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More than just files

Posted on Fri Oct 10th, 2014 @ 2:04am by

Mission: The move

Eye straining, mind numbing, soul crushing bureaucratic paper pushing targ excrement. That was what Tori thought every time she had to deal with the standard administrative business that her job revolved around. She longed for the care free days of making inane rounds and checking hatches that never opened. Taking orders and doing things, that was what she was best at, not paperwork. Why did she become an officer again?

The Lieutenant got up from her desk, moving over to the replicator, still reading a PADD. After spending a great deal of time on homicide, now it was the boring paperwork that made her want to commit homicide. "Coffee, black, 80 degrees." She said, despite knowing she should limit the caffeine intake. This was her third cup.

As the shimmering blue energy formed a cup, she stared into space, lost in thoughts about names, schedules, and assignments. Then footsteps, she spun quickly, her hand instinctively going to her hip. Her breath caught when she realized it was just Senior Chief Shakaar.

The older Bajoran man stopped, raising an eyebrow. "Little jumpy, Lieutenant?" He said gently, in a voice that betrayed understanding. TorI felt ashamed, she blushed slightly then grabbed her coffee.

"Can I help you, Senior?" She asked, trying to regain her composure as she sat down. The coffee burned her tongue as she sipped it, but that pain helped ground her to reality. Kept her mind from ending up somewhere else.

Shakaar smiled slightly, it seemed genuine, but not quite warm. He was medium build, more salt than pepper in his once dark hair. A long scar marred his otherwise kind looking face, but it matched his eyes. Dark chocolate eyes that held years of experience behind them. "Legate is back I. His embassy, smug as a bug. I wanted to discuss personnel with you."

"Oh? Please, take a seat." Tori asked, grabbing a PADD. "Any problems?"

"You. You don't know the team yet, and you're going around making demands without a second thought and no explanation." Shakaar said as he grabbed a chair. "Half the people you've given orders to you hadn't even met before. Takes a toll on morale, Lieutenant."

Svardberg signed and sipped her coffee again. She carefully sat the cup down. "I'm the Chief of Security, their department head, I shouldn't have to make explanations." She said defensively, her shoulders tensing.

"Lieutenant, I'm going to admit taking the liberty of reading your personnel file. You've worked your way from the bottom. You know that enlisted do not trust officers just because they have pips on their collars. People don't trust someone just because they are in a position above them. Yes, you are their department head. One of many recently. One got himself killed. Another you've waged war against. Who would you trust?"

It was difficult to admit, but the Senior Chief was right. In the past, she really would have bucked against an officer who came in and stirred things up. Now she was that officer. Tori rubbed her neck, looking down at her coffee instead of meeting the Bajoran's face.

"You may have a point. I did barge in. Came aboard and first thing I got was a homicide investigation with nothing to go on. Two, actually. Amid great changes." Tori said, explaining.

"Hard not to get tunnel vision, Lieutenant, but take a moment to slow down. Get to know your team. They're more than just names in files. Talk to them." Shakaar said, scratching his greying hair. "Get to know people. Let them get to know you."

Tori grinned wryly, "Well, getting to know me takes more than a little bit of time. But thank you, Senior Chief, I will make an effort to be a little bit more personable. Oh, and Senior Chief, it's snug as a bug."

The Senior Chief stood up, nodding slightly to Tori. "With Cardassians, smug is always the right word. Have a good day, Lieutenant."


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