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Posted on Fri Aug 29th, 2014 @ 7:48am by Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Security Offices

There was a light rap on the door way. Some previous incumbent of the Chief Security office had removed the door. Now in it open gap was the young officer Tori had seen arguing with her men outside. He looked barely twenty but his rank showed him to be a full Lt like her. He was obviously extremely nervous and was wearing a science teal uniform.

"Erm.. Hello... I was looking for the new Chief of Security?"

Tori looked at the young lieutenant rather skeptically. She must be getting old, everyone she looked at seemed like a baby to her. There was no way this boy was old enough to shave, much less be a Lieutenant. "I'm the Chief. Lieutenant Svardberg. May I help you, Lieutenant?" She asked, keeping her voice neutral. He looked like a rabbit that was about to bolt. Too bad Malk wasn't here to be a calming influence.

"You are?" the man looked startled. "I thought... when they told me... well, that is... fine. erm... yes... I hope so. Sorry. Lt Serge Maschnost, Chief Science Officer and sometimes Actink XO of the station."

"Let me guess. You were expecting someone younger." Tori said dryly, "What can I do for you, kid?"

"It's about this move. You see, Captain Nelson said I would be needink to ship all of the equipment I would be wantink for sciences since there is nothing there. Well, some of the items are being quite volatile, and I thought I should at least be checking with someone before I am shippink them?"

Tori knew that Maschnost had the right to authorise the transport himself, but she also saw a kid who was terrified of overstepping his bounds. She had seen plenty of officers like him, officers who had been promoted faster than their confidence and maturity could keep up.

"How volatile are we talking, kid?"

Suddenly there was a diffferent man in front of her. Serge was now speaking about his field of expertise and the words came fast and with assurance, though not clarity for someone outside of a scientific field.

"Primarily is is a temporal flux coalescence array, though the Parabola will be neutral the primary return is still qualified as volatile under the Korsinsky Accord. Additionally, 5.7 units of suspended red matter, -3.2Ghtz of phasic resonance for the Dark Energy containers, 2cubic millimeters of subspace in difractic resonation, and a partridge in a pear tree."

The Security Officer's eyes had pretty much glazed over after the word flux. She had a halfway decent understanding of astrological studies, enough to make it as a Starfleet Officer, but she hardly found it interesting. As far as she was concerned, he could have been talking about dark magic.

There was an uncomfortable moment then Serge went pale again, "The last bit was beink a joke. Natalya said I should try beink more jovial. I am not sure it is such a good idea. Mr Jrez laughed."

"Yes, jokes are good. I'm sorry, it's been a long day. Break it down into dummy terms. Are we talking about a little boom, a big boom, or a very big boom?"

Serge blinked, "Well... erm... it is not so much beink Boom as... Worst case scenario is a total redactive inversion of causality... or... erm... Effect beink followed by cause. The chance of a complete resonance cascade failure are beink remote... We, erm... we do have a Federation expert in Temporal Mechanics on staff... you know in case anything is goink wrong. "

"Right. Temporal boom." Tori said, putting it as simply as she wanted to.

Serge rubbed his eyes, "I assure you I will be monitoring the equipment the whole time. I have never had an accident in the laboratory."

It was at about this point that Serge had his shoes on the wrong feet.

Tori raised an eyebrow. "Lieutenant, if you promise not to try to explain this to me anymore, I have no problem with the transport. If you need an armed escort, I can provide one." She said, "But you may want to fix your shoes."

Serge glanced down and flushed bright red. He knelt down on the spot and began to undo his shoes.

"Can I ask a question?" he ventured not looking up at her. "How are you managink not to be promoted? I have been out of Accademy for seven months and have already been XO of this Station. I am just wantink to do my science but people are puttink me in charge." The last bit was almost a wail.

Tori laughed loudly, "Break a diplomat's arm and kick him in the nuts."

Serge looked as if he was considering the option, "I spilled a drink down a Queens back and tore her dress. They promoted me to CSO."

Serge stood up, shoes in hands, "Thank you for your time and help. I am beink grateful."

He turned and walked out the door bumping into a young security officer on his way out. The man in the mustard yellow took one look at Serge carrying his boots in hand and big smile on his face and leapt to completely the wrong conclusion.

"Lieutenant, you old rapscallion, didn't think Casanovanov was quite your style." The man said with a chuckle.

"Shut it, Ensign." Tori snapped, "He's a baby, he isn't my style."

The Ensign held up his hands, "Hey, no one's blaming you. From what I hear he dated an entire Risan delegation. Props to you."

Svardberg lookes ready to break the Ensign's arm, but calmed herself. No one would believe a rumor like that if this ensign was dumb enough to spread it. And if he did spread it, she could always assign him to brig duty for the next ten years. Yes, definitely brig duty. With an annoyed grunt, she went back to the desk and sat down.


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