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Steal Away

Posted on Mon Aug 3rd, 2009 @ 8:08am by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Linta, Hospital
Timeline: 20.05 Local Time

Their strides through the heavy snow were comprising quick as the team launched themselves toward the rear of the building toward the delivery area where tire track had been plowed deeply.
As they expected there was a pair of guards standing watch in the frozen yard moving around restlessly talking among themselves, pacing to maintain some warmth in their bodies.

From the position upon the peak of the bank the guard guards were quietly bought down by the steady aim of Lieutenant Daniels and Commander Lorran. The two immobile figures hadn't even hit the floor of the yard before Mason was moving sliding down the bank and sprinting across the icy tarmac hauling the bodies behind the nearest skip while Lake and Echevarria moved to the electronic door working their magic on their locks and disabling the surveillance cameras.

Mike gave the thumbs up to Krissy the moment he had disabled the security camera. He then proceeded to the lock and started madly tapping away at it; for some reason it was resistant to the EMP that he had originally deployed upon it, but with some reprogramming, it was good to 'go'.

Spying the signal the team hurried inside, glad at last to be free from the relentless cold grip upon their exposed skin. However the relief was short lived for following the steady readouts from their tricorders the team swept through the complex stealthily.

Once through the door Daniels pulled out his tricorder flipping it open to begin scanning the building, after 15 seconds he had a detailed lay out of the building and the locations of all the people in it.

Turning back to the group he addressed Commander Vos and Lt Commander Mason first "The chemicals are stored 3 levels down at least 6 guards between us and them" now he focused on Lt Lake and Ensign Echevarria "The body is stored on the next level up at least 5 guards and possibly even our friend Yal Tekorin."

"Remember, the body is your top priority. Along with not getting caught." Commander Lorran grinned. "Chemical team, let's move. Mason, take point and we'll follow." he ordered as he readjusted the bomb pack on his shoulders. "Don't draw any undue attention to yourselves. Set your phasers to stun. We don't want them finding bodies with charred holes from energy weapons blasted through them any more than we want them to have that poor soul's corpse."

Mike chuckled "Commander, you do realize I had to do a semester of Prime Directive Study? Like every other student who ever attended the Academy."

"Then their shouldn't be any trouble remembering what your suppose to be doing?" Mason eyed Lake darkly adjusting the level on there weapon just in case. She didn't wait to hear his reply seeing that her party were set she took the lead sweeping her eyes into every corner and pausing at every junction they crossed.

Daniels kept no more than a step from the Lt Commander as they all speed down the corridors, Tricorder open using it as a map he directed the team in silence, all three worked in a strange kind of sync that only comes from combat experience and hardship.

In next to no time the three made it down two levels, avoiding some of the guards and dealing silently with any they couldn't.

Their luck seemed to hold for the next, and final level presenting little difficulties. The new level was devoted to science where the staff where analyzing blood samples, testing and creating some new drug on their campaign to improve in the name of medicine. With it being evening most of the white coat technicians had already left of the night, some however remained and prowling the corridors were several guards.

The display on Daniels' tricorder set the scene. Silently Mason nodded to Daniels to cross to the other side of the X junction of the corridor where they stood to support her fire, Vos adding a third fire arm to the mix. Between the three of them they could quickly and smoothly stun the prowling guards on each side of there intersection and move toward the cold storage where the Therigen was being kept. It bought an additional bead of sweat to Mason's brow know just how deadly the canisters were and how much of a devastating affect they would have on the hospital and the local area. In a shocking thirty seconds this level and its direct neighbors would be muted, the occupants deceased.

With the agreed sign the three officers moved as one, protectively aware of each others movements and objectives. Their swift, practiced move caught the guards unawares, bringing the first three in a blink of an eye. Adjusting their wrists another three went down, and then turning upon their heels they spun to tackle those who were moving in from behind. They were a little more prepared and raised their weapons to answer those of the away teams.

With a splattering sound their weapons loosed a fire of bullets that racked the ground around the away team before they were stilled by the higher accuracy of the phasers.

Before the final one had struck the ground the three officers were moving again stepping over the unconscious guards into the cold store stunning a technician who leapt at the sight of them.

Vos unstrapped the bomb pack on his back and opened a couple of seals on the inside. Then, he went around to the back of the middle canister and used the magnets he'd just uncovered to secure it to the outside of the tank. He opened a panel on the front of the charge and started programming it to detonate at a certain yield and temperature so as to completely destroy the Therigen without weakening the structural supports of the building. Vos didn't want the hospital collapsing with all of these people inside and surrounding it. He synced the explosive to his tricorder so that it could be remote detonated, then gave Mason a thumbs up when he was finished.

Not knowing how well Lake's party was going Mason tapped her badge in a sequence after Vos' thumbs up to signal they had completed their side of the mission and were heading out.
After Vos dragged the downed technician out of that room and down the hall so he wouldn't be caught in the explosion, they resumed their previous close knit places and left the lab without a second glance. Treading the route they had taken they stepped over the fallen, quickly proceeded to leave the hospital but with only one flight of stair standing between them and the exit they came to a grinding halt.

Standing upon the very top step staring down cold at the team were a ten strong platoon of armed guards that had been alerted to their presence.

Immediately Mason doubled back leading the team back down and through the doorway to the level below.

Vos set his phaser to a heavier stun setting in order to bypass any body armor the guards might be wearing as he followed Mason, training his gun on the door behind them as they moved. "I think Tekorin knows we're here." he stated the obvious.

"How much clearance do we need before we can set off the detonators without harming anyone?" Mason flicked over her shoulder. "If Tekorin knows we're here he'll head straight to the chemical before we can set off the charges."

"Not far. They implode more than explode. I'd say a hundred meters to be completely safe, but we could do with seventy-five or fifty if we wanted to chance it." Vos answered, kind of jogging/skipping backwards watching their backs for Tekorin's soldiers as they moved.

"We might have to test that theory soon," Mason grinned.

The door behind them swung open banging back upon itself violently. Instantly the corridor filled with the sound of exchanging fire. The high powered weaponry the soldiers carried ejected merciless cold bullets at a supercharged rate raking the walls around them. Vos and Daniels were firing with deadly aim, and Mason too turned to join the fray all of them still moving as fast as possible, but these soldiers were well trained and fearless with their onslaught. They were terribly exposed like rabbits in a run limited to up and down with now other way out. Snapping a quick look around to the front eying up the door at the far end Mason prayed for a little piece of luck.

The group moved quickly sending continues fire designed to slow the enemy not injure them, in seconds the three flew through the heavy metal doors they had been working towards. Both Daniels and Vos grabbed a door each and slammed them shut before any shots could make it through, in the few seconds it took for them to do that Mason had already reset her phaser and took aim at the seem of door and fired a low powered but continues beam of energy effectively welding the door shut.

While the doors would offer some protection they wouldn't hold up forever the team needed to get out and quickly. "We need to get back the tactical advantage" Daniels scanned the empty room for anything the group could use, it looked like a storage room solid built walls and not much else it was then he noticed the grate set high up on one of the walls.

Moving under it Daniels could make out noise coming from further inside the compound, it was a ventilation shaft "I might have a way out here" both Mason and Vos came over and inspected the small covering, Daniels turned to Vos "Give us a boost?"

"Give me your rifle and your pack. Anything that might get caught up in there." Vos said, taking whatever Daniels wanted to discard. Then he cupped his hands together and bent at the knees. When Daniels had put his heel in Vos' hands, Commander Lorran straightened and gave him a solid boost up to the ventilation duct. "Krissy, you're next. I'm tall enough to jump it and pull myself up." he said. "I'm going to vaporize any equipment we don't bring with us."

Dumping her gear with Daniels Krissy followed up finding a steady footing within Vos' cupped hands she scrambled up behind Daniels who was already hauling the casing free to reveal a darken tunnel just wide enough to them to crawl through.

Once he had wriggled himself into the shaft she scrambled in behind into the tight, dark confinement's. Behind her she could hear Vos leap up after drawing closer while Daniels was leading the way lighting the way with a flashlight strapped upon his wrist. The small beam was blinding in the cramped space following the steady readings on his tricorter.

One, two lefts, then a right the team hit solid wall. Puzzled Mason squinted ahead to see why Daniels had lead them this way, but what she couldn't see was the tunnel had opened into a deep chamber where they could all stand comfortably after scrambling upon their hands and knees.

As she stood she could see fingers of sunlight piecing the gloom from the grill a few feet above them and fresh air wafting through. Following the same procedures as before Daniels went first followed by Krissy and with a helping hand Vos followed last.

Night had completely fallen over the hospital, the grounds were filled with shadows and sounds of the patrolling guards hunting for the team.
She placed a warning hand upon Daniels shoulder and turned to Vos who had already withdrawn the programmed tricorter and was keying in the details. He looked up briefly, then with his thumb hit the detonator. They paused listening of a sign and straining they ears they could only just hear a muffled boom from deep within a sound of their success.

Grinning Mason touched her combadge for the final time signaling the transporter to return them back to the safety of the runabout for the final time.


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