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A hurried conference

Posted on Wed Oct 15th, 2014 @ 5:32am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister

Mission: The move
Location: Captain's office

No sooner was Lieutenant Shire out the door did Harrison punch a button on his desk.

“Ops, patch me through to General Corrus” he ordered brusquely. “Priority One. Secure line.”

“A moment, Sir” came a quick reply. “There’s a solar storm between us and Headquarters. It’s interfering with communications.”

“Then route the link through a different relay,” Harrison snapped. “Send it right around the back of Romulan space if you have to. I need to talk to the General and I need to do so now

He did not wait for a reply and did not look down into Ops to see what the reaction was to his order. He had to think on the implications of this latest news and he had given himself little time in which to do so.

It took Corrus 90 seconds or so to respond to the communication having recently hit the rack being the nighttime of his schedule. Years of combat and command experience had him well practiced at being quick to respond to priority communications. When his face replaced the Federation logo, he was visibly wearing a civilian tunic that matched his unseen sweat pants. His hair was slightly more tousled than usual but not much more than usual.

"Captain Harrison," the General said with a nod, "I assume you have something for me based on the priority status of this communication?"

“General, I think I can report back to you on our need for support vessels sooner than anticipated.”

"You've got my attention, Captain. Go on," the flag officer said.

“Have you heard of Quatal Prime?”

"I have heard of it, Captain Harrison. The details I have gotten have been sparse and not very detailed however. I've needled my contacts in Intel for more info, but that always takes time."

The fact that the general replied using Harrison’s rank gave the captain pause. “A Commander Jacobsen contacted me,” he said carefully. “I have just finished being briefed by her. She did not have much to offer either. From the sound of her voice though, I would guess the news has caused a few sleepless nights.”

MG let off a not very professional strangled snort, indicating how close Harrison came to the mark, "One or two for me. Even more for others that shall remain nameless."

“I have the personnel to make preliminary investigations,” Harrison advised. “I also have ships which can do the job. I would prefer to send a Defiant in though, Sir. Given we don’t know what to expect, I would prefer an approach which can allow for outcomes both good and bad.”

"Move forward with it, Captain. I doubt I need to tell you to proceed with caution. Loosing good people and ships would be unfortunate to put it mildly, which I am sure you agree with."

“Acting precipitously is a trait of the other side of my family,” Harrison said cryptically. He assumed Corrus would know about Napier but until he knew more about Corrus’ opinion of his brother, Harrison was not about to say anything inflammatory. “You have my assurance that we will act with all due caution. That having been said, what leeway do we have in taking action? I will keep you informed at all times but we might be faced with a situation where an immediate response is necessary.”

The marine studied Harrison for a heartbeat or two, electing to keep his opinions to himself unless farther prompted with regards to Nelson's family. On the other point he said, "There is a patrol group that will be in the neighborhood keeping an eye on things. They'll be able to respond if you need a hand with anything."

"Aside from the ships being dispatched for the move, is there anything special we might be able to send along," General Corrus asked with a very convincing deadpan.

Harrison smiled wanly. “Some useful Intelligence would be nice, General. No, sir, I do not think there is anything else.” He paused. “Actually....”

MG chuckled, "Out with it Mr. Harrison. I asked, after all. The worst I will say is no after opening that can of worms."

“Could you inform one of the starbases close to our new base, please. It would be a long supply chain to keep a ship provisioned from here in what might be hostile territory. Best if it can visit a friendly facility to restock and for maintenance. Better still if they know to expect it.”

"Hmmm," MG said as he looked over a pad. "You do realize the size of your transport armada, don't you?"

“I don’t mean the armada, General. I will send a ship to investigate then confer with you on the appropriate course of action. However, I can not keep a ship supplied from here if an extended stay is required. Also, if emergency aid is required, it would be better being supplied from a closer base.”

"Ah. That's something that can be arranged with some ease. I'll get it taken care of. Forward the timeline to me and I'll make sure the supplies and aide are ready as needed, Captain," MG said with a nod.


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