacking it of late.” He paused for a mouthful of pie. “About our new arrivals. I don’t think they’re looking to set up shop, only to sell their cargo. It wouldn’t hurt to ask though. Can I leave it up to you, Ensign?”

Flick appeared a few minutes later with a larger slice than normal of her Grandmothers cheese pie. She liked Tom but he always seemed to bring out the worst in her and she couldn't help but tease him. He was fun to be around with though and maybe she'll meet up with him later.

"I'll look into it Captain, there are a lot of prime shops available, they might be interested." Tom replied "I could always ask Flick to have a pie shop, they would sell really well here. I have been trying to convince her for ages to set up on her own. She's wasted here working for someone else."

“I will take that as a yes. Now, if you will excuse me, Ensign, I have business that will not wait any longer.” Harrison rose then tucked his chair back under the table. “I have enjoyed our chat. Please keep me posted on your progress...perhaps over another cup of tea and slice of pie.”

With that, he walked briskly back to his office.

Tom tucked into his pie with relish Flick was a really good cook and she could do so much more for herself if she had her own place. He would try and make a point of talking to her again maybe over a drink later. He would offer her the best location if she decided to take up their offer.


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