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Planning Around Futility

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2009 @ 10:02pm by Force Marshal Livia Harrison & Ensign Jason Morris & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Butler & Lieutenant Thomas Jenkins & Lieutenant JG T'Arjia D'Ras

Mission: Seraphim Requiem: Season 1, Episode 2.

The order had been given for Jorvin and Davian to assume the duties of sealing of the engineering deck while DeVuor, Harrison, Butler and Morris moved back through the maze that was the station until they found themselves stood in Ops.
Doctor Ulonova seemed to be running a pretty tight operation with what few officers had been left with her all busy doing something to bring one or another of the station systems back online. O'Brien was busy at the engineering station, trying to reroute all function controls through Ops. T'Arjia was working at the Strategic Ops Console attempting to bring local sensors and some functionality back to the weapons and shields. Jenkins moved in behind her to assist while Leanne herself was sat at the science station flicking through the station specs. She hadn't noticed the return of the team.

Leanne had figured out most of the interior plans and the systems when she looked up to see Beverly and the others weren't drones and smiled at them. "I'm glad that you are still among the non-assimilated." She turned the chair around and stood up. "I had an idea for possibly dealing with the drones in engineering but it might not be the best option.. and it will leave some burn marks on the paint."

The fatigue was beginning to get the better of Beverly. Her eyes were heavy and her mind was foggy, but more than that her savage want to rip apart the Borg was taking more and more control to subdue. Her condition was rearing again.
"The General has an idea on that score".

Henk didn't hear everyone enter ops. He was to busy with his console. His fingers danced around the console.
"OK, let's try this one more time." henk said to himself. "Computer reroute all commandfunctions to the ops."
"Command functions cannot be rerouted. " The computer voice said.
"Why? Show it to me on this console."
The computer showed an bleuprint of an electronic connection. Henk walked towards that junction and pulled the bulkhead away. He looked at the conncetions and pushed some into there places. He loked back at the console and a smile appeared on his face.
"Let's try this one more time. Computer transfer all functions to the ops center."
On his console Henk saw the data coming in. He walked past other stations and loked at the data.
"Whe are rolling fine." Henk said with a smile.

At the same time, T'Arjia sat, silent as usual when working, her hands dancing across the strategic ops console in front of her. Having very little experience with tactical sbsystems, the going was a little slower than she would have liked, but at least it wasn't at standstill. Finally, at length she managed to get a respons she had been hoping for, having rerouted several commands through non-vital command pathways.
"Station shields operational" she reported, taking a glance across her console at incoming data "21% power. Phasers and photons torpedoes... still offline". She moved to one side, focussing purely on restoring shield strength to something resemblang usefulness, leaving Jenkins to work on the weapon systems

Livia had already been working on her plan "Alright I've secured a link to both Starfleet Command and the USS Hood." Before anyone could speak, the image of a Starfleet Admiral and a Starfleet Captain appeared on the screen. "Admiral Simmons, Captain Ascott. I'm officially activating directive Bravo Tango 115 on Starbase 611. Somehow the Borg have reappeared, and to top things off, we believe they are trying to reconstruct the Queen. Jason, I need you to change course and head to our location, bring back up if you can. Admiral, I need you to issue a blanket order for all vessels not responding to this situation to stay clear of SB 611."

As the men began to speak, the viewscreen went dark, along with most of the lights in Ops. Livia turned to Beverly "Guess they finally cut our power" she said with a chuckle.

Before the General could finish what she was saying Beverly was already on the move. "Jenkins and Butler, see if you can get emergency power activated. O'Brien make sure this area is secure. Morris and T'Arjia we need to know whats happening down in engineering. Try and get the sensors online".
Suddenly feeling weaker than normal and with her legs about to give out beneath her she plopped down in a chair, wiping away some of the cold perspiration from her forehead. She tapped her com-badge. "DeVuor to Jorvin.....",the call went unanswered. "Jorvin respond".

With a dyer face and a trepidation in her eyes she faced the General. "The Com's are down.... General.... I can feel them.... There coming!"

"Well lets hope that the Hood brings some firepower with them then..."

Jasmine stood in silence for a moment, managing to bring out an "Aye." amongst her anxiety and fear. She looked over to Jenkins, "Lets get to work."

Thomas sighed at the now blank console in front of him. He’d have no luck trying to regain access to the weapons systems without power, so that was the obvious priority. It was too bad though, he was starting to get the hang of the command layout on the Strategic Operations console. Looking up at the new –albeit pretty, face, he nodded. “Following your lead, Lieutenant.” Although he wouldn’t have guessed her out of the crowd, he pegged her as an Engineer. The gold collar could have meant many things, but behind the strain in her eyes he could see a certain confidence in the task at hand. Which was good, because he had no idea what he was doing.

A quick nod, and T'Arjia turned her attention to the station's sensor grid. A cursury evaluation suggested that the grid itsself was intact, just that there wasn't enough power going to the sensor nodes that hadn't been pulled apart for scrap by Borg drones. And, now that primary power had been cut, she had to drain power from somewhere else to get them working again.

Moving back and forth between the consoles, she started to dump power directly from the shield grid into the sensor network. Sure, they wern't supposed to be compatable, but a slow enough trickle shouldn't overload the system. "Mr Morris. Please monitor the power transfer rates. If it goes above 40% stop the transfer. We don't want the sensors to blow up as soon as they get used"

Henk walked towards the nearest corridor. It bathe in red lights because of the power. With his back to the wall he slowly advanced towards an anel. He tapped it a few times and then looked around for other means to stop the bord advance, because he knew they where comming.
Henk sighted and walked towards the turbolift. He opend the panel and looked at the connections.
"They are gonna hate me for this." Henk said to himself.
He riped a few connections and the turbolift shot down. After a few seconds a loud crash was heard. He made his way back to the ops center making sure that every door was closed and locked.

Beverly sat for a moment in clear discomfort, but not in sight of the General who was now moving around Ops. She didn't know how, or even why, only that she could feel the Borg. The hive consciousness reaching out and caressing her like a monster in the night.
"Doctor. I don't think your last treatment is holding".

Leanne took out her tricorder and scanned Beverly, the radiation had done nothing but just fry her system. "I didn't want to resort to this but I think that it is the only thing that is going to save you in the short term. Ensign D'Ras and I extracted some borg nanites, I can reprogram them as a makeshift immune system. They should help defeat the virus."

A small spark of hope ignited within Beverly, but one simple question hung unasked, one that she had to ask.
"Do you have the necissary equipment here to make the alterations to the nanoprobes?".

"I believe that with a modification of my tricorder and and increased power supply taken from a phaser I can do it, I'll probably need some help from Lieutenant Butler and T'Arjia, Butler is probably more adept and jerry rigging things then I am and it seems that D'Ras has some experience with them. My plan is use the power source from the phaser to overload and wipe their memories, then reprogram them with the phaser." Leanne was talking so fast that she could barely catch her breath. "In theory it should work."

Beverly forced a smile, trying to help ease the young womens misgivings and concerns. She understood that the Doctor was doing everything she could to help treat Beverly, but something had to be done soon, or there may be no coming back.
"Thanks Doc".

Although Jasmine was a good distance away, she couldn't help but listen in to the Captain and Doctor's conversation, the talk about nanoprobes frightened her to the core of her being. She closed an engineering case with a soft snap of the two buckle mechanisms "Mr Jenkins, do you have much experience with Starbase systems and relays?"

Thomas nodded. Not an assignment he'd thoroughly enjoyed. "As a matter of fact, I served on a Stardock Class base recently. The systems and relays I'm familiar with, but I was never in Ops." He looked around, squinting a bit. "Give me a hint where to start, and I'm all yours."

She leant over him, her loose hair touching his shoulder by accident, she swept it off quickly. "Sorry. I need a hair tie." she said quietly. "You manage it like a Starship power system, but, you manage it on a larger scale. It's not a text book example of engineering, but it works."

Thomas did his best to stay focussed on the task at hand, but he was easily distracted and the Lieutenant was making it incredibly difficult not to be. As Jasmine leaned over he caught a small whiff of her hair. Half expectecting the smell of engine grease, he was minorly surprised to find it actually smelled very nice. Blinking and refocussing, he flashed his trademark smile. "Given the current situation, I'd say you're forgiven." Almost reluctantly, he took his eyes off of her and returned them to the console. It was all coming back to him now. "This is starting to seem more and more familiar. Let's see about getting this boat some more power before we run out of air, shall we?"

Jasmine nodded. "Dying isn't one of my passtimes, Ensign." She stated with a serious look on her face.

Henk walked back into the Ops centre. He looked around and took a deap breath.
"Captain, Major." Henk said as he walked towards them. "Every door is locked, Turbolift system is disabled, Please don't ask me how. The only way the borg can take is the Jefferietubes."

Beverly cast a smile over to Henk. She felt some sympathy for the young man. He was a pilot, and pilots didn't have much to do when it came to this kind of situation.
"Thank you Ensign. Would you help T'Arjia and Morris please".

"Ensign... uh..." Jasmine stood up, pointing towards Jenkins, quickly trying to remember the name she had forgotten quickly "Jenkins, Jenkins. Ensign Jenkins and I will need to get into the subsystem control, its in between the deck, its the only way we can get power, Captain." She reported.

With a smile Beverly retracted her last order. "As the lady says Henk. Snap to it".
Despite the situation she smiled. She had very little knowledge of the young women that was handing out orders in her stead, but she was showing confidence and brass, something that Beverly respected. She was going to have to offer her a position on Genesis after this situation was resolved.

"I will take her with me." Henk said. "I feel like I'm in the way. Just let me feel neccesary around here. No offence captain."

"Your not in the way Henk. Your keeping a watchful eye out, and your lending your aid when its needed. Without you this whole kit and caboodle would fall apart".
She patted his shoulder in a paternal way, hoping to raise the young mans spirits.

Livia walked to the Captain's side "We need to start securing supplies and personnel if we are going to hold out against the Borg. Not sure how long we'll be able to do that, but its better than nothing." She paused a moment, lowering her voice so the rest of the crew did not hear "Years ago, there was a technology developed, something called the infinity modulator. It was a phaser rifle modified with Borg technology that constantly rotated different parts of its frequency. It would rotate so fast that the Borg shielding couldn't keep up, making an effective weapon they cannot adapt to. I believe that with a bit of help, I can recreate it if we can get the materials needed. Most of it is simple things to create a larger barrel on the rifle, but we will however have to take down a drone and steal its central plexus. This will help us create the core for the rifle." She was hoping she didn't sound too ridiculous.

"At this point General, I would grasp at anything", Beverly pulled herself to her feet, if not somewhat groggily. "If you'll excuse me General, I need to try and contact my first officer. I'm sure if you talked with any of my officers they should be able to assist you".
Beverly excused herself from the gathering in Ops, and made a beeline for the station commanders office. She just needed some time to collect her thoughts, as well as contact her first Officer.

In a most un-Vulcan like way, T'Arjia gave the console she was working on a swift kick. The sound was a little louder than she had hoped it would be, and had caused a few heads to turn. Cooly, she looked up. "It works when engineers do it" The statement wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, and she soon dropped her head back to the console. The best thing was, though, that it had done someting. Perhaps a dislodged isoliniar chip had fallen back into place, or something, but internal sensor were back on line. Partail sensors, but sensors non the less. "Major General. We have partial sensors. Mostly upper decks, but sporadic signals from some lower ones."

Livia nodded "Good, keep at it."

Packing a bag for the trip between decks, Thomas looked up curiously from his crouched position as the noise from the kicked console rang through the borderline silent, powerless Ops. He grinned and had to use an incredible amount of willpower not to laugh out loud, managing to let out only a small chuckle. It looked like he'd made an impression afterall. He'd have to commend the science officer on her ..ingenuity, when this was over.

Henk just looked through the corner of his eyes to T'Arjia, with a small smile he looked back at his console. It showed an layout of the station powergrid. The power appeared to be cut of from engineering. Henk looked around and then back to the layout. Henk pulled out an bulkhead and looked at the chips.
"Captain, if I manage to drain power from deks that are not in use, We might be able to get more power to ops and other systems." Henk said.

Jasmine was somewhat displeased that people were kicking the Station's consoles; her strictly by-the-book engineering work ethic was taking a beating. But with the given situation, D'Ras was forgiven. Her glare at D'Ras was broken when she looked towards O'Brien. "Its an idea. But you will have to compensate for computer kickback, remember, a computer is around to help out... and save lives. Keeping a crew alive is its top priority for it. Unless the Borg have managed to comondeer it."

"I only want power from decks that are empty of non assimilated humans." Henk said. "And I know what I have to do."
Henk started working with his idea. It was an long shot to get enough power for all systems, but less was better then nothing.

Livia looked towards the Doctor "Doctor Ulonova, I need your help with a separate project if you have the time?"

Leanne looked up from the pile of parts that she had assembled on one of the consoles. "What can I do for you General?"

*To Be Continued*


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