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New assignment

Posted on Mon Sep 22nd, 2014 @ 8:03am by Lieutenant Helen Shire

Mission: The move
Location: Captain's office

Ops was abuzz with activity. So much needed to be done for the move to the new location. Harrison stood inside the door to his office and watched with pride. This was a well oiled crew. They knew their duties and they fulfilled them efficiently.

The move was almost ready to begin. Just one more thing needed to be put in place. He tapped his commbadge.

“Lieutenant Shire. My office at your convenience, if you please.”

Absorbed in the task of weapon maintenance on deck 52 Lieutenant Shire flinched at the call. It took a moment to both recover from the sudden interruption and to realize it the importance of the voice behind them summons. With renewed care and swiftness the women reassembled the phaser then returned it to the locker before heading to meet Captain Harrison.

12 minutes later

The woman took the opportunity to study the bustle in Operations since this wasn't a location she often found herself in. Despite her years of service upon the station the hub of the beast fascinated her. Boldly she crossed to Harrison's plush office expecting to hit the chime for admittance, but the doors parted before her freely.

"Captain, you wished to see me?" she asked striding inside.

“Please take a seat, Lieutenant. We are now ready to send an advance party to our new location. I would like you to form a team and head it up.”

News that they were arriving to this point in the relocation didn't come as a surprise, Shire had been boxing up gear for the best part of a fortnight. The prospect of leaving the remainder of the packing for someone else was very appealing, the prospect had her instantly upon the edge of her seat. Better still Harrison wanted her at the forefront of it all. "Are you expecting some sort of trouble?" she asked unsure why he'd picked her as his primary lead.

“I do not anticipate any problems. Starfleet advices that the station is intact. It is no Empok Nor which needs to be rebuilt form scratch. In fact, General Corrus has assured me that there will people there to conduct a hand over with you. All you should need to do is switch on the lights. Nonetheless, I do not wish to take chances. I want someone there who is able to adapt to whatever presents itself.”

"Don't worry sir we'll keep her warm for you," Shire smiled at then proposition of being useful again. "I won't disappoint."

“I would not have chosen you otherwise. I will leave the team choices up to you. Thank you, Lieutenant.”

That was the one thing Helen liked about Nelson Harrison, he was always swift, to the point, businessman like. None of this wafty, airy fairy waffle dancing round in circles attempting to paint a message. "Thank you sir, I'll source out people for the job."

“One other thing, there is a Ferengi....”

A beep from his commbadge cut Harrison off in mid sentence.


=^=Priority message from Starfleet, Sir. They’re requesting to speak to you immediately.=^=

He looked towards Lieutenant Shire and rolled his eyes upwards. “Thank you. Patch them through.”

=^=Captain Harrison, I am Commander Jacobsen,=^= a woman’s voice announced. She sounded tired. =^=We have just received disturbing news. One of our colonies – Quatal Prime – has been attacked. Early indications are there were no survivors.=^=

“Quatal Prime? I have not heard of it, Commander.” He looked back towards Shire.

Wondering if she was now excused with the interruption, Shire thought perhaps she should slip away to avoid overhearing something she shouldn't. Instead she found herself being drawn deeper into the conversation. At Harrison's questioning gaze regarding the colony, Helen shook her head indicating she didn't know of it either.

=^=It was a Cardassian colony which was transferred to us at the end of the Dominion War. It was one of those they gave up because they couldn’t hope to maintain it. Since then it has quietly prospered though it has never had any great significance.=^=

“I assume it is in the demilitarized zone?”

=^=It is.=^=

Unable to hold back her curiosity, the Lieutenant asked the one question that, in her opinion, should have been asked first: "Who attacked the colony?"

=^=I’m sorry, who are you? This was meant to be a secure line.=^=

The younger woman blanched momentarily, forgetting who was on the other end. She glanced sheepishly toward Nelson for forgiveness.

“That is Lieutenant Shire, my Assistant Chief Security Officer. I was briefing her on our move to our new location. She will be heading up the advance party.”

=^=Thank you. Then it is perhaps fortuitous that you are present, Lieutenant. It is precisely because of that move that I am contacting you, Captain. Quatal Prime is close to your new location. Starfleet wants you to investigate the attack. And in answer to your question, Lieutenant, we do not know. It will be up to you to find out. Jacobsen out.=^=

“It seems you will be doing more than merely turning on the lights, Lieutenant.” He picked up a padd and brought up a map of the region they were moving to. He looked closely but no Quatal Prime was to be seen. Finally he ran a search. The entry for it consisted of two lines and added nothing to what Jacobsen had said. “Why there?” he mused. “It is not on any trade routes and it appears to have no military significance.”

Shire shrugged. "Perhaps there's something the Commander isn't telling us, something that would make it a tempting target."

“Or maybe it was a Dresden raid.”

"A what raid, sir?"

“During World War II on Earth, in the twentieth century, the Allies bombed a German city called Dresden. It had no military or economic significance. The raid was carried out to show the Germans that their cities were vulnerable. It was also used as a trial run for the larger raids that were to follow. Maybe someone has attacked this Quatal Prime because they knew it was defenceless. They could get in and out again with minimal losses. At the same time they are making a statement that the long peace is over.”

"Something tells me our new location won't be as peacefully was some had hoped." The women sighed. "If it was a raid as you suggest that'll make us a lovely new target with a far larger impact than some tiny outcrop."

Harrison considered that opinion. “I tend to agree, Lieutenant. Certainly, I suggest you act as if that is the case. I do not know if this will change the make-up of your team but I will still leave that in your capable hands.” He fixed Shire with a steady gaze. “You have my full authority to act as you see fit, Lieutenant: both during your voyage to our new location and once you are there. You represent me and, as I am the commander of Deep Space 12, that gives you jurisdiction. If anyone currently on the station wants to dispute that, refer them straight to me. If they do not like that, they can talk to General Corrus. I am sure he will back you. Just to make sure, though, I think a chat with the General would be in order.”

A smile tugged at the Lieutenant's lips despite the weight of responsibility Harrison was placing upon her. "I'll try not to upset the apple cart sir. I think you already have enough to deal with."


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