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Making the rounds

Posted on Sun Sep 14th, 2014 @ 11:16pm by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Corridore near Science Lab 3
Timeline: Mid-Late evening

Wolf decided that he wasn't going to easily get to sleep so he decided to go the rounds as it were. It'd burn some energy if nothing else.

As he passed the door to Science lab 3, he paused and tilted his head. Something inside him got curious and instead of passing by he stopped and turned into the lab. The doors closed and he looked around, quickly spotting Chief Jrez.

"'Evening Chief. I hope I am not interrupting anything," he said amiably.

Jrez looked up from what he was working on. No sooner did he see Colonel Bannister standing in the doorway than he rose and stood smartly to attention. Normally, Jrez was more casual about the perquisites of rank but this was an ex-Marine and the new Executive Officer. Better to be safe than sorry until expectations were clearer.

Wolf returned the gesture, though he'd not used it much since becoming a Marshal. He relaxed then said, "As you were."

“Good evening, Sir. I believe congratulations are in order.”

"Much appreciated, Chief. Looking forward to making it work out. Not sure how well XO and Marshal mix, but if it can work I aim to make it do so. I've had to improvise in more hectic situations, I suspect," Wolf said with a glint in his eye that hinted a smoothly covered understatement.

“You’re up late, Colonel. I’m usually the only night owl around here. How can I help you?”

"Not much. Just being restless as usual before a big change and making the rounds. Also figured it'd not hurt to get more familiar with some of the neighbors since it seems that this will be a longer term assignment than I have gotten used to especially with the newest role granted upon me," he said.

"Big project," Wolf said with genuine curiousness as he looked at the work in progress by Jrez.

Jrez cast a glance over the project he was working on. “Nothing special. I...tinker. I while away my spare time with various schemes and ideas. Right now, I’m working on a way of making bio-neural gel packs packs work more efficiently.”

Wolf nodded, having had some education on the subject and asked, "Howso?"

Would you like that in plain language or Serge speak?”

The Marshal tilted his head somewhat and asked, "Serge speak?"

“My apologies, Colonel. I’m referring to Lieutenant Maschnost. I mean no disrespect. It’s just that the lieutenant tends to get...carried away when talking science. It’s become a bit of a running joke around here. Put simply, bio-neural gel packs are normally run in series. I believe that if I run them in both series and parallel I can improve their output. The way to do so is to break complex calculations down to their fundamentals then feed separate parts to separate packs. Each pack does its calculation then feeds the result to a central processing pack. It, in turn, feeds the result to the next sequential array. That way, what might have taken seconds, should now only take nanoseconds.”

"Ah. Sounds like it might have potential from what I know about it. Didn't notice a lot of extra packs when I last gleaned the inventory logs," he said with thoughtful curiousity.

“I...ah...borrowed some packs from storage. They were sent for repair so I did the repairs then set them up for my experiment.”

"Not up for immediate reimplimentation I gather," the Lt. Colonel asked.

“I assure you, Sir, they’re not needed right now. We always keep more in stock then we require. Ever since we heard about that virus on Voyager, regulations specify that all vessels carry fifteen percent more gel packs than required for normal requirements. We actually stock twenty five percent so that we can replace packs on vessels in for maintenance.”

"Makes sense, it seems. Not too big an allotment here I assume, Chief?"

“I’ve only built a small array so far but results are promising.”

"Nice to hear. Initiative is very much valued under my commands, Chief Jrez. Always has and I intend for that to continue," the ginger haired martian said with a grin.

“You didn’t come here to listen to me babble on about my latest obsession. Is this business or pleasure, Colonel?”

"Mixed bag tonight. Trying to wind down and learn a little more about my team as XO and folks who are in the know for that role as well as my marshal's role as well," he explained with an easy authority but intentional tone that was also easy and rather relaxed.

Jrez nodded. “Taking a hands on approach, as it were.”

"The bay crews and security staff know me pretty well, as do the medical staff. Figured it was time to expand my repertoire, you might say," he threw in with another grin.

Jrez reciprocated the grin. He'd met the marshal before but only briefly. this was the first time he had had a chance to gain some impression of him. Jrez liked what he saw. “Then let me take off my Science Officer hat and put on my Command Chief one," he said. “Morale is holding up surprisingly well in the circumstances. Now that we’ve nailed the virus, things are getting back to normal. We’re back to the usual level of absenteeism for illness and injury; nowhere near what we had just a few weeks ago. Half the crew thought they’d contracted the virus at one point or another.”

The next point was potentially awkward but Jrez decided not to try to put a gloss on it. “With most of the refugees gone, there’s been a lot less friction. Some of the crew did not take kindly to having Romulans on board. It seems the bad blood engendered during the Dominion War still festers with some. There were those, too, who thought the refugees were getting favoured treatment. They weren’t but once rumours like that start, they have nasty way of circulating and growing in the retelling.

Jrez looked straight at Bannister and caught his gaze. “There are still a lot of questions surrounding the change in location. People have settled in here and made the place feel like home. Granted the Promenade is still a bit of a ghost town but the crew were looking forward to getting out for a drink and a chat and a game of dabo. Now they’re lives will be disrupted and they’re not sure why. Don’t get me wrong, Colonel, they’ll buckle up, as that human saying has it, and they’ll conduct themselves in a manner befitting members of Starfleet. I just wish I had some more information on what we’ll be facing in the new location.”

"Well, Roark Nor shall live on. The civilians are able to stay if they choose when it becomes a largely civilian outpost. The change however comes from Starfleet's brass. They have been reviewing the situation, movements and trends causing them to decide that DS9 is close enough to handle the Fleet business in this neck of the woods. While the new location is not expected to be dangerous, it's lacked a real presence which needs to be corrected. That's where we come in," Wolf explained.

He continued, "I think this place will do well as a civilian station to be honest. Good location and not far from DS9 and many other bases in addition to being on major trade routes which will maintain the stations safety and keep business going."

After a heartbeat or two Wolf wrapped up, "The move is a culmination of the above reasons plus we're simply the best people for the job according to the brass. The new location will give us more places to explore, more fires to put out (metaphorically) in the area, and openings for new trade options. It'll be a grand new opportunity and experience for both the crew as well as any civilians that tag along. Also keep in mind we're moving to another Nor class station. It may need a bit of refitting, but before long it'll feel not very different from this place. I've....Had some experience with this sort of thing and that last part is something that I've found time and time again to be something of a truth."

“Sir, if I may, it’s not so much civilians tagging along with us which concerns me. It’s the opposite. Colonel Bannister, what sort of leeway is there for crew to request to remain here? I know of at least two families where one of the couple is a local Cardassian. I know they would prefer to remain. There are others with ties to the region as well though more business than familial ones. I’m not talking about many but I would like to be able to offer the option if it’s available. It would do the world of good morale-wise and would create a favourable impression on the rest of the crew. They’ve gone through a lot together and are a tight knit bunch. To see comrades receiving compassionate treatment would mean a lot to them.”

"Some are staying, Chief. While this going to be mainly a civilian station, there will be a small fleet presence to support it. We need most of the crew at the new 12, however. New station that needs a lot of work in new territory. We'll need the best. However those assigned to come with us who want to stay for VALID reasons, should pass along their requests to me. Conversely I need to make sure the requests from those who are staying to come with us are also joining us," Wolf said.

“There will undoubtedly be those who’ll apply to remain simply because they can’t be bothered moving. Don’t worry, I’ll weed them out, Sir.”

"I appreciate that Chief. I am used to paperwork and dealing with HR situations, but this is....A league that seems a little bit bigger than I am used to. I'm getting a swing for it, but not quite at a point where I can easily make a home run if you catch my drift," the Lieutenant Colonel said.

“It would be nice if the bases were loaded, Sir, but I think we’re at the top of the ninth with batter up and two strikes against her. Would be nice if there were three balls too but I think there’s only one. If we watch the next few pitches carefully though, I think we will be able to hit that home run for you. That one run might just win us the game.”

"Okay, Chief. I've seen a few requests so far and have approved a few strong cases, shot down a lot of weak cases and shot the borderlines to the Captain. Your assistance with filtering a few things out would be first class. Especially with flagging the really important requests and the questionable ones. Anyone who doesn't want to bother with packing up when a transfer is ordered, if you know what I mean," Wolf said with a slightly pained smile.

“Understood, Colonel. I don’t want details but, if any of the crew complain, I trust reasons for refused requests can be made available. I only ask to deflect complaints of favouritism or preferential treatment.”

"Do what you can Chief. I'll respond to any questions posed. If anyone does fuss, tell them it's a compliment. It proves they're needed," Wolf said with a grin.

"If you need anything else, you know how to reach me," the Marshal and XO said with a polite and respectful nod before heading off to his next stop on his nocturnal tour of the station.


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