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Return Leg

Posted on Wed Aug 5th, 2009 @ 5:13pm by Commander Lorran Vos & Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels & Lieutenant Michael Lake & Lieutenant JG Diego Echevarria

Mission: Linta: Season 1, Episode 1.
Location: Runabout
Timeline: 20.45 Linta time

The remaining observer from the surface Kat Steven's was dozing in the cozy bed she had selected waiting for the officers to return from their commando mission. She had begun to dream about the life she maybe returning to what ever it could be. Perhaps she could contact Johnathan Harris again, see if he's still single and pick up from where they left off when she was posted out to the beyond.

The sound of the transporting coming to life hadn't woken her, it wasn't until she could hear voices and a figure brushed past her did she wake. She awoke with a small scream and rolled out of the seat onto a heap before she could recall where she was.

Mike looked over to the bed, dropping his hand from the wound on his arm, it had stopped bleeding "Kat, its only us." Mike moved closer to her and kneeled down beside her "Are you okay?"

Breathlessly she hurried to her feet swiping the hair from her face. "Y-yes I'm alright. I didn't hear you arrive. Did everything go to plan?"

"It all depends on what you call going to plan. I'll fill you in later, Kat. Just get some rest for now. You don't need to know anything in the state you are in." He smiled, carefully laying her back onto the bed.

"Oh come on Mike I'm not exactly fragile or naive," Kat chortled allowing herself to be guided back down again. Before Mike could turn away she caught his wrist and held him back. "Did he suffer?" she asked gently. "Johnson, yes I know what he did but he was my responceabilty, he came a part of my family just like the others."

"He probably didn't, I don't know." He stated, wiping a bead of sweat from his head.

"I see," she rolled over onto her side blocking Lake from view. "Thank you."

The transporter hummed again a moment later, heralding the return of Vos, Mason, and Daniels. Vos shrugged off whatever cold weather clothing he hadn't already discarded to climb into that air vent earlier. The sudden change from the freezing cold planet to the toasty warm runabout they'd left the observer in was jarring, but all things considered he preferred the heat. He left the others to seeing to Stevens and went forward to the pilot's seat, laying in a course back to Genesis. He didn't want to be in the system anymore if Tekorin was still alive and had a ship to come after them in. Vos grinned all of a sudden, imagining the look on the terrorist's face when he realized there was a bomb on the gas canisters. He sent the runabout off at it's maximum warp to put a little distance between them and that gigantic ice ball, Linta.

Stripping off the additional clothing into an untidy heap at the back of the shuttle Mason slumped into the seat beside Commander Lorran beginning to feel herself coming down after their escape. She was half listening to Lake, Stevens and Echevarria talking behind and paused wondering for the first time what would happen to the woman. Whatever her future had installed Mason knew she would not play another part in it which suited her just fine.
Watching the runabout break orbit returning back a more familiar place she spoke softly so that only Vos could hear her: "I'm sorry if I over stepped the mark sir," she said. "I'll try not to make a habit of it."

"Don't worry, Krissy. I'm not one of those officers that has to asset his authority all over the place. I let you take the lead some of the time because you're the Security officer and we were running an investigation. As long as you don't try to sit in my chair everything's fine." Vos grinned.

"Thank you," she replied stiffly falling back against the upright of her seat. "I don't think we've seen the last of Trekorin though, the local authorities might be able to arrest him but know that he'll slip away somehow. I'd like to the be one who puts an end to his days," her voice dipped into a low growl that faded into silence.
"Any news from Beverly?" She asked glancing over the console for a glimmer of news.

******** Starbase 611********

Beverly has escaped to the relative solitude of the station commanders office, and now she sat for a moment, allowing the wave of nausea to pass before she requested a link to the missing members of her crew. It would be good to be able to see them and assuage any fear she had for their safety.
The computer bleeped when it had made the connection, and she started.
"Captain Beverly DeVuor to Runabout Barrett. Commander Lorran please respond".

****** Runabout Barrett ******

"Speak of the devil," Vos said. "Captain? This is the Runabout Barrett. We read you."

Beverly's image appeared on the small screen, and she got her first sight of the small team. They all looked drawn and tired. She only wished she had the luxury of offering them some R&R.
"Report Commander", her heart was lifted to see them, and even more so to see that they had all survived.

"Ma'am, the Linta duckblind was almost completely wiped out save for one survivor, a Katherine Stevens. The man responsible is a terrorist named Tekorin. He had ingratiated himself with the local population, stolen Therogen gas stored at the duckblind, and was threatening to make the existence of aliens known to the public in order to gain power from the local government. We wiped the computer banks and destroyed anything important at the duckblind, then snuck into the hospital where Tekorin was storing the gas and the body and neutralized both. He won't be using them anymore, unfortunately we were unable to capture Tekorin. The whole mission was FUBAR to begin with, Captain." Vos said. "Everyone under my command performed in an exemplary fashion."

"Mason?" Mike called quietly with an unusual serious expression.

Spinning in her seat Krissy broke her gaze from her closest friend as Vos began to explain what had happened. In three swift strides she had moved from her seat toward the back of the runabout where Lake was sitting with Diego and Stevens from the surface.
"Yes, what is it?"

Mike stood up and moved towards Krissy without being in earshot of Kat "I... uh... just though I'd let you know that we had to destroy the body. Echevarria and I got caught in a very tight situation."

"How tight?" She asked glancing down at his bloody sleeve, keeping a tight lip over her close encounter.

Mike sighed, "So tight that there was going to be two more human bodies in that morgue. They didn't see us, the destruction of the body or the escape transport. The fact of the matter is, by doing that we've probably thrown that planet into choas; a body disappears, they think its the military." he paused for a moment, looking her up and down "I think it'd be best to transfer to another ship thats less active within matters of the Prime Directive to avoid an inccident like this again. It was an inexcuseable mistake, destroying that body, whatever the outcome."

Perhaps the cold weather had affected Mason's previously icy demeanor warming it slightly, for she put a comforting hand on Lake's shoulder. "You did what was asked of you, don't fret. My side of the mission didn't exactly go to plan either, but we made it out in one piece and achieved what we set out to do." She said in a low tone. "What ever you have on you mind I'm it will have to wait..." she could here the voice of DeVuor and from she was saying it wasn't good news.

"Alright. Thanks." Mike somehow managed to move, he instantly thought that Krissy had fallen gravely ill. He turned around and watched the small screen that Vos was talking to Beverly on. It was nice for Mike to see a different face of a Genesis crew member, further on, it was comforting to know it was his CO.

"Good work Commander... and to you all. Now I have further orders for you", The voice of Beverly contined, her tone took a turn and the stress she was under began to show. "Collect Genesis and set a course for Starbase 611, maximum warp. We have a situation developing and we are the front line defense against another attempted Borg incursion. They have a partial hold of the station and a Queen is being constructed... birthed in main engineering. We have support from Major General Livia Harrison, but the more hands we have the better. I need you here Vos. I need all of you here as soon as you can".

"The Borg?" Vos felt his blood freeze faster than standing naked in winter in the Lintian glaciers. "By the Prophets..." he swore as he increased the runabout's velocity to maximum warp to get them back to the Genesis just that much faster. "We'll be there. Can we expect Federation reinforcements? The Genesis is a fine ship, but she won't last long against a Borg Cube."

Mason turned sharply and paced quickly back to her seat, her pulse racing eyes wide. The Borg - how the hell did they get themselves out here?

With a grim smile Beverly looked Vos directly in the eye. "The federation starship Hood and two other support ships are en route. You would make the fourth. So far no Borg cube has been detected", she let the last statement hang for a moment before finishing her train of thought. "But it can only be a matter of time before they show up. Get here as soon as you can Commander. DeVuor out".

Vos just nodded, his brows furrowed, deep in thought.

Slowly Mason turned her face to Vos looking completely different the worn out woman she was a moment ago. Her face was pale and her eyes wide with an emotion that some people believed Mason did not possess. Fear. The thought of the Borg tearing Beverly and her colleagues to shreds turning their human bodies into Drone chilled her to the bone.
No, she wouldn't let that happen, never.

Mike felt a lump in his throat, the Borg made him irritable, even aggressive. He could tell he wasn't going to be himself for a while. "Great. We go from Terrorists... to Borg." He stated, he folded his arms and sighed, looking like a moron more than a cynic. He brushed a few of his fingers over the few days of stubble he had accumulated. "The Borg bring out the worst in everyone."

"Fortunately, they can also bring out the best. We'll need that." Vos said.


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