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Appropriating a Detail

Posted on Wed Feb 4th, 2015 @ 4:57am by Consul Jaron

Mission: Trouble on the frontier

Jaron moved with purpose, as he always did under orders from the Senate.

He despised working with Starfleet. But, alas, duty comes first. His only duty was to S'Ranya, and he knew he could not fail her. At least, not again.

As he entered the meeting room, he noted the officers seated before him.

“Welcome, Jaron,” Harrison said cordially. “I am sorry but do you have a rank or title? I have only dealt with the Romulan military previously so I am unsure of the etiquette here.”

Jaron fought the urge to express his rage at the Captain's ignorance. Instead he responded, "I understand that the... intricacies of Romulan society no doubt puzzle you, however my rank within the Diplomatic Corps is Consul, and position is Chief Aide." He sensed the tone of insult in his own voice, and was pleased.

“And your mistress.... Does she prefer to be addressed as Madame Ambassador, Madame Ambassadress or merely as Ambassador? Or would her rank as Subcommander be more appropriate?”

"Madame Ambassador or simply Ambassador will do." He moved toward the officer, his voice carrying warning. "I would advise against referring to the Ambassador as Subcommander. Besides she now holds the Honorary Rank of Colonel in the Tal'Shiar." He said with a menacing smile.

“Thank you. I apologise for the diversion but I am glad we have cleared that up. Now, how might we assist you?”

Jaron handed the officer a PADD, "This outlines the prescribed security measures the Senate would like enforced for all Romulan diplomats in foreign settings." He paused thoughtfully. "Given the current state of the Empire, we were not able to accommodate this on our own." He produced another PADD and handed it to the Captain, "This is my revised version, utilizing Starflet security personnel to supplement the deficit Romulan security."

Harrison perused the PADD. “Thank you. I will see to it that your requirements are met.”


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