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In living memory

Posted on Tue Feb 17th, 2015 @ 12:39am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Consul Jaron

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Consulate

The normal protocol for consular visits involved a lot of back and forth between aides determining best times and conditions for meetings. Given the politically sensitive nature of their positions foreign diplomats were often cautious to a fault before any discussion or negotiation.

This was not a fault Ambassador Haqtaj of House Matlh, Representative of the Klingon Empire, was accused of.

The woman was a giant an seemed to fill any room she was in. Her ceremonial armour only added tot he impression of size and grandeur but, being Klingon, it was serviceable armour, not just glamour.

There was a Federation Security guard and a Romulan soldier outside the embassy when she arrived. She gave a snort of derision at the obvious show of security; as if the Romulans needed guards to keep their secrets secure.

The Federation guard just nodded in recognition of the former Security chief. The Romulan guard considered blocking her entry but, without direct orders to do so, opted simply to remain vigilant and keep a track of who came and went.

The door did not open instantly as Haqtaj approached, causing her to falter in her stride. Obviously the Romulans had been taking some steps to make themselves less approachable. She contented herself with pushing the chime and waiting for a response from inside.

Consul Jaron sat behind his desk and eyed the screen before him. 'What is she doing here.' He thought, standing and striding to the door. He collected himself and keyed for the door to open.

"Afternoon, Ambassador. What may I help you with?" His voice dripping with sarcasm, and suspicion.

"You?" Haqtaj had been all ready to barge past whoever opened the door, but the sight of the aide, who stood scowling at her from the door, stopped her flow. "What are you doing here? I thought you were working for Sub Commander Mirok."

"I do," he paused, grinning at the Klingon's ignorance, "Although, it's been some time since the Ambassador has held that rank." He moved to allow Haqtaj to enter the ante room."She would not thank you to call her by it."

"I will keep that in mind in the unlikely even I bump into her again." Haqtaj rallied, striding through into the small front chamber. "I wish to see the Ambassador and get the formal greetings out of the way. Find someone to get him."

Jaron grinned and walked back to his desk. He tapped his controls and then looked to Haqtaj, "The Ambassador will take you in sitting room." He gestured to to a door at his right.

Haqtaj strode quickly towards the door, eager to regain the momentum of the visit.

The sitting room was decorated with the colours of the Grand House of Mirok, deep violet tones offset by gold. S' Ranya stood adjusting a portrait. Once it was deemed level, she stepped back and peered about the room before walking to the replicator.

"Quatta Tea" she ordered. The beverage materialized, she took it and turned to make he way to one of the lavish couches, when the door opened revealing a rather imposing figure.

For the third time Haqtaj stopped short, then with a roar ran at the Romulan woman. She only had enough time to place the cup down before she was swept up int a rib aching bear hug. Placing her back on the ground Haqtaj beamed at her old friend.

"By Khaless' beard, S' Ranya, who did you fail to kill that you earned this back water post," Haqtaj laughed.

S' Ranya groaned and beamed at the friendly face, "All in service to the Romulan people, Haqtaj. "

"Don't me wrong; I am thrilled to see you. Unless," Suddenly all the humour dropped from Haqtaj and her tone suddenly dropped to a whisper. "Tell me this isn't Naredra all over again?"

The Romulan remained quite still, looking her Klingon counterpart in the eye, "Of course not. You think I'd risk that with the state of the Empire?"

Allowing herself to relax, S' Ranya gestured for Haqtaj to sit, as she herself sat.

Haqtaj shrugged before lowering herself into the proffered chair, "To be honest , I do not know what the empire is willing to risk in its current state. As always, House Matlh stands ready to work at your side, for the right consideration."

"I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear you say that." S' Ranya sipped her tea, "But what are you doing here, if you didn't know I'd be here?" Raising the cup back to her mouth.

Haqtaj lounged back, causing the chair to creak alarmingly, "I came to try and reinforce relations with the Romulan Ambassador; we are both so far from home. This is made all the more easier, with it being you. Though, I do not believe Jaron is pleased to see me again."

She leaned in conspiratorially, "I heard about the debacle he caused in N'Drass."

Turning away as though the mere mention of N'Drass, "Oh, you've heard?"

"Not directly," Haqtaj allowed, "But I remember what I was talk about listening to rumour and what is NOT said as much as what is. You'd be surprised how many people think Klingons are stupid."

Her eyes now quite focused, "Rest assured, Jaron has, and continues to pay dearly for that particular misstep."

Haqtaj chuckled, "But to lighter things. We are both far from home and I have only one ship in the region to bring me supplies. If you have a better way of accessing those luxuries from home, I would be keen to hear it. Otherwise I can offer you some space in the hold of a B'rel. You remember my Uncle Ro'?"

" Thank you, but I have use of the Chula. it does not, however appease my desire for the occasional Blood Wine. " S' Ranya smiled lightly to her friend. "And of course I remember Ro' . How could not?" Again, sipping her tea.

"I will remind you to him, as well, when next he stops by. The Helmsman you provided worked for him for over a year before she was re-posted. As for Blood Wine, I only have the dregs left. I may have to stoop to some of your Romulan Ale; and don't tell me the Federation confiscated it all. I know you better than that."

S' Ranya let out a small chuckle, "You always did see right through my attempts at subterfuge. " She sipped her tea, and then set the cup on the table before them. Placing her hands on her lap."So what do two outsiders like us do in a Starfleet installation for fun?" She asked with a smile tracing her lips.

Haqtaj grinned, "Mostly walk around and watch the Federation try not to look uncomfortable. I eat loudly and messily in public, loiter near the restricted areas and turn up to meetings I haven't been invited to."

"There used to be a bookshop at the old station," Haqtaj seemed uncharacteristically wistful. "Don't suppose there will be here."

S' Ranya raised an eyebrow in true Romulan fashion, "Sounds like a glorious time, old friend. " smiling warmly at the Klingon.

A chirp came from a nearby com-panel. "Excuse me a moment," the Romulan said standing. She made her way to the panel, and stood reading. When she returned to sit, she was notably distracted.

Haqtaj had seen that expression before. It was one that did not pay to stay around.

"I can see you are busy," she said, rising from her chair. "Just let me know before we blow up the base. I have no issue dying for Empire, but there are some loose ends that should be tied."

Unable to stifle a smile, "It was great to see you again, Haqtaj. " S' Ranya stood , and embraced her old friend.

Haqtaj returned the embrace, then left smartly, lest anyone outside the consulate suspect the mutual warmth these two ambassadors had for each other.


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