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Sent to the ether

Posted on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 @ 3:16am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Helen Shire & Ensign Elden

Mission: The move

=^=Kyle to Lieutenant Shire.=^=

Surprised to be contacted from outside of her current creepy locations Helen Shire adjusted her comm channel. "Go ahead Kyle"

=^=Lieutenant, there’s a strange signal emanating from the station.=^=

Beneath her helmet the Lieutenant frowned at the news. "What sort of signal?" she asked already wondering if this could be connected to the attack on the outlaying colony.

=^=It doesn’t follow a pattern as such though there are repeated ‘phrases’ for want of a better term. I haven’t been able to translate them though.=^=

A repeating signal, Shire pondered pausing to shine her beam around the new room she'd just entered. "Keep trying, the more we know about this the better."

=^=I’m tryin' to design an algorithm which will pin it down but no luck yet.=^=

Finding nothing of interest in her location Shire pushed on and turned her thoughts back to the conversation. "Where's the signal being sent to?"

=^=It’s omnidirectional. At first I thought it might be some sort of distress signal but it’s not short and repetitive like a distress signal'd be.=^=

"Can you tell how long its been active for?" she asked wondering if their arrival had triggered the process.

=^=Give me a moment.=^= Kyle tapped the screen on his PADD, bringing up the virtual keyboard. He keyed in a string of code and watched as the results flashed down the screen.

=^=That’s weird.=^=

"What is?" she asked sharply.

=^=Sorry, Lieutenant, talkin’ to m’self. Looks like an automatic signal but I’m seein’ code written behind the main code. The main message is just a report to the Cardassian High Command that systems are bein’ reactivated on the station. Nothin’ unusual in it. All looks like standard protocol to me. Then there’s another to the Obsidian Order that the command parameters didn’t come from a Cardassian source, which is strange given the ones we used came from the High Command itself.=^=

"That is strange," Shire agreed. "We can't take chances, as soon as we find the beacon we'll disable it."

“Ah, we might ‘ave a problem there. I think we’ll be lookin’ for the proverbial needle in a haystack. It’ll likely be no more’n a single chip. Anyways, if I can identify the rest of the code we might not ‘ave a problem. It’s not as if we’re trying to sneak on board or anythin’. The Cardies knows we’re ‘ere.”

"Great," Shire sighed. "I wonder how long it will before they send a welcoming party."

=^=No Cardy presence in the region from what I can see on scanners so you have plenty of time.=^=

"Thanks for the info Kyle, keep me updated on any changes."

Kyle thought about what he was seeing on the screen. Then he ran a diagnostic test. =^=’Ere, Nagara,=^= he said. =^=what was that you said about a Phantasm program? Could it send out messages like made believe someone was reportin’ our presence?=^=

Nagara thought hard, "It's not impossible but.... Well, they tend to be used to scare people off, not call attention to themselves. I suspect if you have been able to break the code so easily, the message is not really Obsidian Order. Or it is a very old and outdated code. If we do a cold reboot of all power systems that should kill the 'Haunt'. They are usually very simple."

=^=You’ll ‘ave to do that from your end, Nagara. Can’t access those systems up ‘ere.=^=

Nagara glanced at her superior for confirmation, "We'll need to get to engineering and take the reactor offline. It means we will be without any power during the cool-down/reboot time."

She glanced at Ensign Elden, "If you would be so kind as to scram the reactor, I'll manage the power flows to avoid brown outs."

Elden arched an eyebrow. He wondered about turning the power off. It seemed excessive to remove a bug. "I would suggest you at least put on your grav boots. Things can get a little wonky when we do a reactor shutdown."

Shire pinged Kyle: "You sure this would solve it?" she questioned. "Last thing I want is more problems."

=^=Yes, M’am,=^= Kyle replied. =^=I know it sounds like we’re ‘ittin’ it with a sledge’ammer but these systems.... They need a good kick up the....=^= He decided it would be judicious not to describe just where the kick should be placed.

"Alright," Shire addressed her party, "You heard the man, the sooner the reactor is restarted the better."

Elden nodded, then turned to the panel. "Everybody hang on to something."


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