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Romulan Intrigue

Posted on Sat Jan 24th, 2015 @ 4:14pm by Sub-Commander Valk'o & Consul Jaron

Mission: The move
Location: IRW Chula
Timeline: Supplemental

'So much to do!' S' Ranya thought, pacing the length of the vast viewport in her VIP Quarters aboard the Imperial Romulan Warbird Chula.

She was reviewing the specifications of her assignment on a PADD. Deep in thought, she was disturbed by the door chime.

"Enter." She called, her voice flat.

She ws surprised to see her Chief Aide, Jaron, standing in the doorway. He was clearly surprised to see her awake at this hour.

"Ambassador, you requested that you be advised as we came alongside the Intrepid. " Jaron said, a pang of fear in his soothing baritone voice.

"Thank you Mister Jaron. Have my personal affects delivered, and make arrangements for my transport. " commanded S' Ranya. " I assume that you and Miss Valko are prepared to depart?"

"Yes ma'am. "He responded, "I will have the arrangements made, and report back in kind."

"Very well. " she said, returning her attention to the PADD. "You may go."

Jaron straightened himself before turning to depart.

"And Jaron," S' Ranya began, without looking up.

"Yes ma'am. " he said, turning fearfully toward the Ambassador.

"Let's not have a repeat of our last posting." She warned, glancing slightly to gage his reaction.

Jaron considered this warning for a moment, before respoding with an appropriate amount of remorse in his voice, " Of course ma'am. "

And with that, he turned and departed the Ambassador's Quarters. Leaving S' Ranya to smile, lightly, to herself.


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