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What a pity

Posted on Mon Feb 2nd, 2015 @ 6:24am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Serge Maschnost

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Science Lab 2

As Harrison’s voice came over comms, Jrez put aside what he was doing so that he could pay attention. As the nature of the announcement became clear, he resumed reading the print out of results from an experiment he was running. As long as the new station had decent science facilities, he was not overly concerned about the ‘entertainments’ it might provide. He would make use of them occasionally but they were not central to his existence.

When the announcement ended, he turned to Ensign Tevek.

“I don’t suppose it will matter to you what the Promenade has to offer, either,” he said.

The Vulcan’s response was not unexpected. Jrez decided to turn his attention to his superior officer. The announcement had presented him with an ideal time to have some fun with Maschnost.

“Lieutenant,” he called across the lab. “It’s a pity the Cardassians removed the old ‘entertainments’. I hear they were quite...stimulating. You would have had fun.”

Serge was bored, and that was a rare thing for him. This freighter had next to no significant sensor data and computing space was limited. He was reduced to running four body problems on his PADD using his reduced algorithms. He glanced up, trying to catch up on the conversation that had just swept past him.

"Oh?" he hazarded. "I wonder if there will be a Risan shop. My fiance is always telling me I should try jamaharon. The Risan delegates I entertained were quite keen on it too. Apparently it is quite stimulating and energetic. I have not been able to find any of the rules though. Have you tried it, Chief? Could you show me how it is done?"

Jrez smiled. This could prove interesting, he thought. “Stimulating? Certainly. Energetic? It can be. That all depends on how you wish to approach it. Tell me, has she given you a horga'hn?” he asked innocently.

"Those little statue things?" Serge asked with a frown. "Yes, we seemed to get a lot of them for our engagement presents. Some of them, from her family, were quite worn. I expect all of her family participate regularly."

“Then I suggest you purchase one, Lieutenant. It would indicate your openness to joining her in jamaharon”.

"A new one? I guess... where would I get one though?"

“Honestly, I don’t know where you would purchase one other than on Risa. I could ask Natalya if you like. I doubt there’ll be one on the new station yet by the sound of the captain’s comments. I could suggest to Lieutenant Stills that one be established, if you like.”

"Erm..." Serge hesitated, "I don't know if that would be a good idea. One of the Security officers asked her if she had one a few weeks ago and he... he's still in traction. I really just want to know what I am in for."

“Finding out more is a good idea. I remember there was a holoprogram at Quark’s on DS9. What was it called...? Ah, yes.... Risian Ear Clinic – The Jamaharon Continues. The title would suggest it was made for the Ferengi market but it might prove instructive nonetheless. I wonder if they have it on the Intrepid?”

"Maybe I should ask the ensign in charge of the Holodeck and field emitters to show me around the Jamaharon simulations. She is about my age, but she may have had more experience than me. I am sure Natalya would be pleased with my wanting to try."

“Ah,” Jrez said quickly, “Yes, I'm sure she would. But it might be best if Natalya showed you round.” We don't want the good ensign ending up in traction, too, he added to himself. “Maybe if you leave one of the less worn horga'hns in a prominent position in your quarters.... Somewhere where Natalya's bound to spot it.”


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