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Feet on the Deck

Posted on Mon Oct 13th, 2014 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant Helen Shire & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Ensign Nagara

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Abandoned Space Station
Timeline: Current

The atmosphere in the shuttle felt tense as it drew closer toward the bulky station. The gaggle of technicians seemed to knit together like a flock of terrified lambs while Shire's security detail looked quite at ease.

Lieutenant Shire peered at the round structure as it filled the forward viewer before commenting to Warrant Officer Marion: "They certainly didn't build them to be easy on the eye did they?"

Chief Marion had a grim feeling. He was all too familiar with Cardassians and their general attitude of function over form. The station ahead of them was a reflection of that attitude. That desire to put functionality first might be admirable, but he Cards used the same thinking with people. People were just another cog in the wheel.

Chief Marion responded in a flat almost dark tone: "Cardassians purposely choose to show functional and structural elements rather than aesthetics. They reflect their steel attitude in steel grey finishes. Threes are sacred to them, and everything is done to reinforce the hierarchy of their society. They will have left security measures in place."

The security assistant snorted, "Yeah, lets not expect a warm reception." Reading from the sensor displays she plotted in their final approach. "On the plus side she's in pretty good condition with the expectation being completely dark. We'll need suits since life supports offline throughout the complex."

Chief Marion gritted his teeth and slowly nodded, sizing up the situation. Then with a change of attitude, now almost beaming: "Well, I guess there is only one way to find out. Private McDouglas, hand out those Environmental Suits and help everyone get suited up. Ensign Vasser, are you gonna be able to get the lights back on?"

Ensign Elden Vasser had been lost in thought. He had been out of the academy for a couple of years and was looking forward to his promotion to Lieutenant junior grade, whenever that might come along. He had heard that Starfleet was putting together a team to rehabilitate an old Cardassian space station. It seemed to be a way to get noticed. Now that he was on the mission, it didn't seem to be as good of an idea, but that was life. He was here and would do the best he could. Vasser nodded, "Just gotta flip the switch."

The fresh faced Private hurried to the rear of the shuttle flanked by Ensign Harper where they both heaved the bulky suits from storage and began to distribute them.

When he came to Nagara she was already suited. The standard suits would not fit her tiny frame. She had her own opinion about the relative ease with which power would be restored, but she would never dream of disagreeing with a male. She quietly placed her helmet on and checked her seals and gauges. She patted her pockets checking she still had easy access to her own security countermeasures, if it became necessary.

"Hope you're right, Ensign," Shire called as Harper passed her a suit. "I want this station up and running as soon as possible and if the need arises to be able to defend herself."

Vasser knew that things wouldn't go as planned, but he hoped for the best. "That's a tall order, Lieutenant, but I'll do my best to get the ball rolling."

Without power to the station it wasn't safe to dock with the derelict landing pads or ports, they'd have to beam over in teams before the shuttle could be bought securely into place. Donning her helmet and completing the final checks Shire gave the signal for departure.

"Let's get this show on the road," she called rising from the pilot seat having locked in the transporter co-ordinates.

Frank, lost in his own thoughts, with his helmet on, somewhat enjoying the silence, responds, "CWO Marion, Check. Lieutenant, What's the weapons status for this mission?"

"I'd rather not start another ugly scene we'd better stick to just stun for now," Shire answered. "Hopefully we'll find nothing more than a few crafty Shews to eradicate but can't be took careful."

Stepping up the transporter pad to beam over into the derelict station Lieutenant Shire looked over her vagabond team feeling apprehensive; "Ready?"

Vasser nodded inside of his helmet. "Ready."

Nagara moved to the center of the group. As an Opps officer, she would be unlikely to be the first to engage in a fire fight or reactivate the power. Once it was up, or they gained access to the computers, then she would come into play. Until then she just stayed out of everyone's way.

"Computer, energize."


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