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Posted on Thu Feb 26th, 2015 @ 4:58am by Lieutenant Colonel Wolfric Bannister & Jillian Forst

Mission: The move
Location: TBD

Jill looked in the mirror at the green uniform, and hated it. It had been years since she put on an actual uniform and it was bringing back all of the awful memories that working within a chain of command brought with it.

Wolf had packed everything he could and was looking forward to the move. He'd hoped he'd be able to dock the Earp for the trip but she was equipped for a long haul if needed. As much as he liked Jill, he'd really like to spend time with his girls.

Wearing his uniform with green shirt and marine long coat, he came up to Forst's quarters and activated the chime. He smiled slightly as he waited for an answer.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." She moved out of her bedroom and over towards the door. The door slid open and there stood Wolf. She stopped for a minute, looking at him before squinting her eyes. "You probably love seeing me in this get up don't you. It doesn't feel nearly as good as my normal outfit."

"Why, didn't ya know, Deputy? I quite like ya in any outfit. I'd get in trouble if I suggested none, after all," he said with an impish grin and a bit of a drawl showing.

She let out a sigh. "What can I do for you Wolf? Or Colonel, or, hell I don't even really know what to call you now.. and how often do I need to wear this? Is it just a formality or do I need to be romping around in this thing?"

"Technically when you are on official duty, unless you're under cover. You know me though. Official duty where civvies would be an issue...Otherwise, your call unless I say otherwise for now," he said honestly.

After a moment he said, "Screw it. Official duty, uniform. Duster with green band and rank insignia over civilian garb, preferred coloring of marine uniforms or best guess. Deal?"

"Why don't you come on in Wolf." Jill moved out of the door. "That sounds fine I suppose. Coffee?"

Wolf came in at the invite and nodded saying with a grin at the end, "With cream and sugar please. And I'm glad it's acceptable. That's about as fast and loose as I can get away with. Besides, I can't really fault you for suiting up to a similar level as me. I'd have a bad time at being that hypocritical."

"Well, I think it might be a good idea for me to keep it on the quiet that I'm actually official and such. You know for appearance and such. I figure I might be a good resource for us to be more or less undercover all the time." Jill went over the the replicator and pushed the button for coffee. "You want some?"

"Sure," he said simply looking thoughtful.

Bannister added with a grin, "I see your point. I can't get away from it all the time...I may make it up to you but you won't get out of it all the time either. You'll get away with it more often than I will though I suspect."

The coffee materialized, the steam rose slowly off of the top and Jill took a long whiff of the top before bringing a cup over to to Wolf. "Well, we'll see. I don't look too bad in green huh? I guess there are some times that I could wear it huh" She turned towards Wolf. "What is going on? Hows life?"

"I know better to say that my partner in crime, as it were, looks bad in anything, Jill. I might be crazy but I'm not a complete idiot," Wolf said with a slight grin.

He sobered up as he continued, "Mostly focused on this move and the surrounding events. I'm Federation Marshal, Acting XO and it feels a little like Acting Strategic Operations officer. I know I need to do a lot of research for the Marshaling business but sheesh."

"Stay here for a moment." Jill went in the back room. "Keep talking, I'm listening, just changing out of these greens since I don't have to wear them anymore." She fumbled around for her clothes. Most of them had been packed up into various boxes. "Don't forget doating boyfriend too, how are you balancing that?" She started unbuttoning the green tunic and threw it back into the box.

"Kind of like I'm juggling live photon grenades," he said with a wry smile with matching tone of voice.

With a shake of his head, Wolf added, "Not quite that bad. It's not easy though. Easier to pull 10 things at once and play Romeo at 24 than a bit past 34. Thing is I am not sure if I'd be better at it or if I just have thought I was better at it."

Jill huffed as she looked at the last bit of clean clothes she had laying around, a white blouse and some slacks. "Yeah, hrumph" she tried pulling on the pants, though they were way too tight. After a bit of struggling she was able to clasp them. "So, anyways, I got some leads on some different bad guy groups out towards the new station." she took a deep breath, and threw the blouse and quickly buttoned it up. "Interested?"

Wolf shook his head, shaking out the images he imagined was right around the corner....He was in love and loyal to the Doctor but he had to struggle to keep his thoughts from straying since his partner was damned easy to look at and someone he cared for though not the same way as Soraya.

He grinned a little, if you can pardon the pun, wolfishly as what she said clicked before he said, "Sounds like fun. A little hunt may beat the hum drum of convoy duty. I mean hanging with Annabelle, their dog and the baby targ would be fun while not playing doctor with the doctor.....I guess I do need to earn my pay and I ain't quite sure Captain Harrison will quite need an XO while we're in transit. We got what we can do done and the rest has to wait for the advanced team then us."

Jill stiffly moved through the doorway and out into the main area. "Most of my stuff is stowed, I shouldn't have put so many clothes into storage." She tried to take a deep breathe, but was left making short, shallow breathes. "So yeah, the off world planet, bad guys, go harass them a bit and figure out what is going on with them mostly." She stopped. "What?" Her eyes narrowed a bit at Wolf. "I'm out of clothes.. and none of the damn replicators can ever make a good fitting outfit, I always have to have them tailored."

Wolf loved teasing Jill as she was a dear friend and he'd always tended to be less than formal with the rare partner. They were closer than he'd ever been with any other partner he had almost noticed on some basic level.

He also found joking tended to help with the mostly casual interest/curiousity he usually had to fight down around her. If the Universe had just blinked at another moment....

He grinned, arching an eyebrow before saying, "I didn't say a thing. If you want, the Earp's computers tend to be a bit more....intuitive when replicating desired clothing. You can use them for things more to your taste when we get underway. I do have to say, those are a little flattering....Even with that skinny butt of yours."

"That would probably be the best, I'll send over some clothing files that I can have you replicate." Jill stiffly moved over and sat down in the chair and tried to cross her legs. The pants didn't budge so she curled them under her.

The Marshal ducked laughing his eyes sparkling at his partner. His laughs faded as he said, "Alright, alright. Seriously, I think it could be a good start to cleaning up the space around our new home. A lot of pirate types simply piss me off. Hurting innocents, raiding cultural treasures, transporting poison in the form of drugs and weapons to even less savory sorts.....If we can put a few out of business, even better."

"Sounds good, I've got some leads we can go knock some heads or something. Maybe pick through some of the things that aren't evidence you know what I mean?" She paused for a moment. "Do you think this move is fubar?"

"We wont be able to grab everything wholesale, but we'll see what we can do to cover your P.I. fees," he said managing to hold back a head shake as he did so.

He shrugged at the other part saying, "Something like this usually has some hiccups in it. So far this one has been smoother than usual, but it's far from over."

The detective rubbed her chin for a moment as she thought through things. "Well, if you are up for it, as soon as I get changed and into something a little more comfortable, we can get headed out in front of the rest of the group, probably better to keep a low profile huh?"

With a nod, Wolf said, "We should keep a low profile. I can't think of many missions we need to ramp up the profile on but this is not one. Been doing a lot of thinking though....."

"Thinking huh? That is usually dangerous Mr. Bannister." She smiled as she tried to move and failed. "I'm curious as to what how those circuits work up there."

"It's where us men stop drinking and start thinking where things get nasty," Wolf said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Sobering some, he said, "We can't really go in lights flashing and guns blazing. A little sneaking around might well be in order though. The Earp's cloak will be useful there. We'll have to be careful with that too....One big advantage is that not many know she has one. Depending what we find, your skills with communications and....well, creative computer techniques could be handy."

"Sounds great buddy, and to be honest, the sooner I can get into some better fitting clothes the better to be honest. When are we officially supposed to be in the area? Time tables have been thrown all over the place so I'm not sure." The clothes were really starting to get uncomfortable, Jill let a slight grimace cross her face she tried to get more comfortable on the chair. She could only imagine what the Marshall was thinking, it was probably for the best that he was attached as it were to the Doctor, Delrisa seemed like a good fit for him.

Wolf was glad he was a skilled poker player. He know his face wasn't revealing. He hoped it was enough to keep his blush response to a minimum.

He was able to keep his tone and voice even as he said, "We'll be taking off inside the next hour and change. The armada is already getting loaded and we'll leave the same time they do. We cloak and slip away a few minutes out. We poke around, poke someone in the eye as needed along with take a little intel...and some liberties as we can....Then head for our new home. Could be fun."

The end of his sentence was light toned and came with a bit of a grin. She was his friend and partner....and damned good at being both....whatever the proverbial devil on his shoulder may be whispering.

"Alright, I'll meet you down at the bay here in an hour. I'll bring the big guns ok?" Jill cracked a bit of a grin. "Hopefully I can earn my keep around here."

"You and me both. See you there in an hour. I'll even make sure the Earp is warmed up and ready to go," he said with a smile before heading out to do as promised.

He was glad he already had everything but a duffle bag loaded up. He didn't have a lot but he wanted his energy saved for the flight and anything that might come their way. Least he'd have good company.


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