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Hit for Six

Posted on Sun Aug 2nd, 2009 @ 4:44am by Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Linta Hospital, Morgue

Mike waited for a moment so that he and Diego could catch their breaths "Alright, you know the drill. Lets not get killed, or found. Now, just use your common sense though, lets not go all 'we are so tough and bullet proof', like a few people we know..."

Diego gave him a rather sour look. "I'm still waiting to hear how we're going to elude five guards and one terrorist, or is that my job?"

"Look, we bust heads, take names." Mike stated. "Just follow my ninja-ness... oh... well... erm... what ninja-ness?" Mike picked up a medium length pole that had been dropped on the ground by someone. "See what I said about busting heads?" He picked up another pipe that was carelessly tossed aside and handed it to Diego. "There you go."

The sour look sure as heck didn't go away. "I presume they are only armed with soft, fluffy pillows?" he remarked dryly.

Mike sighed "Diego, young Padawan; what do you think will look more natural and ask less questions; a blow to the back of the head, or a phaser burn?"

"That's not my real concern," he objected, bristling at the 'young' barb, "my concern is the idea of fighting with these poles while our opponents will undoubtedly have projectile-based weaponry... and I laugh at the idea that they'll let us sneak up behind them."

"Have you ever heard of stealth? Look, I reckon we can pole 2 of them, take their weapons, Bob's your aunty. Look, you might not have basic weaponary training, but I do. So lets get cracking."

"Well if you can devise some super-sneaky way to get behind them to begin with, I'm all for it."

Mike peeped around the corner to see an asleep guard "He looks very active. He isn't even armed."

Diego's head popped up above Mike's. "No way can it be THAT easy. There's just no way."

"Just sneak." Mike whispered, before started moving, watching his step as he passed the guard and slowly turned the doorhandle to the next corridor.

A hundred different variations of 'I feel like SUCH a putz' flowed through Diego's mind as he did his very best to mimic Mike's stealthy-ness. He might be green, but he doubted security could be THIS lax, with such an important find in their hands. He glanced about nervously, as if trying to find the trap before it was sprung on them.

More sleeping guards were followed by more open doors and within about 5 minutes they were in the morgue 'This is too easy. This is a mockery!' Mike thought to himself. He looked down a very stumpy corridor of sorts that had 3 dozen tarnished chrome hatches.
Each had a small tag attached to it, each tag was written in some kind of cryptic code that didn't correspond to any Lintan language.
Mike turned around "Scan for human bio-signs, I'll watch out."

Diego pulled out his Tri-Corder, letting the instrument do all the vital work as he pointed it at each and every hatch. "Suppose we were being set up," he murmered thoughtfully to his compatriot as he worked. "What would the aim be of luring us into here?"

Mike sighed "I don't know, look, this is the morgue. If you find the human biosigns... kudos to you." as he had a quick scan around his attention was immediately shifted to Diego "You got it?"

"I think so," he replied. "The readings conform to those of a human in a deceased state. Shall I open it?"

"Its do or die." Mike stated, moving back over to the hatch. He sighed and stood and stared for a moment. "Hang on." he had a quick look around, there were a set of long tong looking things hung upon the wall. He came back and showed Diego the pincers. "Stand clear."

Diego stood back, it being his turn to stand watch. Oh yes, covertly sneaking around on an alien world was not something he was interested in repeating again.

Mike somehow managed to pop open the clip on the hatch with the long tongs. He then slowly pulled the handle on the front about a meter and stopped. He looked back to Diego "Jackpot--" loud sirens intimidated them, the room was saturated under a red hue. "Oh, thats just great." The moment he finished his sentence he could hear the heavy footsteps of guards; armed guards.

Looking back, Diego would never know how his thoughts and reactions went from dormant to lightning-hot. About the only thing he could recall with any sort of clarity was the near mindlessness of the act he perpetrated, dashing to the set of double doors and jamming his pole through the handlebars which were supposed to open said doors. He turned back to Mike, shouting with the sort of high pitch that denotes a loss of composure. "Toss me your pipe, dammit!!"

Mike threw the requested pole across the room to Diego. He turned back to the pale body, he looked over the emotionless expression on the man's face, he had seen this guy so happy in the few photos he had seen, one being his acceptance nobel prize.
He sighed and drew his phaser. He set it to a high level and pointed it at the body, but quickly lowered it when he saw what looked to be a Wedding ring on the dead man's hand. He quickly took it off and put it in his pocket to ensure something of this man survived for his family.
It was now time to do the deed, he reaimed and fired, the body decintegrated before his eyes in a bright orange and yellow haze. Mike turned back to see Diego right behind him.

"Won't hold for long," Diego commented, already starting to hear the guards outside, frantically bashing away. "Death from metallic poisoning sounds like a BARRELL of laughs."

Mike raised an eyebrow and nodded a few times, then taking that small transporter beacon he had from inside his jacket, "Time to make an uppredictable escape." He started pushing buttons on the tricorder, it beeped twice. "This should get us through a few walls. We'll have to be inventive from there. The second you rematerialise, duck and cover."

Diego threw his hands up. "I wondered why we weren't running for our lives just now," he groused while waiting for the impending death outside the doors to grow a few brain cells and start using their bullets to do what their batons and rifle butts couldn't.

Of course, right before they could even start the de-materialization, they started doing just that.

"Oh, damn..." Mike grumbled, as they slowly beamed out "Try to stay as still as you can, Diego."
The transporter cycle was half way through when the guards outside decided that they'd just shoot a hole in the door. A few rounds later, the first man cautiously stepped through. But the room was empty, Diego and Mike were either now dead as a result of pattern degridation or they were a few rooms away.
Fortunately, they rematerialised in a dimly lit corridor, not a soul could be seen, let alone heard, curiously, not even the alarm was sounding.

Mike took a breath the moment the blue glow faded "Do you feel as whole as I do?"

Diego patted himself in several places just to make sure. Then he glanced over to mike and frowned. "For crying out loud Michael, can't you even BLEED discreetly?"

"Oh, crap. Bullet graze!" he winced for a moment, then applied some pressure to the wound, he tried his best to block it out "Don't worry about me. Lets just go. I'll take a candle wax bath later." he started to look around "You think they could print the word 'exit' a little clearer. I guess we'll know it when we see it."

"My guess would be to go left," Diego commented.

Mike nodded "Thats probably logical, outside is," he pointed to the west "that way."

"Really? Hadn't noticed," Diego replied as he proceeded in that direction. "In the Christian faith, Gabriel was the 'left hand' of God."

Mike had an urge to 'take the piss' he forced a smile "Dear Lord, please guide us through these lonely hallways--"

"God doesn't work in such a fashion," Diego kindly informed him. "But enough about that; What's the next step once we make it out of here?"

"We run for our bloody lives back to relative safety." Mike stated.

"Any reason why we can't use the Runabout's transporters now? In this dark, unoccupied corridor with no apparent surveillance and our existance totally blown? Or are we still working under the remaining threads of the Prime Directive tapestry which we've ripped all to hell since we got here?"

"There is no life or death risk at the moment, we need to throw a sewing machine in the Prime Directive's works after out little escapade before." He countered. "Once we get out of here, we'll go to the abbandoned bar down the road, use the back entrance, then we'll be on the Runabout in a jiffie."

"Fine, fine..." Diego gave in. "Looks like our exit, but how would I know? I don't read Lintian."

"A glowing green sign above a door," he touched it, it was quite colder than it was in the corridor, "this is it."

"Well, at this point our luck can't get much worse," Diego mused as he was the first to push the door open.

Mike closed his eyes and pushed the door open, it just revealed a snowy street that was illumiated by a few street lights. He took one step onto the thick snow, the crunch of his boot on the ice made him all the more cold "So far so good."
He took a few more steps outside and had a quick scan around, nothing was particualry out of the ordinary; except the shouting and arguing that was going on upstares in the morgue.

"They used some sort of magic to escape!" One guard said.

"Maybe they have some kind of invisible cloak! Maybe they are still in this room!" Another shouted.

"There is something odd. Something missing." the first guard stated.

"The body you daft guppy! They are body robbers! They want to give the alien to Sector 91 so that the Military can study him and make us, the heathcare workers look like fools!" the other shouted, louder than before.

Back on the ground, Mike couldn't help but smirk "Halfway to a mission accomplished, huh? They think its the Military's fault..."

"Yep," Diego mused. "Only thing that could stop us is if you're leaving a large trail of blood for them to follow."

Mike looked behind him, only one small speck of blood was on the ground, the wound wasn't as bad as he had made it out to be. He back tracked and trod the liquid into the snow "Lets just get out of here."

"Agreed. Onward to cozy comfort and warmth... and the sweet taste of our rank pips after Mason and Lorran make us EAT them."

"I'm sure they'll understand when we weigh it up, no bodies, or three bodies..." He thought for a moment "...No, you're right, they'll kill us."

"No, they'll kill you. I intend to get off light as your unwilling accomplice. Now lead the way, Fearless Leader."

The two men walked down the street to that abandoned bar, they got back to the Runabout, it was a good enough ending to something that they were guaranteed to fail on... At least at that point...



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