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Point Of Power Play

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2009 @ 8:36am by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Ensign Jason Morris

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.

The journey had been relatively short and uneventful, the Husky still adrift in space. Now the small team was heading into the fray, heading directly into the maw of the beast. Beverly had had the report from Captain Jorvin and ops was now secure, all that was left was to regain engineering and the rest could be dealt with rapidly enough once that was complete.
Now the four man team stood in one of the engineering analysis rooms several sections away from main engineering, the transported effect having just released them from its grip.

The room was empty, and very little sound could be heard from the other side of the door. Maybe it was too much to hope for, but she desperately hoped that the Borg hadn't made it down this far. But she certainly wasn't going to hold all of her eggs in that one very flimsy basket.

Livia checked her rifle before assuming a guarded stance "Even with the modifications, I don't expect to get more than twelve shots off before they adapt. Once they do, we will have to adapt as well. No one fires unless Captain DeVuor or I say otherwise, they won't attack us if they don't view us as a threat." The air in the room was humid, and the temperature was less than cool "Beverly, I think we will need some back-up. I have a feeling this is one of the first places they came to."

As Livia was handing out her orders Beverly started to remove her jacket and red undertunic, leaving just her lilac vest shirt on. She removed her com-badge and replaced it on her vest.
"Agreed General". She tapped her com-badge. "DeVuor to Jorvin. We need some backup down here. Get yourself and a few men down here. Leave Doctor Ulonova in command of Ops".

"Aye Captain." Came Jorvin's response. Turning to his squad "Butler, Davain and Morris. you're with me. We are heading down to engineering to meet the Captain. Doctor that means your in charge around here."

"Great, I suppose if any of the Borg try and break in I'll give them some topical cream for their implants." Leanne looked at Jorvin as she moved over to one of the ops panels. "I'll see if I can patch in the internal sensors to your tricorders to track the borg."

Jorvin chuckled. "You can activate the stations security forcefields around the doors plus you have your phasers. Try to stay alive and aid any non-borgafied station personnel."

Jasmine sighed. "Good luck. The sensors look like they aren't in a great mood."

"Thanks... but I think you guys will need the luck more then I will."

Livia looked at Beverly "We need to move in now, we'll have to hope we can hold them off before reinforcements arrive. We may not be able to regain the Engineering section if we don't act soon."

Beverlys resolve was set. Etching the words in stone. "Davian take point. Move out".
For the moment all was forgotten, her mind swam in a miriad of thoughts and dreams, all ending the same way. Her death. It would free her from the binds of her illness, the confines of the mortal coil that could be so cruel and utterly definitive in life.

As Tace assumed position and led the small group of officers, Thomas nodded in the direction of the two 'very' superior officers in his presence. "Ladies," he gestured, with a hint of charm in his voice. With one arm extended outward towards Tace in the front, he let the women continue on and took the rear. As much as he loved being in the front of the action - and as much as he hated being on the crap-end of his next thought, Ensigns were expendable when compared to a Captain and Major General. When the party started he didn't want anything creeping up from behind and taking out one of Starfleet's finest.

***Back in Ops***

"Alright lets move out." Jorvin said. The small team headed towards the turbo lift and road it as near engineering as they could, but they had to get off 2 decks early due to heavy Borg activity. "Alright the Borg have adapted to our phasers so we will have to use blades." Jorvin unsheathed his mehk'leth. "We will need to use stealth to arrive in one piece."

"aye captain" Jason said then turned to the Engineer "you ready engineer."

The hall way was humid and moisture was hanging in the air like a specter. A reminder that all was not how it should be and the promise of death was a real, tangible and foreboding possibility.

Beverly's forehead was peppered with perspiration and her breathing was rapid. Each and everyone of her senses seemed to be more attuned to her surroundings. Even the slightest sound, a pin dropping to the decking, drew her attention. Her hands gripping the phaser like a lover in an embrace. It was her only chance at survival.
The tapped her com-badge half way down the hall. "Doctor, how far until we reach engineering and where are the drones. We haven't seen any yet".

"Captain, 5 Meters to the front of you there should be a hatch, beyond that hatch there looks like it is the engineering department, scans in that area are coming up a little weird, but immediately after that hatch it looks like there are about 5 drones around a power coupling, and then about 30 scattered around the remainder of engineering." Leanne looked around the control panel for a moment then found the LCARS button that she was looking for. "I'm going to patch in what I'm seeing to your tricorders."

As they reached an intersection, Beverly's eyes caught movment in their perifery. With a snap of her head, and the swift reflexes, she wheeled around to find Captain Jorvin being trailed by a small team of armed officers.
She said nothing, just nodded her head in a silent order for her men and some that she had never seen before, to fall into formation.

Jorvin and his team fell into formation with the Captain.

"Have your weapons ready, but do not point them at the drones just yet. We need to asses the situation before we start shooting." This was not Livia's first round with the Borg so she had an idea of what she was dealing with. "All personnel, get ready to move on my command."

Beverly stood near to her commanding officer. Not willing to loose another one, not after Captain Jennings and Commander Harrison. She quickly checked her rifle, making sure the modulation was randomized and the sights were clear. It weighed heavy on her heart that her, being a women of science, had been reduced to this, a warrior. Now she stood, braced, waiting for the Generals order.

Livia nodded at the Ensign who was ready to blow the hatch into the Engineering section. With a noticeable gulp, he hit the switch, blowing the emergency hatch open. Livia crawled through first, with the rest of the officers following suit. The engineering section was rather large, but not so large that she could not see the ten or twelve Borg working on the other side of the room. She turned to Beverly "What are they working near?"

Beverly scrutinised the device that the drones were working on. It was defiantly tied into the stations systems, but their was something else they were working on. She strained her eyes but still was unable to make out what it was through the gloom and haze of the humid engineering section.
"Unsure General. It doesn't look like its tied into anything critical, and I can't make out what they are doing with whatever it is over there".

Livia smiled "So long as it won't decompress the deck, lets blow it up. They can't adapt to that" She had no intention on destroying the entire deck, but she knew they were outnumbered and had to level the playing field.

Thomas kept silent now that he was even further down on the rank-food chain, but couldn't help but grin at the thought of blowing something else up today. He hadn't even SEEN the Genesis yet, and already this was possibly the best assignment he'd ever had. Half his reassignments were due to reckless piloting; today he not only piloted recklessly but was commended for it! He'd been screamed at by more than one superior officer for his 'actions' in bars over the years, and now the odds suggested he was going to get the chance to get physical and kick some Borg ass. He had an extensive background in self defense - mostly thanks to overuse of holodeck training programs during suspensions from duty, but nevertheless.. tie his hand-to-hand ability with the stunts he could pull at the helm, and this was the most he'd used any of his skills in any assignment - ever! His sister would say he had serious issues, but he was having a great time. Now all he had to do was not get killed.

Beverly lowered her rifle, and braced herself with one knee. She brought the sights up so she could use it to better scrutinise the work area, and with luck it would cut through the dimness of the room.
What she saw shocked her and the blood drained away from her face in an instant. She had seen images of the monster that now was laid out, but it was hard to believe that she still existed after Captain Picards return from first contact with Zephram Cockran.
"General....", once again Beverly's words escaped her. She collected herself one last time and borough fearful eyes to bare on the General. "That work station is something different. They are constructing.... Constructing a Queen".

Livia hesitated for a moment before issuing her orders. Starfleet had directives for such events, especially concerning the Borg. In his report, Captain Picard made it quite clear that the Queen was destroyed, but the Borg are a complex entity, and theres no telling what they are capable of. "Captain I suggest you have your team seal off this deck as best as possible. I need you to accompany me to Ops. Directive Bravo Tango 115 was designed in the instance that the Borg Queen made a return. I need to contact a few people, as well as the USS Hood. Shes got some firepower behind her, and I have a feeling we are going to need back-up."



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