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To Engineer the Facts

Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:58am by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

After her meeting with the Doctor, Beverly decided it was time to walk the halls of the Genesis. Tour her ship before it's first mission. It may seem a relatively simple mission, but to her it was important for it to run smoothly. This mission was the first of what she hoped would be many with the Genesis under her command.
She found herself wandering the engineering hull, finding places and areas she hadn't known existed. She was also very suprised at how clean and tidy the secondary hull was. She had never appreciated just how difficult it was to run a vessel until it was thrust upon her, and she could now appreciate how difficult it was for a chief engineer to keep the ship in the sky.
It was time to make her precence known with her engineering team.

She was only a short distance away from the main engineering and the journey was short. She didn't expect to find many people working in engineering given the fact that no serious damage was needing repair and most of the ship was functioning normally.

She rounded a corner, and infront off her was the driving force behind her ship, the warp core. It's gentle blue light and thrum of the power running through it soothed her worn nerve's.
"Lieutenant Wesdon, are you down here", she called out, "Mister Wesdon....", still nothing. "Podi!".

Podi popped his head around from behind a corner, he had several pieces of pipe around his neck and torso and was covered in dust and some black substance that made him look like a rag-and-bone mechanic. He was holding a tricorder in his right hand, which he rested on the ground to get to his feet.He dusted himself off to make himself presentable, and took off most of the pieces of piping. "Oh, Commander DeVour, I didn't hear you come in, but that was probably because I had my head in this wall, banging at things.' Some gas hissed from Podi's removed panel in the wall and several pieces came loose again as the gas stopped. Podi rolled his eyes and shrugged. 'I'll get back to that later. Now, what can I do for you?"

Her eyes went wide when she spotted the escaping gas. "Is that safe?", she pointed at the ruptured conduit.

"Oh that, that's just trapped air, if anything it's helpful. We get more air in this room now, it also tells me that I have more work to do down there. If you'll just excuse me, I had better get on that.' Podi replaced several pipes over his neck, picked up his tricorder and got on his knees and ducked behind the wall. 'Keep talking to me if you want, just speak up!" Podi yelled over the clattering, whizzing and sparking that was out of sight in the wall, the view blocked by his shoulders and the pipes looped over them.

The nose was almost deafening, "I just wanted to check on you, make sure your happy with the state off things in your department?", she was almost shouting by the time her sentence had finished.

"I'm just trying to knock up the max warp, and some of my tools are a bit outdated, but overall, it's all good!" sparks flew past Podi, followed by a loud banging noise at which Podi yelled violently.

Beverly yelped, suprised at the noise and sparks. She always ended up jittery in engineering. Not being a mechanically minded person probably didn't help. Once at the acadmey she had over loaded her sonic shower so badley that her hair had stood on end for almost a month.
"Should I leave you too it Lieutenant?"

"Yes, it IS quite a noisy process, isn't it!" Several whirring noises came, followed by Podi doing some more banging. He blindly felt for his tricorder on the ground next to him, found the shape of it and picked it up and checked the readings.

Beverly didn't know what to do with herself, she felt a loose end, and a little under the feet.
"I tell you what Lieutenant", she raised her voice a little, so as to be heard over his noise. "Why don't you finish up here and join me in ten forward later tonight for a drink".
Podi was the one officer on the ship she knew very little about, it had also struck her that too develop a good working relationship with her crew, she needed to develop a personal touch. It also ment she had some appologies to dish out to Mister Lake.

Podi quickly grunted in pain and frustration. He waved a free hand and said "OK, you'll forgive me if I don't get up, but I think I just locked some of my hair where this wire should be and that has subsequently trapped my head! Drink sounds good! When was it, again!?"

Beverly hesitated a moment, not sure if she should crawl in and help him, but given the amount of sparks and muttered profanities, she decided against it, and moved off onto her next stop.


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