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Imperial Inquisitions

Posted on Tue Feb 24th, 2015 @ 10:27pm by Sub-Commander Valk'o & Consul Jaron

Mission: Trouble on the frontier
Location: Romulan Consulate

As her Klingon counterpart left, S' Ranya exhaled deeply, and walked to companal on the wall. Pressing the control, she spoke."Mister Jaron, Miss Valk'o, we need to speak. Immediately. " She promptly closed the line, and began pacing. Her mind focused on the news she had recieved from New Romulus.

Her aide and her security head rushed in. The latter had her disruptor drawn, their eyes darting around the room, "Is everything alright ma'am?" the young Sub Commander asked.

" No Miss Valk'o, everything is not fine." S' Ranya's voice was steady, "Put that away and sit." She gestured to the disruptor.

The younger pair obeyed, without hesitation. Both eyeing the Ambassador.

" I just received a priority communiqué from New Romulus. " She paused, collecting her thoughts, " There are rumors of unrest, from citizens of the Empire, mostly on the outer worlds. They feel the Senate is negligent."

The male Aide asked, "Why is the Senate allowing such treason?"

The aged Ambassador looked at him, as if the answer was too obvious, " Mister Jaron, would you execute citizens for treason given the current state of the population? "

He remained quiet.

"As one of the last remaining members of the Continuing Committee, the Senate has requested my opinion on the situation. I, unfortunately, cannot afford to leave this posting yet. Therefore, Mister Jaron, now is your time for redemption. You will travel to New Romulus, and assess the situation. You will apprise me of the situation with a first hand account. "

Jaron shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

" You will not let me down. " She said this with distinct certainty, as though it could not go any other way.

She eyed her aide, "Am I being completely plain Mister Jaron? "

He only nodded.

S' Ranya turned to her security officer, "Miss Valk'o, your job will be to keep the possible situation on New Romulus completely quiet to all Romulan citizens currently aboard. By any means. Justifiable or otherwise. "

A small smile traced the officer's mouth.

"Both of you are to keep very much silent on your assignment. I'm hoping to have this matter assessed andbresolved quickly. "

She picked up a PADD, and tapped the control. "Mister Jaron, you depart for New Romulus in one hour. You will be traveling aboard the Federation Shuttle DeVries, and you are painfully homesick. Clear?"

"Yes ma'am. " he replid, mustering all his mirth.

"You may go." She returned, flatly.

Turning again to Valk'o, as Jaron rose and left, "You will work from Jaron's desk. I want you to monitor all transmissions to and from the station. "

The officer stood, "Understood ma'am. " offering a Romulan salute.

"Carry on Sub Commander. "

Valk'o departed, leaving the Ambassador alone.

S' Ranya strode through the door at the end of the Sitting Room.
Entering her office, she seated herself behind her desk. The woman reached into a drawer, and opened a hidden compartment, extracting a bottle and a glass.
She poured the blood wine into the glass, nearly filling it. Returning the bottle to the compartment.

Taking a large mouthful, and savoring the taste.
'These next few days will be very busy.' she thought, before turning her attention to the monitor mounted on her oak desk.


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