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Cure or curse?

Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2009 @ 1:34pm by Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Starbase 611 - Ops

Moving aside from the work going on to restore the starbase's systems, T'Arjia knelt over the corpse of one of the Borg drones that had been taken down in the battle. With one hand, she held out her tricorder, scanning the downed drone, breifly looking back to check that Doctor Ulonova had come with her.

Checking first that everyone else was ok, Leanne walked over and knelt down next to T'Arija. The drone that laid lifeless below them was a stark reminder of the brutal efficiency of the Borg. She pulled out her tricroder as well and looked over at D'Ras. "How can I help?"

T'Arjia gave one last glance back at the others, then gave Leanne her full attention, but kept her voice low so as not to be overheard. "Logic suggests that you are aware of the Captain's crrent medical condition, corect?"

"Yes, her and I have been trying to keep it as low key as possible." Leanne looked at T'Arija she wasn't sure how much she knew about the captains condition, but it might not hurt to have another mind on the case. "Her condition is worsening, on the Klingon ship, I essentially had to irradiate her system. I have a few theories, with the way that the disease has.. if you pardon the phrase, "adapted" my idea for treatment might not be enough."

The Vulcan gave a curt nod. "The Captain made me aware of her condition shortly after returning from the incident with the West Ridge" She tapped a few buttons on her tricorder. "Which brings me to this drone. I have a theory that Borg nanoprobes may be of use, with a little reprogramming, considering what they appear to be designed to do"

"I definitely considered the possibility of using them Up until now, the opportunity to acquire them has proved to be difficult." Leanne looked down at the drone. "To be completely honest, I have also been a little reluctant to go down that road."

"Understandable, in both regards. Being a biologist, this isn't exactly my specialist field, however.." T'Arjia put her hand on Leanne's shoulder "Should we at least not try? If you wish, I will attempt to remove the probes"

"Should be safe now, since this drone is deactivated, we should remove them before the probes are useless." Leanne reached into her medkit and took out a microextractor and handed it to the Ensign. "Should be able to collect them with this."

Taking thr microextractor, T'Arjia inserted it into the drone's arm, and started to extract all the nanoprobes that it had left. After a few moment, the device had pulled out all it could, and she handed it back to Doctor Ulonova. "It would br prudent to collect a couple more samples, however, it might draw undue attention. If there are any inactive drones left once the station is secure, I'll go about getting more samples" She curled up her lips in an approxomation of a smile "Thank you for your time, Doctor"

"Sounds like a plan." Leanne looked at the extractor. "I hope these little things help the captain."
"Of course."


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