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Akhiy Eisae (Dark Day)

Posted on Thu Nov 6th, 2014 @ 1:35am by Aevran

Location: DS12

Aevran returned to his quarters. On Romulus, these quarters would not be considered fit for even a lowly Reman. Being forced to endure such conditions was beneath his station in life. Then he was offered a job working in Pardek's shop. Him, a lowly clerk. It was an indignity to even acknowledge such a person as Pardek. Pardek was just a lowly merchant, yet people were looking to him for leadership. In the Star Empire, he had people to deal with such as Pardek. Aevran walked back out of his quarters and looked around. The majority of these peasants were grateful to the Federation and their largess. He was not. It was an insult to be stuck in a cargo bay and have it called home. And now he was hearing that they were to be further moved. Not asked, just relocated. Aevran would express his outrage. The question would be how to best express his outrage. He stewed.

Havraha stepped out of the shadows from where he had been watching Aevran. “Good morning, Senator,” he said unctuously.

Aevran nodded to Havraha.

“I did not expect to see you still here,” Havraha said. “I expected you to leave with the convoy.”

"Why would I do that? What could I accomplish by leaving with the convoy? That upstart Pardek sees himself as the leader of a new Romulan colony. I could not stand to follow the upstart merchant. It's bad enough that I have had to work for him." He paused. "Now that most of the other Romulans are gone, I would have expected that we would at least have been able to move to better quarters." He waved his hand around the cargo hold. "Or at least quarters more fitting with our status."

“More fitting with your status, Senator, but not that of most of those who remain. If I can be so bold as to venture an opinion, most of those who had any spine left with Pardek. They saw no future here where they’re living at Starfleet’s whim. At least the convoy is headed back to Romulan space. What we have here is the dross: more merchants, technicians, labourers. You will note that almost all of the Remans chose to remain too.”

Aevran nodded. "Yes, we have been left with the dregs of society. I don't trust Starfleet and their promises of utopia. It seems too good to be true."

“Whatever you might think of Starfleet’s promises, Senator, the convoy is at least heading in the right direction. For what my humble opinion matters, I agree with you. Starfleet’s word is a good as a Ferengi’s promises of latinum. Nonetheless, they chose that option. Forgive my forthrightness, but Pardek showed leadership. It is now up to you to do the same. Demand this Captain Harrison provide better quarters. If he can’t – or won’t – then take them for yourself. Many will follow you if you take what befits our position of members of the Star Empire.”

"Yes, and the Remans, too."

“The Remans can rot here for all I care.” The distaste was palpable in Havraha's voice. “I’m only talking about Romulans.”

Aevran arched an eyebrow. What was Havraha implying? "The Remans have been a good soldier/worker class. They have enabled good Romulans to concentrate on more fitting work." He paused. "Perhaps you are right. Now is the time to demand better quarters and living conditions."

“Don’t tell me you’re a – what do the humans call them? – a dove,” Havraha said snidely. “I thought you’d be more in tune with Romulan needs, not a Reman lover! Those scum are only here to serve the needs of Romulans. They live to be exploited, not to be praised. No wonder the Star Empire is in such disarray if our rulers bore those sort of sentiments.”

Aevran stepped towards Havraha and shook a finger in his face. "Do not presume to lecture me on the hierarchy of the Star Empire."

Havraha knew he had overstepped the mark and would have to step carefully. He drew a deep breath to calm himself.“Forgive me, Senator, I speak out of turn.” With an effort, he returned to his usual unctuous self. “The Senate exists to serve the Star Empire and to best utilitize all resources available to it. Far be it for the likes of me to express an opinion or dare suggest how a Senator should think or act.”

Aevran let himself be mollified. "Make sure you remember it."

“Senator.” Havraha said. He kept his eyes downcast, his demeanour submissive. He waited a few heartbeats before continuing. “A good leader can take a motley group and wield it into a formidable weapon. However, a bad leader can take an experienced group and utterly destroy it. Which are you?”

He wondered where Havraha was going. "Obviously, I am a good leader. I will make sure that Captain Harrison realizes me as such when I meet with him."

“Harrison is weak; forget him. He was court martialled because he failed to take decisive action when the moment called for it. He could have taken charge of that coup in The Triangle and shaped it to Starfleet’s needs. Instead, he stood back and quoted the Prime Directive. When it comes down to it, he will do the same again: he will be full of fine sounding words but he will fail to fulfil them. There is only one person can provide a fitting home for Romulans. That person is yourself.”

Aevran could see himself as the leader of a new Romulus. He knew that he could do it. It was his destiny. To do anything less was unacceptable. He looked at Havarha. "Yes, I can do it."

Havarha kept his face carefully schooled to a neutral visage but inside he smiled. The man is more facile than I imagined. He’s a fool who will be easy to manipulate. While he’s bumbling around trying to find a home for these useless excuses for Romulans, I will be building a base to bring true order back to Romulus; order which will see the might of Romulus once more to be reckoned with.


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