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Greetings and salutations

Posted on Sat Feb 7th, 2015 @ 12:51pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Science Lab 1

When Jrez entered Science Lab 2 the next morning, he thought he heard an odd noise, muffled and somewhat distorted. He looked around but there was no evident source. He stood still in the middle of the lab and listened. It was only faint but it was definitely there. He patiently waited for the sound to be repeated. As he did so, he turned slowly round in case facing a different direction made the sound easier to locate.

Yes, there it was and it was.... Of course! The realisation hit him at the same moment as a feeling of abject stupidity did. The noise was coming from the next lab.

He walked out and into Science Lab 1. There, sitting at a bench with her back to Jrez was Commander Delrisa.

“Good morning,” he said warmly. “You're up early.”

"Early?" she asked, looking at her chronometer. "My goodness, I didn't realize I was here so late!"

“What brings you down this way?” Jrez asked. “This is a bit out of your usual haunts.”

She moved aside and turned the terminal so that Jrez could sit next to her. "Doing a little research on the Terhoc. They've only recently been in contact with the Federation, some fifteen years now," she said, yawning.

“Terhoc?” Jrez replied through an automatic response yawn he was desperately trying to stifle. “I haven’t heard of them.”

"The people who requested our help, near the Ferengi border," she answered.

“Ah...yes, now that you mention it,” he mused, “I do recall something about it. I think I had just asked a question and was still mulling over the answer when that point came up.” He looked up, turning his attention back to the doctor. “ While I've got you here, I’m continuing research into that virus that struck us back on DS12. I’m making the most of being on a Miranda class vessel. The facilities here are so much better than what we had; and what we will have, I expect.” He rose and turned. “Come with me, Doctor.”

He led the way into the lab he had been working in. “I give you a multi-phase scanning microscope,” he said with a flourish of his arm. “And not just any scanning microscope. This beauty works at the sub-atomic level and I’m not talking electrons here. This works at a much finer level again. Particles are fed here direct from the warp engines. The housing in the ceiling isolates them according to their frequency so that I can choose the wavelength I want to scan at. It then feeds them down along the arms at the side. That way, I can build up a three dimensional image of what I’m scanning. The contraption at the base then collects the particles and feeds them back to the engines; a nice, neat, efficient, pollution free loop. I can bring the image up on the monitors on the wall and manipulate it to gain a greater understanding of what I’m looking at.”

"Fascinating...." she said softly, feeling more awake. "The detail is astounding!"

“It is but it’s not helping. It is unlike anything I have seen before. I was hoping to use its DNA, or even the RNA of its sheath, to ‘reverse engineer’ it, as it were, and work out where it came from.”

"Have there been any matches in our database?" she asked.

“Nothing on the Federation databases. My guess is that it came through the wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant, probably on a trader ship. I’ve put in a request for information on the itinerary of that Rigelian ship but I don’t think they’re the answer. I don’t recall the Gamma Quadrant being on their manifest.”

"Something at the protoatomic level might last years, even decades on a ship," she said, manipulating the image on the screen. "This structure is unlike anything I've ever seen."

“Unfortunately, I might never know. Now that we’re moving away from the area, someone else will have to do the follow up. No point me taking it on from the other end of the frontier. Still and all,” Jrez said with a slight sigh, “it makes for a fascinating study while we’re in transit and I get to play with a wonderful toy. There are worse things could happen to a Trill, I suppose.”

She smiled; as a doctor she could certainly understand his enthusiasm. "Your studies may help us on our little field trip to the Terhoc," she said, yawning again. She stood and stretched her back. "Want to grab some breakfast?"

“Doctor, I would love to but you look like bed might be more appropriate. That is something you will have to enjoy without me,” he added with a broad smile.


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