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The Rounds, Pressure

Posted on Fri Nov 21st, 2014 @ 5:43am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: The move
Location: Corridore near Sickbay and Counceling
Timeline: 1145 hours

Wolf'd been touring the station for what might be the last time. He realized that he was wandering more than touring by now. The expression "too tired to sleep" fit him perfectly.

Leaning against a bulkhead, he let out a slow breath. Juggling Marshall duty and XO duty was something he could manage. The addition of Chief of Security was a bit much though. He was spent however. He was wondering how things would work out with the Earp tagging with the armada.

He didn't realize that he was standing right next to the councilor's office. He wasn't sure that would've mattered either way had he noticed but he was there.

"A penny for your thoughts, Wolf?" a voice interrupted his musings. The tall frame of Lieutenant O'Reily blocked out most of the light emitting from his office as he observed the XO. "Or should I offer you a simulant instead?" he asked having seen the tired expression upon the man's face.

Wolf grinned lightly and looked over at Nick, "Thanks counselor, but I'll pass on the stims. I think the checking in around the station has helped me wind down. It's been helpful too I think."

Looking more squarely at the Lietenant he asked, "How's things going in this neck of the woods?"

Shrugging the tall man leant against the door frame: "Relatively quite, a few concerns and anxiety about moving stations but nothing too serious. Most Starfleet personnel move about without fuss, its mostly the family members that have the woes or the civilians. They'll livelihoods are about to change so naturally they have questions and mounds of uncertainly."

With a tired sigh and matching chuckle, Wolf said, "I had a similar discussion on that fact with Mr. Jrez. We've been given solid assurances that Bokter Nor will be in fine shape and ready to go when we arrive. It'll be very similar to life here for the most part. The faces may not be all the same and there might be a slight change in the general...feel of the place, but for the most part....."

With a smile, Bannister looked at O'Reily and added, "I thought it interesting that the Cardassians left behind a place that translates to 'Victory Station' to the Federation when they pulled back."

The XO paused and looked thoughtfully at Nick for a moment, "Councilor, I am not sure I ever said this but I feel I should. Thank you....."

"What for?" Nick's brow crinkled slightly. "In my opinion I certainly don't deserve your appreciation since I've less than professional toward you on a number of occasions. To be honest I'm surprised I'm still here."

"Maybe not....But I understand your reasoning and think I understand your reasoning better than you might realize. And also, I do hear you've helped quite a few people around here. That's no small thing. I keep hearing it and I think the least that can be done is to say those two words. If coming from me helps reinforce the point, so be it. For whatever it's worth, thank you," Wolf said with earnest sincerity and feeling.

"Thanks," an uncharacteristic colour flared upon the counsellor's cheek. Wolf's admission was genuine as too was his intent. "I try to help where possible."

"Well, your efforts seem to be working. Scuttlebutt is some of the best information with regards to what's on the crews minds as a whole I've found."

Nick chuckled lightly. "Doesn't sound the most reliable form of intelligence gathering."

Wolf smirked, "There's always the old saying "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.' I've heard it too many times for there to be no substance to it, Nick. There's been enough, actually, that it's pretty compelling stuff. Don't sell yourself short."

"....And keep up the good work. It really IS appreciate," Wolf said with a friendly grin and nod.

"Note taken sir," the counsellor smiled giving into the friendly banter. "How much more preparation is remaining before the move?"

"Inside the next 48 hours is the expectation from the reports," Wolf said thoughtfully.

Nick whistled softly. "That soon? Sounds like I'd better not keep you any longer."

"I think a little time studying the back of my eyelids may be in order. I don't know if or how many more chances I'll have soon," he said before smiling genuinely at Nick and saying, "Let me know if you need anything for the trip from my end."

"I will, thanks Wolf." Nick replied. "Go rest, you deserved it."


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